Patch Notes Discussion - 1.1.5

  • Still nothing about getting allmondbeard at forts, then rejoining the server and being spawned in the brig, along with your friend who disconnected too.

    It is at skull forts. It happens when in proximity to enemy crews. Can you acknowledge this please?

  • @lifewcoke said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.1.5:

    @musicmee Lol, maybe it was a bug back in the day and I just did not realize it...Yeah, that's my story.

    It definitely wasn't in the game before. I'm the boarder on my crew and I never get damaged by cannon fire until yesterday. Good to know it's leaving the game soon. Is it possible to get it hot fixed prior to Tuesday. It is quite annoying. Thanks.

  • @treefittymonsta Yeah, now that I think back on a few skull forts I realize there was not any damage from friendly cannon balls. But I do remember one particular time playing with a friend that I thought I had damaged him. Can't remember if it was in the alpha or beta. Who knows anymore though, he probably got hit by a skeleton at the same time as the cannon ball hit or something and we just assumed and never thought twice about it.

  • @rakan-le-rouge I can see the banjo in the Pl hideout :P so I/we know its "in" but just not for us to buy yet

  • @musicmee said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.1.5:

    @lifewcoke I think @treefittymonsta means cannon friendly fire... this was an unintentional change in this weeks patch and will be rolled back in a future patch.

    @khaleesibot said in Uh, I don't think this is supposed to happen.:

    Hi @crazyjuan, this is not an intended change, and we'll be updating the Known Issues with this very soon!

    Will they also be rolling back the OP SKellie Aim - which seems to have been added back in after yesterday's patch :-(

  • @waw-gunn I believe it is being looked at yes. It does seem to have rolled back to 100% accuracy again... which is slightly annoying!

  • @musicmee said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.1.5:

    @waw-gunn I believe it is being looked at yes. It does seem to have rolled back to 100% accuracy again... which is slightly annoying!

    SLIGHTLY?????? lol

  • @waw-gunn Hehehehe...

    Oh, look its 5 skellies holding pi.... BANG!

  • @musicmee Or the one with the Blunderbus after you eat a Banana...... Always gets me, I cry every time......

  • @greencamillion1 and it sounds so beautiful...

  • @waw-gunn One issue I now have is that blunderbuss ones can continue shooting (and eating bananas) even while I slash them with mu cutlass.

  • @musicmee And... the Freddy Kruger ones can still charge you, even after you swipe them first now...... totally annoying (and hurts, lots)

  • @katttruewalker said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.1.5:

    Joe mentions this topic in the recent Dev video at around 2:30.

    There it is. lol
    We only discussed this a few days ago and I said you'd find some info for us.

    Thanks Katt. :o)

    Although I can't understand why they would wait almost four months before rolling out their "first round of bans"... unless none of the earlier reports of alleged cheating could be confirmed.

  • @admiral-rrrsole I suppose its a very risky move to make so just wanted to be 100% sure they were banning the right people.

    Banning someones access to a game they have paid for and not actually cheating would be a very bad PR move so they probably needed a few months of testing to get it right.

  • @dunkachino1124 said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.1.5:

    @genuine-heather Well in America we still celebrate other countries holidays such as cinco de mayo. And I think it’s a bit of salt from them because it’s the day we BEAT them and signed the Declaration of Independence . We don't typically celebrate "other countries holidays". Cinco de Mayo is not really a Mexican holiday, with the single exception of Puebla. It's become a highly commercialized celebration of Mexican culture in the U.S. It's mostly a way of selling beer. St. Patrick's day is much the same, although in recent years Ireland has been embracing the Americanized revelry that we tend to associate with St. Patrick's Day.

    The point is, no, we don't typically celebrate "other countries holidays." And even if we did, that doesn't mean a game company in the U.K. is under any obligation to alter their game for the pleasure of their U.S. players. I don't know why you'd consider that "salt" but whatever.

  • @dunkachino1124 said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.1.5:

    @genuine-heather what do you mean?!? Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday, look it up.

    I think you'd better take your own advice and look it up yourself. Then get back to me.

    Yes, it's technically a "Mexican holiday" but it's not really celebrated in Mexico, except in one state. It's a big thing in the U.S. but in Mexico it's largely ignored.

  • @dunkachino1124 said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.1.5:

    @genuine-heather yeah it is the day the MEXICANS held back the French in the battle of puebla.

    Bingo. If you continue reading you realize it's not a major holiday there, except in Puebla. We've commercialized the heck out of it here in the U.S. We don't celebrate it to commemorate Mexico's victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla. Most people celebrate it to eat tacos and get drunk on Corona. I wouldn't call that celebrating "other countries holidays."

  • Anyway, the point is...absolutely none of that means Rare is somehow obligated to observe the U.S. Independence Day by including a flag that didn't exist and has nothing to do with a game set in the Golden Age of Piracy.

  • @dunkachino1124 said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.1.5:

    @genuine-heather Ok can you realize how dumb you sound saying it’s an American holiday... let me put it this way if someone’s celebrated the 4th of July in Mexico does that make it a Mexican holiday?

    Whoosh. What I'm telling you is that Cinco de Mayo as it is celebrated in the U.S. is not a "Mexican holiday" because the majority of Mexico doesn't even observe it. Seriously, this should not be that difficult to grasp.

  • @dunkachino1124 said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.1.5:

    @genuine-heather Neither did the LGBT flag but they added it for pride month

    The rainbow flag may be associated with pride in the real world, but it's just a rainbow in the early 18th century. It's no different from the other generic flags. But a flag of a specific nation is not generic at all.

    Rainbows existed in the 17th-18th centuries. The United States did not.

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  • @dunkachino1124 said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.1.5:

    @genuine-heather bolded text That’s excactly when the US was recognized as a nation and they were forming far before that.

    Weren't you the one just telling me to learn American history? If you think the U.S. existed in the early 18th century, you need to crack a history book. Holy sea cow.

  • I can almost hear the frantic Googling now...

  • @dunkachino1124 said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.1.5:

    @genuine-heather The U.S. became a country on 1777 the first pride flag was made a year after that, and our flags were made far before that.

    The Golden Age of Piracy ended around 1720, long before the U.S. was a glint in the eye of the Founding Fathers. The only flags flying on American soil were English, French and Spanish.

  • @dunkachino1124 said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.1.5:

    @genuine-heather But you see I’m talking about why they had a pride flag but no American flag which was made way before the pride flag, are you paying attention? I mean probably makes sense if your not that will explain why you know so little about history

    They had a pride flag because they chose to support diversity, tolerance and inclusion in their game. The rainbow flag in the game is beautiful and isn't tied to a specific nation. A rainbow is generic. Any U.S. flag is not generic, and did not exist in the time period of the game world. Furthermore, Rare is under no obligation to include any flag for any reason, ever. The expectation that they should add a U.S. flag because, gosh, they put in a rainbow flag, is asinine. It's faulty logic.

    I will stand my knowledge of history up against yours any time, sweet pea.

  • @genuine-heather @DunkaChino1124

    Ahoy maties!

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    Keep the debate positive but name calling is against the forum rules. Just keep this in mind maties! I don't want either of you to lose your passionate voices!

    It's also worth noting this thread is about the latest patch so please try to keep on topic :) There are lots of people who will use this thread to keep up with issues with the build, not a debate.

  • @dunkachino1124 said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.1.5:

    @genuine-heather First of all nice spelling”sweat” pea, second of all if they are going to add any flag specified towards a certain group because of a holiday, Pride month, then they should do it for most holidays especially for the 4th of July which has been a holiday far longer than pride month

    I know you're not criticizing my English skills. I bet you couldn't find another typo in a hundred of my posts. But your grammar is horrendous. You really don't want to go there.

  • @dunkachino1124 said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.1.5:

    @genuine-heather First of all nice spelling”sweat” pea, second of all if they are going to add any flag specified towards a certain group because of a holiday, Pride month, then they should do it for most holidays especially for the 4th of July which has been a holiday far longer than pride month

    Well, here's the fact of the matter...they don't have to add ANY other flag based on your desires. Period. You can choose to get over it, or make your personal stance and stop playing. It's their game, their development and if they want to make a statement ingame with a flag, then that is their prerogative to do so. You can certainly give your opinion on it, but you are entitled to nothing in this game save for what they decide to put in it.

  • “The 'Gunpowder Plot' Commendation and its Legendary Commendation counterpart may not unlock.
    This issue appears to be intermittent and we are investigating its root cause. We are aware that for some players, retrying the Commendation correctly awards it.”

    I’ve tried this three times today and at least once yesterday and I’m not getting the commendations. Is there anything I should be doing or anyone I should be talking to in order to ensure that I get these commendations before the event ends? Is this even the right place?


  • @zeevoe Ahoy matey!

    As you've spotted the issue is still ongoing, all we can suggest is keep trying while the guys work on this.

    We're hoping the ones that we have done will be tracking in the background but not being awarded.

    A lot of people are in the same boat (pun intended) so there will be something done about it.

  • @musicmee I'd like to think that earlier reports couldn't be confirmed due to the lack of video proof rather than it taking Rare "a few months of testing to get it right".
    What they need to do is make a script that detects the hacks and pops up a "Cheatahbeard" error. lol
    Joking aside, if it silently sent Rare a notice they could observe the player's gaming sessions.

    Prevention is always better than the cure.

    To catch a criminal you need to think like a criminal. Obtain the same files used to create aim bots, ESP and the like, then make a simple script to detect something unique in those hacks.

    I have been very tempted to do this myself but it may be beyond my capabilities and I don't want any trace of that c**p on my HDD at all. Just in case it sets off alarm bells and I get banned despite trying to build an anti cheat.
    If the game was driven by Steam I could probably get away with a dummy account just for testing. I'm new to the Micro$oft Store and Xbox app.

    Having said that, most if not all, anti-cheats and cheat detection have been made by a few members of the respective game's playerbase and not by the devs themselves. I've witnessed this in "Need For Speed : Porsche Unleashed" and "Medal Of Honor : Allied Assault".
    Perhaps some programmers among us would be willing to look into it?

  • @dunkachino1124 said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.1.5:

    @genuine-heather You looked foolish enough from the start saying that cinco de mayo is an American holiday. I’m soooo confused why you think that it’s American.

    It’s not celebrated in most of Mexico, but it’s a big thing in the U.S. What are you having a hard time understanding? Your premise was that we celebrate all these foreign holidays, when that’s clearly not the case. Cinco de Mayo wins no points for obvious reasons. Regardless of how many foreign holidays the U.S. may or may not observe, it still doesn’t mean a U.K. game company should add a U.S. flag to a pirate game. The entire notion is nothing but preposterous.

  • why are we arguing about when a flag existed when they just added a rainbow pride flag? those didnt exist in the world until 1978. obviously this game is not intended to reflect any historical accuracy.

  • Before the update just my forte Legendary bilage rat challenges would not update. Now all three of my legendary bilage rat challenges are not updating.

    Thanks k you.

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