[Mega Thread] Barrel 2.0

  • Could we make this any more complicated please... Oh wait, done. These barrels are just as bad as cannon ball crates. Thanks for making stocking a ship take twice as long as it already was. Greatly disapointed with this.

  • While the new UI is amazing when it comes to the barrels on island, I think it is a bit inconvenient on ships. What I mean by this is when I get into close quarter fights on ships I have to sometimes slow down just to see what "search" a barrel for a banana when the barrel has nothing but bananas.

    I think for the barrels on the ships we should be given the option to store the equipped items at a press of a button like before. We also need the ability to hold down a button to open/search a barrel or tap a button to quick take the default items which in our case are cannons, planks and bananas. This will keep the feature in place while also keeping the momentum going.

    It's safe to say this new UI is made in plans for future resources to be added.

  • I wouldn't mind paying someone at the outpost to fill my ships barrels with supplies. I find it pretty mundane to run back and forth a bunch of times to fill up your ship. Especially when you first get into a game and have no supplies and just want to play the game.

  • Just reminding people (Spread the word if ye wish)

    @mad-jack-ketch said in A Simple How-to guide on the new Barrel System:

    Here is a quick how-to guide for the new barrel system so you are quick and efficient as before!

    PC Users that use Mouse and Keyboard

    Press (F) to open the barrel, highlight the item you want to grab with a (mouse point), press (F) and viola! Done deal! Easy peasy eh? :)

    Xbox and PC users who use Controllers

    Press (X) to open the barrel highlight the item you want to grab with the left stick, or the D-Pad, then press (A) and voila! Done deal! Easy smeasy eh? :)

  • Rare, I first want to thank you for being very responsive to the community's feedback, and then I want to BEG you to change this back. The feedback is overwhelmingly negative, from pioneers, from newbies, from everyone.

    This seems like such a small change but it is unnecessarily clunky. Grabbing and loading supplies should be a fluid action, not this. We need to be able to quickly grab supplies especially in combat. I can't ask an enemy to hang on for a second while I click through menus for bananas. There are a ton of prop barrels on the boats, why not just make them useable instead of limiting us to 3 barrels and menu screens? Please change this. I haven't heard from anyone who likes it.

  • @mad-jack-ketch

    "Quick and efficient as before"

    That's mathematically impossible.** This system adds time and an extra menu only decreases efficiency. Terrible, terrible implementation of what might have been a good idea if it was not so contrived in the first place.

    **Unless you're using macros?

  • @dookust
    From a PVP standpoint do you think this could be a benefit under certain light? (Don't mean to target you specifically but I jumped on you since you said you were a pvp fan and I am interested in a pvp opinion)

    I was musing over it while I was testing it out that the delays could make PVP a little more strategic. Force people to choose specific duties as it takes longer to prep. Instead of one person singlehandedly fighting, shooting, repairing, and bailing all at the same time it would force teamwork and in the instance of the solo player make things more challenging.

    I feel the delay will fade overtime as we all get used to the mechanic but also can see the delay making encounters more interesting and make ships a little less...invincible at times... if that makes sense.

  • @aa-yeti


    wether or not there is a way to spam with the new update I much rather not open a menu when on the boat trying to repair, heal, or grab cannon balls.

  • I want to mention one of my thoughts about this latest barrel update. The inventory is slower to use, yes. That's because your pirate is having to look into the barrel and see what is inside, instead of having X-Ray vision, as before. So if you are being chased by Skeletons, there is quite some risk in stopping to look inside a barrel and check for bananas. This is realistic though. The silver lining here, is that this update will make the "spilled" items, the bananas and wood planks in the sand or at campsites, for example, more enticing. I can see in the future, there being more of these "spilled" items located by the barrels, to make it easy to replenish while on the run, while also hinting at the contents of the barrel. I for one am excited that the "spilled" items are finally going to stop being ignored and become a more crucial part of combat.

  • Today is the day the game died in my opinion. Barrels need to show up empty and its complicated to sort out cursed cannonballs. Worst idea sea of thieves came up with was these stupid cursed cannonballs just dump them in the bin and stop just pandering to PVP players. Since you nerfed the commendations i've nothing left to do that isn't pvp so sort these barrels out and I may come back.

  • @mad-jack-ketch said in [Mega Thread] Barrel 2.0:

    Just reminding people (Spread the word if ye wish)

    @mad-jack-ketch said in A Simple How-to guide on the new Barrel System:

    Here is a quick how-to guide for the new barrel system so you are quick and efficient as before!

    PC Users that use Mouse and Keyboard

    Press (F) to open the barrel, highlight the item you want to grab with a (mouse point), press (F) and viola! Done deal! Easy peasy eh? :)

    Xbox and PC users who use Controllers

    Press (X) to open the barrel highlight the item you want to grab with the left stick, or the D-Pad, then press (A) and voila! Done deal! Easy smeasy eh? :)

    Have you tried this whilst under attack? Clearly not. You will die whilst your head is inside the barrel. You can't see what is coming at you. I mean who actually climbs inside of a barrel to get an item anyway?

  • @khaleesibot it's a great idea for checking barrels on land but when it comes to the barrels in the sea it'll take too long to check them all before being attacked by a shark or attacked by another crew etc

  • Moved from another thread with permission -

    @averageheroz said in Equipment tab:

    Move that tab to the end..not really needed. It should go Resources,rep,voyages and then equipment.

  • @nofears-fun they are way worse than the ceates have been. from visual design to how to put stuff in. its just horrible horrible

  • The barrels 2.0 is a major problem. PVP and the general process of stocking up supplies takes far too long.

    I think the best bet is to revert the barrels to how they were. Then, on the ships, have a new barrel storage purely for cursed cannonballs. This is the only barrel storage container that needs the new menu.

    Barrels at outposts or forts or islands that will have cursed cannonballs can then also use the new menu; not the other barrels that have bananas, planks and regular cannonballs.

    Also, why not just add another page to the supplies wheel (where the cannonballs/bananas/planks are currently accessed from) purely for cursed cannonballs?

    Please fix this issue ASAP... don’t leave it until the next patc update next week. I fear you will lose a large number of players otherwise.

  • Ok so there is a number of things that could be done to improve the inventory update.

    1. Allow us to store and take items in barrels with the secondary and primary interaction buttons again.

    2. Add a separate bind in the game that allows us to open the barrels with the UI.

    3. There are inventory specific binds that do not lineup with your binds outside of the UI. For example, I changed my primary interact button to E however when I am in the inventory UI I have to use the default primary interact button "F" to retrieve resources while hovering over them. Allow us to change the inventory specific binds such as "Store", "Take", and "Back".

    4. Let us see the amount of resources in the barrels again just by hovering over them with our in game view. Even with multiple resources in a single barrel, just show multiple stacked windows with the resource and number amount with or without seeing the cursed balls on the ship's cannonball barrel. I'm not sure how that would look with seeing 9 or 12 different cursed balls in a barrel.

    The inventory didn't need to be overhauled completely. You can just add on the UI feature in the game and use it to access the cursed cannonballs. Perhaps we could have specific binds for each cursed cannonball type as well instead of cycling through them with a single bind.

  • Please just put barrels back to what they were before the change. I for one saw nothing wrong with them, but now it’s such a chore trying to loot barrels. Let’s not forget that sea of thieves was a heavily pvp centered game, every new update has focused on lessening the pvp and there’s nothing wrong with that but now it’s just going to be impossible to board an enemy ship and run interference like I used to.

  • @johnnytimp
    I feel like a new wheel page would just be a band-aid. Eventually scrolling through pages to get what you want will take just as much time as digging through a barrel if not more depending on how it's done.

  • New system is no good. It drastically affects the way people have learned to navigate the ship and strategize during PVP and other battles. Here are my thoughts after having played around in the new update and what I pondered before the update was released (because I wondered how cursed balls would fit in for inventory):

    1. empty barrels should either say empty with no option to enter them, or just have no option to enter them, just as before
    2. get rid of the "enter barrel" bit and just have barrels contain 1 type of item at a time. quicker taking/checking was better. we dont need barrels to have multiple items. admittedly it does allow for more possible resources on an island, but the limited supply was also part of the strategy IMO. I would rather quicker interaction over chance to have extra supplies in a barrel
    3. get rid of the "enter barrel" bit on the ship barrels. I thought about this when pondering how cursed cannonballs would be stored. easy solution is that there are 3 cannonball barrels already, just add a 4th that is only for the cursed balls and THAT one you have to enter to choose which cursed ball to store or take. leave the regular 3 cannonball barrels alone for quick interaction since those will be used more often. Same thing goes for food and planks, but wait to add those when there are more versions of food and planks. Honestly with how there are already extra unused barrels sitting next to the planks and bananas, I figured that was the original plan: to have the extra unused barrels turn into storage for the other types of those items in the future. Just don't make you have to enter barrels to Take/Store as that slows things down. Only Cursed balls should require "entering" the barrel to Take/Store since there are 9 possible and would add to the strategy for those given their existing advantage.
    4. Radial menu needs option to choose cursed balls. Leave it the way they are currently shown on the first page of the radial, but put cursed in the "more" section. Its an extra step, but honestly cursed balls should be a bit harder to deal with since they already give such an advantage in combat, so it adds to the strategy and timing.

    Those are my thoughts so far. Hopefully gets sorted out to a better flowing system. Attached images with a Sloop as example for barrel storage ideas.
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • After playing some more I can honestly say the new system is hot garbage. Now, normally on patch day I will be on for quite some hours, trying to knock out commendations, learning what needs to be done etc... after an hour im logging off and im going to No Mans Sky. Not impressed with this really, really BAD UI update.

  • I'm going to briefly play devils advocate here and defend some of the design decisions of the new inventory system:

    1. The "slower" interaction most people are feeling is not that slow.

    It takes around the same time to open the radial to select the desired material to deposit as it takes to open the barrel menu, only difference is in dexterity, some players are a bit slower to get used to it.

    1. The actual reason why stocking up is slow is due to a lack of readability from the barrels, not the interaction itself.

    Again, simply placing an "Empty" label on barrels that are empty will speed up players going throgh the resource gathering part, because opening the menu is such a comitment now, players will not feel good when they open the barrel to find nothing in a clatch situation.

    1. Its a balance change to boarding

    Stealing supplies takes a small nerf from this change, players will stand still with lower visibility when interacting with a barrel, which is good, you wont be seeing people bolting through your barrels and taking bananas to sustain themselves forever. It will take them a sec to interact with the barrel. Iss this nerf necessary? Yes. Boarding is often too effective due to how players on the defense are at the mercy of the boarder being inept at keeping himself alive long enough to disrupt the rapair cycles/bucket line or the anchor. With less time to steal bananas or supplies, players should be less inclined in throwing themselves supplyless on enemy ships.

    1. It expands the resource capability of the game, for more variety in the future

    It's clear that the system will be used for implementing new supplies in the future, as it did with cursed cannonballs. However, I still stand by my point that each slot needs to go up to 300 on the cannoball barrels for each type of cannonballs and max of 100 for wood/banana barrels.

    effectively meaning that the max supplies on a galleon in the current patch for example SHOULD HAVE BEEN:

    300 regular cannonballs
    300 cursed anchor cannonballs
    300 cursed sails cannonballs
    300 cursed grog cannonballs
    300 cursed barrel cannonballs
    300 cursed wheel cannonballs
    300 cursed dance cannonballs
    300 cursed sleep cannonballs
    300 cursed bones cannonballs
    300 cursed cannons cannonballs
    300 cursed ship cannonballs
    300 cursed poison cannonballs
    100 bananas
    100 wooden planks

  • I haven't even tried the new feature yet, but what I'm gathering from this thread is that this was tested, pioneers gave feedback, but that was ignored and now we have to live with it.

    Poseidon's beard, I don't even want to think about using this clunky system in the heat of battle!

  • @needsmokes But... why would you want to be looking in a barrel whilst under attack?

  • @mad-jack-ketch if you board a ship and you run out of bananas while fighting people it becomes difficult pick more bananas from the enemy ship... though I actually like this indirect nerf to boarding.

  • @urihamrayne You just need to be prepared :D

  • @mad-jack-ketch said in [Mega Thread] Barrel 2.0:

    @needsmokes But... why would you want to be looking in a barrel whilst under attack?

    Oh i don't know, perhaps i would like to remove some cannonballs to fire, or even fetch some planks of wood to save my ship from sinking, or even a light snack on a banana to keep me from dying instantly.

  • Hey Everyone,

    With Patch 1.2.4 along with our new Cursed Crews Adventure, the Return of Skeleton Ships to the seas and a raft of other updates - we’ve introduced our new Barrel and Inventory system out into players hands.

    The improved Barrel system gives us much more flexibility in delivering a range of resources to players. Previously a Barrel found out in the world was locked to a specific resource type (Banana’s for example), however in the new system this Barrel can contain a range of different items. Right now expect to find Barrels holding Bananas, Planks, Cannonballs & Cursed Cannonballs – but will allow us to easily extend this to more items and resource types in upcoming updates.

    We’ve seen the feedback from Pioneers and now with the wider playerbase that this new system does take a little longer to stock your ship, we’re monitoring this closely and will be balancing and tweaking the quantity of resources found in Barrels to account for the slight delay in future updates. We’re confident that we can strike the right balance here – but we will continue to review this new system over time and make changes to improve the experience as needed.

    With the introduction of our Barrel & Inventory systems alongside players gaining Cursed Cannonballs for the first time, we know this is a sizeable change to PVP in Sea of Thieves. We’re reviewing how these encounters change with the introductions of these new systems and making improvements from player feedback.

    We know that these are some fundamental changes to core systems players use every session, but this sets us up well for some of our exciting new updates coming down the line that are going to require players to have plenty more storage space!

    Thanks for all the passionate feedback on this, we’re watching the feedback closely on these new introductions.

  • @mad-jack-ketch No, for this kind of change to made so long after release is quite a game breaking feature. There I said it, it IS a game breaking feature to be implemented now.

  • @mad-jack-ketch doesn't matter, if you board with 5 bananas and stay alive for long enough to run out of them, refreshing your stack again would be harder than it was before, where you could just dart past the barrel and pick a couple in the heat of the fight. Too easy and convenient for my liking, it was making stalling inside an enemy ship too effective. Now you have to stand still to pick a new stack up, which should make boarders actually board the ship with supplies rather than going empty to just take stuff from the ship.

  • @captain-fet I really don't see how it's breaking the game?

  • @urihamrayne Well you go to a banana barrel and do my guide don't you? That's how it works. Resource barrels haven't really been changed to multiple items on the ship.

  • @urihamrayne
    it is a lot slower than the previous system. u have to stop and the barrel do 1 more click to open it - after that u loot one stack of items and u have menualy move to the other if the first couldent get looted fully. afterwards u have to close the barrel with a totaly different key. that is MUCH slower

    because stocking up the ship is such fun it makes total sense to slow it down and make it horrible messy that even less ppl do it

    it nerfs boarding rly by a bit. but if u want to nerf boarding over the loot u could do it in much better ways.

    maxed out supplies didn't needed to be upgraded but that is a point which can be discussed.

    your defend got defeated - please play it a bit for your self to see if its worth to write a defens and if your points make sense at all

  • @mad-jack-ketch there is a very big difference between

    @urihamrayne said in [Mega Thread] Barrel 2.0:

    @mad-jack-ketch just dart past the barrel and pick a couple in the heat of the fight.


    Now you have to stand still to pick a new stack up.

  • @mad-jack-ketch to repair the ship, grab cannonballs to return fire and grab bananas just that u don't die

  • We have a Radial Menu that is half empty and can contain almost infinite item layers ... Why didn't they used it to store Cursed Cannonballs and add a new type of Cannonball Barrels in the ship??

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