[Mega Thread] Part 2 of Barrel 2.0

  • Just a quick suggestion.

    I'm not sure how doable it is but if you can make it work Rare it would make accessing the barrels a little easier for some. As before when you hold an item in your hand to store said item in the appropriate barrel on the ship, why not create a function that works similarly to that? Barrel 2.0 will mostly stay the same but whether or not you want a specific resource out of a barrel or to store into one, if you hold the alike item in your hand you can only access that same item.

    So if you run past a barrel with a banana in your hand you have to option to press X and only grab the bananas in that barrel if they're are any. Yes it may be a bit troublesome as you would have to keep at least one item on you to get a like item but unless there was another drastic change planned I think it would please some people.

    Alternatively though if not that, then maybe have to option to set a resource priority in the menu. You set a resource to "quick grab" so you can still open barrels to look inside but you will now have a second input to solely grab you priority resource if they're are any inside.

  • after a week of using the new barrels i got zero issues with them

  • I suspect the QOL improvements with the barrels will still keep tense situations cumbersome but I'll patiently wait to try it out. I just don't even like not knowing what's in a barrel when I run close to it, besides it showing if it's empty or not.

    Say in this scenario... I have a skeleton chasing me and I need a banana. I see a cluster of three barrels ahead. I run up to the first barrel, I open it, it's only got wood planks. I close the barrel. I open the next barrel, this one only has cannonballs. I close the barrel. I open the next barrel, ah a banana! I take the banana. Oh but wait now the skeleton has caught me and kills me.

    Why did I even attempt going for a banana? Maybe in the time it takes to go back to the safety of my ship and it's store of bananas I could simply die, go to the ferry and respawn with full health! Thus not wasting any bananas! I don't think these are the kind of player decisions you want in the game.

  • @personalc0ffee No one cares about new food or ammo options. Improve the game in other ways without messing with the resource system.

  • @personalc0ffee Sale me on it then. How would you make more food options worthy enough for an entirely new (and awful) barrel system? Stuff like a speed boost or a super jump would be game breaking and just healing more would be boring. And also possibly game breaking come to think of it.

  • Idk if this has been addressed or not but with the new barrel UI on pc i have already closed my game by accident because the “windowed view” appears. I was really upset but at least i didnt lose loot. Secondly, the transition between getting out of the barrel freezes your characters movements so if i go to move, im stuck because i have to let the menu fully dissapear before making a keystroke. Pretty annoying. Sorry If this has been addressed already. Hope this gets fixed.

  • Suggestion for storing cursed cannonballs in the barrel 2.0 system (or whatever form barrels eventually take):

    Limit the number of cursed cannonballs you can carry to 1 green (anti-personnel) and 1 purple (anti-ship). So you can only be carrying 2 at a time. The rest must go in the barrels.

    I think this change would have the following benefits:

    • When you get disconnected, the most cursed cannonballs you can lose is 2
    • Enemy players and trolls can only steal 2 cursed cannonballs at a time
    • Most players seem to think cursed cannonballs are too powerful. This would result in much less chance of locking down a ship with CC spam, and reduce the power level of players who have been sailing around for hours
    • Less analysis paralysis, messy UI, and time spent when storing/taking out cursed cannonballs from barrels
    • Less analysis paralysis and fumbling with controls when firing them from cannons. 12+ cannonball types is too many to manage at once (you would need 2 pages to fit them all on an 8-way cannonball radial). This also leaves room for future ammo types to be added to the radial
    • More teamwork and strategy required to use cursed cannonballs effectively
  • Don't know if someone said it already, but one thing needs to be changed: when going into the menu, the first page has to be the supplies, then the factions, then the voyages and the last page should be the items, not the first one

  • I wish you guys would do something to make a ship stop chasing you for 30+ minutes instead of scuttling the ship entirely and losing all of your loot.

  • @personalc0ffee why equipment? The most senseless page of this...you have all in your radial menu

  • @personalc0ffee how about a third page in the radial menu??

  • As we continue down this beaten path of possible ruin and despair for those that dislike the new barrel system I ask one question to those that like it. What good will come of this and please explain how?

  • I see where we want different foods and such as well as cooking but will these also break the game of equal playing field? If I eat a banana and only get one quarter healed and you eat an orange and get half way healed doesn’t that change how we can always be an equal?
    I know this probably doesn’t belong here but it will be brought up in the future as things will be implemented.

  • there is enough feedback that it's bad and there are also enough suggestions how to fix it in easy ways without changing it a lot.
    what is this 2. mega thread for?

  • If these ARE here to stay, then you need to be able to keep all items in your inventory when you log off if this is the direction they are going.

  • @personalc0ffee
    I had missed that in my look over. Unfortunately these are future problems that will need to adjusted due to user interface of Xbox versus PC in an equal playing ground as well as it needs to be simplified.

  • @thealcani
    The problem is that we need change for the future content that Coffee had stated earlier. We are the problem and Rare hasn’t made the cure.

  • OR a delay and adequate testing to ensure they actually release something good and not the garbage they put out this time. The barrels still suck. Taking Mike's viewpoint of accepting a garbage system to add content is ridiculous. "We want to add more things" does not mean "We want to add more things and this garbage system is the ONLY way." Add content all you want. Find a way to that doesn't break core fundamentals that players have ENJOYED for six months. Several options have already been mentioned. Or limit the new content until you have it figured out. This whole thing was a rushed unprofessional mess that RARE has yet to even start to improve on, and its been a week.

    Even watching the host try to defend it in front of Joe was pathetic, and you could see a giant elephant in the room as he struggled and fumbled around with the terrible new system in his own game. And he obviously doesn't even play much. How he let the patch go out is beyond me.

  • @pondobruin85 I 100% agree with this statement. They were given feedback ignored it slapped some glue on it and hoped it would stick. End result was..FAIL

  • @pondobruin85

    Pretty much my view point on the whole thing.

  • So question, why bother looking into the barrels at all?

    Before this new UI update, we'd just hover over the barrel, spam the key a bunch of times, and done. It didn't really matter what resource was in it, when you went to loot a barrel you went with the intent to load up, not paying attention to what resource it had. The whole point of supply runs was to be in and out and ready for whatever in a jiffy.

    So why not make it to where instead of spamming keys or that clunky UI, there's just that same old familiar yellow text, but replaced with 'Loot Barrel'. Instead of opening a UI, or spamming keys or buttons, you press the button once and you could have a small notification of '+1-5 bananas' (and/or other supplies) pop up on the bottom left. If there was nothing to loot or you have a full inventory, just grey out the text on the barrel. It's less intrusive UI using the same familiar mechanic AND with less clicks/button presses.

    The only thing that really NEEDS a UI is the cursed cannonballs, but even then simply having a radial menu on the actual barrel instead of the intrusive interface could do the game wonders in pvp and immersion. In fact, with so many cannonballs, it may be beneficial to limit the amount of different cannonball types ship barrels can hold. You can still hold all the different types of cursed cannonballs in your pockets for simple skirmishes, but you can only stock your ship up with a select few, so you'd have to choose wisely based on your intent.

    That's just my two cents on the topic.

  • @personalc0ffee The CCB's don't even need a UI, all they need is an extension to the supply wheel. Simply put, you hover over the cannonball icon with mouse or controller, hold it there for a split second, and then the whole wheel turns from equipment into a wheel with each CCB having their own slot. You then just hover over which cannonball you need or let go to get the regular CB's. A drop down menu of a drop down menu, but in wheel form.

    I understand that these are changes for the future, but it is not a future I want to be involved in if such changes extend the time it takes to do quick mundane tasks which normally take less than a second. Any and all future changes mus either be 1. extensions that build on existing, familiar mechanics and/or 2. take less time to do than what they do right now. Which is more than plausible given the simple nature of this game.

  • why did they fix the telescope bug R.I.P

  • @v-slavman

    The ui is needed for barrels though otherwise you need what 12 separate barrels for each ccb

    I accept this is how it needed to be for future things they add but still think it sucks and should of been delayed till a better system was found without breaking the flow of the game

  • The green skeleton glitch has been happening more often lately. It happened to this pirate when spawning at Lowe's Home Improvement trying to gather planks instead of using the new barrel system.

    alt text

  • For the option to quickly grab some bananas when you are being pursued by a hoard of vicious skellies, maybe they should take the bananas out of the barrels and plant some banana trees on the islands in stead (and maybe add some berry shrubs as well)

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