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  • @captgraykid said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.1.5:

    Kinda unreal that on the birthday of the United States we get a figure to celebrate a different video game. I was really excited about a new flag after the LGBTQ+ people got their flag. I guess my flag is to offensive.

    During the Golden Age of Piracy, rainbows existed. LGBT people also existed. The United States did not. Furthermore, Rare is not a U.S. company. Why would anyone expect them to commemorate a U.S. holiday? Will you be mad if they miss your birthday, too?

    I've never played Banjo and Kazooie, but I welcome this addition to the game. By the way, my birthday is July 26. ;)

  • @captgraykid ENOUGH with the flag 💩.

    the studio is in Britain, if you didn't know. they're not going to put a US flag or a Canadian flag in. it's a waste of resources to put everyone's individual country flag in this game.

  • @genuine-heather it appears as though they already fly your flag. Why all the hate, I thought the whole rainbow thing was about inclusion? Please include my flag. No hate, I will not trash your beliefs on public forum. I fought for the rights of everyone.

  • @siriondb yeah, the Spanish are mostly to blame for genocide through smallpox. The British and French helped as well. As a veteran with native american blood I still stand behind the greatest country on earth, and it's flag.

  • Glitch. Chickens are disappearing from their coops.

  • I should have unlocked the Gunpowder Plot commendation this past Monday when me and my friend did it. The crew (galleon) that were on the island with us were getting the progress towards the legendary commendation yet me and my friend got nothing.
    I'm not one to complain over lost digital currency but it sucks that we wasted hours of our day to try and get this done and have nothing to show for it. Is there even the slightest chance of compensastion or extending the event since this still hasn't been resolved?

  • The gunpowder plot commendation should just be given to everyone, because its inclusion has been more frustrating than fun.

    Excited about the "Rock the Boat" update. Honestly, the improvements made to gunpowder barrels (and now impact explosions more generally) have been some of the best post-release content this game has had.

  • @khaleesibot Voice Chat Indicator No Longer A Option in Patch 1.1.5

    With the new patch You can now get hurt by cannonballs from your own crew. Was this Intended and if not then can this be fixed cause friendly fire isn't good. Is there any hot fix to be deployed to fix these things.

  • Is the Shop Clutter fix like the skeleton aim fix, because there double of every title for me in the shop.

  • @captgraykid said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.1.5:

    Blah bla blah, and it's flag.

    ...its flag. (No apostrophe, You want the possessive form).

  • Progress. Is still progress. The bear looks sick!

    Banjo kazzo hu? I saw a hater vid on youtube not too long ago. They stated this game was a quick cash grab because this game has supposedly gone through development and managment hell. This game was supposed to be a diablo2 view style pirate game years back. Getting scrapped and back burner placed a few times. Released too early and clearly changed a whole lot.

    Now who knows how much of it is true. But the mention of the Banjo game makes me think the vid has some merit now. I do hope you guys can prove them wrong. But it just concerns me now. I wont post a link to it..if you really want to see it go search YT. Its there.

    Your competition seems to be Skull and Bones by ubisoft now. Lets see who walks the plank first i guess.

  • @personalc0ffee said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.1.5:

    Pesky bear and bird made into figure head. Mistress Grunty sure to be pleased, will reward Klungo.

    Darn it Klungo.

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  • @airikr01 I love your profile picture!

  • Oh yeah I almost forgot...

    Fix the brig, or at least acknowledge its broken. One of the two is going to happen, only a matter of time. I want you guys to know that I along with hundreds of other already pointed this out but we have no idea if you guys actually know about it or not.

  • When you say : " he Commendations and Titles will still be available after the event ends, but the time-limited cosmetics and Doubloons will no longer be up for grabs." I want to be sure that I have 56 Doubloons, so I'll keep them or lost them ? Ty

  • @captgraykid said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.1.5:

    @genuine-heather it appears as though they already fly your flag. Why all the hate, I thought the whole rainbow thing was about inclusion? Please include my flag. No hate, I will not trash your beliefs on public forum. I fought for the rights of everyone.

    If you’re referring to the rainbow flag, that’s everybody’s flag, not just mine. And exactly what part of my comment are you accusing me of “hate” over? That’s a ludicrous accusation, considering my comment was really quite reasonable. I gave fact-based reasons why the U.S. flag will not be added to the game. You ignored them and accused me of “hate.” How droll.

    Am I supposed to thank you for “not trashing my beliefs?” That’s how civilized people behave. You don’t get a prize for somehow managing to restrain yourself from “trashing” someone’s beliefs. Of course, that’s ignoring the fact that you don’t know me and have no clue what my “beliefs” may be. Frankly, my beliefs are none of your business. This is a game forum.

    I’m a citizen of the United States. The Stars and Stripes is my flag, too. It’s not just yours. But I’m sensible enough to recognize that the U.S. flag has no place in Sea of Thieves, for practical reasons I’ve already mentioned.

  • All good stuff Dev team. Any chance of a reward for killing the megladon?? any reason why every time i tab out of game (pc) i get kicked from server still? cant even check msgs

  • Love the figurehead, I never played Banjo Kazooie sadly, but its a welcome addition to the game. Maybe one day I will get my hands on the classic and experience it. It looks a lot like Donkey Kong 64 which I did play. Kinda hope on getting some Donkey Kong references as well. Donkey Kong Country 2 had a pirates theme and is one of my favorite classics.

    I did hope the banjo would have been added as an instrument though... We still cannot have a full crew band with different instruments at the moment. In the legends hideout we can see and hear the banjo already, so it should not be that hard. This was the perfect timing to release it.

    The ship rocking mechanic is awesome. Just hope you guys didnt over exaggerate the effect for cannon impact.

    Cant wait to get home and play. Hope I manage to complete the legendary challenges for more doubloons before the event stops as well. I wonder how often these skeletons will spawn after the event, I hope they will be a rare surprise.

  • @musical-memoirs Banjo Kazooie is on xbox game pass for free right now

  • This was an awsome figurehead. I got it first thing I got on. Now for Donkey Kong anniversary they should temporarily place down Donkey Kong Island from the 64 just for fun plus that gorilla island would look sick in this game.

  • @wipe-nd-clean I don't own a Xbox, I play on PC in Sea of Thieves. But thanks for informing me anyway.

  • Great patch notes! if this ships rockin don't come

  • I'm sure there are other threads out there on this topic, but what type of cheating is actually taking place? Most of what I see when people are complaining about cheaters it sounds like they just got beat and are salty.

  • @jonaldinho Joe mentions this topic in the recent Dev video at around 2:30.

  • after this patch game crashed 5 times in skull fort.. im done.. ;(

  • Did they turn on friendly fire on this patch? I got hit by a cannon ball shot by my own sloop on many occasions yesterday. can we please turn off friendly fire? There no explosive barrels or skeletons around at the time.

    Also, sometimes when u shoot out of a cannon you are bugged with the sound of being inside of a cannon until u die or reenter a cannon and then exit it.

    Also, there appears to be alot of sound issues with the new patch. I'm not hearing gun shot or cannon fire occasionally.

  • @treefittymonsta I think I experienced the same yesterday, damage from my own crew's ship. Still a little bit unsure. Perhaps there has been splash damage from a gun powder keg I did not see. But let's state for arguments sake, you're now getting damaged from friendly fire.
    First, establish that there is no such thing as "friendly fire" ;-)
    Second argument: it is hardly realistic that a direct hit from a cannonball fired from a NPC or enemy crew instantly kills you, but would fail to damage you if fired by one of your own crew.
    Although inconvinient if you build complete strategies around being invurnerable from your own cannons, the game has become more challenging and therefore, more interesteting. Your crew really need to aim now. It will lead to you and your crew becoming only better at pirating.
    My two cents. ;-)

  • @treefittymonsta said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.1.5:

    Did they turn on friendly fire on this patch?.

    This has been in the game since the launch when using canons. Pistols, swords, and the blunderbuss still do not cause damage to your crew though. You just got to be careful when bombarding the shoreline when crew mates are around.

  • @lifewcoke I think @treefittymonsta means cannon friendly fire... this was an unintentional change in this weeks patch and will be rolled back in a future patch.

    @khaleesibot said in Uh, I don't think this is supposed to happen.:

    Hi @crazyjuan, this is not an intended change, and we'll be updating the Known Issues with this very soon!

  • @musicmee I swore cannon friendly fire was on before. Oh well. Thanks for the correction.

  • @lifewcoke I swore so too... not as much as I swore last night getting killed by cannon fire over and over.

    At that point, I realised it never was a feature before!

  • @musicmee Lol, maybe it was a bug back in the day and I just did not realize it...Yeah, that's my story.

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