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  • @midnighttmelody can you either send me a PM on discord Jenova#3600 or leave your discord tag here so I can get you an invite?

  • @midnighttmelody Arrr i see yee didnt include a discord tag, with out a discord tag yar wont be able to join all the mayhem of the Rogue Legends server. if yee wouldnt mind sharing we can get you in on all the fun.

  • @goober1823 thank you for your application, we'll reach out to you on discord.

  • @saint-brick-rl Discord is: MidnightMelody#0595

  • @codename-jenova My discord is:

  • @midnighttmelody thank you! Looks like we got you sorted. Welcome!

  • If you're looking for a place to improve your general and PvP knowledge about the game this is the perfect place for you, we have plenty of experienced players to teach you the ropes.

    If thats not your thing just come and chill with us as we have a good supply of competitive and non competitive players to crew up with and have great sessions with, Rogue Legends is suited for all.

  • Looking for a crew to play with. GT is PieTanium

  • @pietanium we would be happy to add you to our ranks, but we we need a little more information from you. Can you please provide the following:

    Discord tag (include #):
    Tells us a bit about you:


  • See you at the Fort of the Damned...

  • GutterAngel

    Howdy doody. I've been having fun playing the game since Beta. Participated in most of The Bilge Rats adventures and major updates as they released, and have taken a break or two probably during a Reaper Run update. I've never officially joined a community for the game, didn't feel a need. It's always been easy to find a crew to have some fun with using the official community discord and friends that I made from the reddit discord when it was active. Over time, my favorite people have trickled off to where I find myself having to sail with randoms more and more.

    Now it's time to purge a bloated friends list, as I dislike people I hardly know being able to join my game as soon they see it available. I'd like to join a community where I can find a lot more of the same friendly people to sail with on a regular basis. People that always enjoy the game and expect to be successful at whatever they're attempting to accomplish in the game.

    This is especially important to me with the updates we have on the horizon. I play a few daytime's or nighttime's a week, and weekends see frequent play as well. I'm currently usually close to my ship so I can jump on at a moments discord notice to be that winning clutch help in a desperate short notice situation for the right team. @CodeName-Jenova

  • Ey wassup im the pirate knows as ProfoundLunatic i've been out and in since the launch day of the game. The way i like to play is to form an understanding about who does what on the ship, can be flexible depending who i am playing with. I see myself as a calm and chill person to play with so please hook me up :) Discord name is ProfoundLunatic#3902

  • @gutterangel & @ProfoundLunatic we will be in touch in discord!

  • YoHelpMeImHigh
    20 yrs Young
    I am a complete Noob. Looking for a good community to play and learn this game with.

  • @yohelpmeimhigh thanks for the application! We will be in touch on discord.

  • Dez2763
    I started playing when the game first came out but ended up moving and selling my xbox. Just got a new one and looking to get back on the open seas
    Looking to join because I think it would be a ton on fun playing with people who enjoy it as much as i did

  • @Dez2763 thank you for your application, we'll reach out to you on discord.

  • Gamertag: TwistedVisionX5
    Age: 18
    Discord tag: TwistedVisionX5#0083
    Been playing since about 5 months after release, used to be primarily a duo but my partner no longer plays and am in need of a new crew. Around level 40 in all factions except Arena and Hunters Call (never too bothered about hitting pirate legend). Specializing in PvP and sneak operations including fort/ship stakeouts but still enjoy all aspects of the game.

  • Gamertag: J0N
    Age: 27
    Discord tag (include #): Sirbond#0137
    Tells us a bit about you: been playing from day 1 i give it a break untill the big updates and now looking for a group to play with im a quiet guy and chilled looking for some both pve / pvp players to join with for some fun adventures especially with the new fort up :D
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: well im new to joining groups usally just join a LFG but i want to try out the Rogue Legends and see how well it goes

  • @CodeName-Jenova & @GefahrMcGefahr

    Gamertag : MrCrabCakez
    Age : 46 (Getting old I know)
    Discord Name and # : CrabCakez#4036
    About Me : I am fairly new to the game, started playing a few weeks before the Anniversary. I play mainly on PC but sometimes will jump on XBox. My faction levels are pretty much all right at 40.
    The reason I would like to join is to meet and play with others that enjoy the game on a regular basis and to learn the ropes better from some veteran players.

  • @MrCrabCakez @J0N @TwistedVisionX5 thanks for the applications! We will be in touch on discord.

  • My goodness... I take a day off and look at all our new members. Welcome all!

    We still have room for more!

  • @codename-jenova
    Gamertag: CptDabington
    Discord Name & 4-Digit Number: Kneesun #7794
    Region/Time Zone: USA/EST
    Platform: xbox
    Faction levels: 33/32/35/12
    Additional Info:Been playing since day 1 launch, just have had a busy schedule with work/school/familia so don’t get as much playing time as I’d like. Just looking for other pirates to sail the seas with yarrr

  • @cptdabington thanks for the application! We will be in touch on discord.

  • Sign me up please

    Gamer tag = hammy hamstar
    Age: very old
    Level - 50/50/50/21 - 9
    Playing ages alpha or pre not sure what this period was called.

    Looking for more crew to team up with and have japes.

    Discord - hammy_hamstar#2655

  • @hammy-hamstar Ahoy and thank you for the application! It seems I can't add you as a friend on discord so please add GefahrMcGefahr#8080 to get in contact.

    Talk to you soon!

  • @gefahrmcgefahr sent a request thanks.

  • Greetings from Rogue Legends! We are a fun loving laid back group. We have members who like to pillage and plunder. Members who like to make new friends on the open ocean. Also members willing to go on an adventure. While we don't take ourselves too seriously we do love some competition. Blackguard our 'fight club' is a group of swashbucklers representing Rogue Legends in inter-fleet combat with some of the most dangerous pirates on the seas.

    Interested in showing us what you got? Get your bananas in order and join us.

  • Age: 22

    Discord tag (include #): GBabyFresh#2844

    Tells us a bit about you: Just started playing, new to the game.

    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: Looking to have a good time out in the open seas with a crew.

  • @gbabyfreshh Ahoy and thanks for the application! We've been in touch. :=)

  • Welcome to all new members!

    Quick guide of the fleet staff for you, part 1:

    @CodeName-Jenova aka "i'm not your mom!" - she holds that place together, ruling with her iron fist and by saying "sorry" a lot...

    @GefahrMcGefahr aka "mr. nice guy" - he's the kind of person, who's online 24/7 and always ready to help someone out.

    ... more to come

  • GT: Spicy Jerk
    Age: 26
    Discord tag: Spicy Jerk#6149
    About me: Hello, so this is the 3rd time for me applying here, 2times I had to take a break from the game and other stuff. I would like to get back in again, but to be honest it is a probability that I will take a break from SoT once more at some point. I don't see it happening in the near future, just want to let you know. If it is troublesome and whatnot it's ok lel =)

  • @spicy-jerk You're good mate! Welcome back!

  • Can I get a reinvite? I was just off for like 6 montchs bcs of work...

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