[Mega Thread] Forsaken Shores

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  • The Devil's Doar is an ideal grind location! I just started an alt account and immediately found a DR Cargo Run in a barrel. With one 5-item run, I got to lvl 6 merchant alliance, and had enough gold to buy more DR voyages. Dug up one chest (since I didn't have much time to play) and it was a DR captain's chest. So in just half-an-hour or so, I got over 5.000 gold, starting at 0.

  • No AIMBOT for Volcanos please, this is annoying, make it random...and i think that the Volcanos erupting way to often!!!

    This game should have fun as well!

    Vote for it if you agree!

  • If you make a hit of lava stones random, then for all the eruption, they can not get there and once in the ship. We will have to increase the amount of ejected lava stones for the eruption so that the game is not too easy. And this will lead to greater performance requirements.

    The devil's roar must be complicated. The game needs gameplay for hardcore players. My friend sometimes swims there alone on the brigantine and returns from there tired but alive)

  • So I just died on devil's thirst while attempting to get back to my ship as soon as the earthquake started. And when I came back to life the earthquake had stopped and there was no smoke coming from the top of the volcano, I went to get back on the island and then suddenly it just exploded and I had no time to escape.

  • With the forsaken shores and how they announced we would have the ocean crawler, kraken and bone crusher sets I was over the moon! When I found out they made custom sets for the ships I was squealing with joy! I am madly in love with the Kraken one the most! But when I saw that they came out with customised capstans, helm and cannons I was disappointed. The kraken one isn't a "wow factor" as much as the other sets. Here is my rendition of what the Kraken set should look like, I just feel it needs a little bit more to it. If Rare want to take this on I would be supporting it all the way!

    alt text

  • @lilmewcifer

    Great upgrade it looks good

247 out of 253