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  • Hey keen to je in a fleet!
    I'm 25
    Anyone on today??

  • Welcome @LazyApe27 and all our new members. Glad to have you.

  • Hi i'm Riruki
    I'm 26 and from Germany
    But don't worry i understand englisch.
    I'm want to get new friends and sail the Seas together.
    And so I'm here

  • @rirukikamiki welcome to Rogue Legends!

  • I'm RedLightning

    I'm 24 and from California.
    I'm looking to have an epic adventure on my ship. I saw a galleon floating out in the red sea with her sails raised. So I swam out to see. When I climbed on, the ship was all shot up, with a broken name plate, but I was still able to make out the ship's name. "The Black Pearl" drifting in the red sea completely abandoned, so I brought her over to the Sea of Thieves for repairs. All she's missing is a figurehead.

  • @redlightning94 a pirate who brings his own ship, and has a tale to tell about it! You are welcome to head on over and join us in our Discord. Well met new friend!

  • @codename-jenova Can you chat me the discord link plz? :)

  • @redlightning94 - sorry, didn't see your message until now. Seems that you found us just fine!

  • Still taking new members? I’m new to the game

  • @thechaosladd yes we are! Use this link to join our discord

  • @codename-jenova I have been considering joining a fleet of worthy individuals as it seems to be getting awfully dangerous sailing on my own or with random crew mates. I am an old man (over 50) and have a mic... and I am looking into what a/your dsicord is!

  • @jollybeggarman5 welcome new friend! Glad you've joined us.

  • @codename-jenova I couldn’t get the link to work

  • @codename-jenova Hello there. I'm Revan I just turned thirty today :D So I am over 18 and I have a mic.

    I am interested in your crew because I have no crew. I've been involved with sea of thieves since the beta. I got two good friends to buy the game with me but they both found it not to be their taste after a few weeks. After that I solo slooped for a long while until getting hijacked at sea by more populated ships became a big thing.

    I went on random crews after that and made a few friends I join up with at times but they have their own crews to play with usually and are often full. I would like to have a bigger group of pirates to pull from to help me. I currently really really really want to do the skeleton ship fight in the wilds as its the only one I am lacking for the 3 different areas. I can't get any help on this and I don't want to miss out on the exclusive stuff. I plan to give it another try this weekend. Maybe some rogues could help me out.

    So in short, I am interested in your group to have more people to play with and help them and have them help me.

  • @revanjstone welcome welcome, well met! Please use this link to join us: Also happy birthday!

  • @codename-jenova thanks miss i did it. twice haha im revan on there now. for the weekend ill be looking to do the skelly ships probably saturday between the noon - 4pm est. if any of the rogues can help me along thatd be awesome.

  • @revanjstone Glad to have both you and your identical twin ;). There will be lots of Rogues around over the weekend to help with Skelly ships!

  • @codename-jenova each of us more handsome than the last! haha

  • Hello I'm Quinton and in 23

    And I'm looking to join a crew to sail the seven seas with and to just have fun

  • @draginnutz12 Hi Quinton, hop on over to our discord and let's get you sailing with some Rogues. Use this link.

  • Welcome to all of our new members, glad to have you join us!

  • Hello Rogue Legends Fleet

    Like to join your Fleet

    I am 44 years old
    My rank 50/50/50 Athena's 5

    I am from Ireland


  • @sir-minutemen Welcome friend! Please join us on Discord:

  • Rogue Legends is still actively looking for new friends to sail the seas with! hit us up with all the info and get your adventure going! =)

  • Wind in our sails, grog in our hands, Legends in our Hearts!!

    It's the last day of this week's Rogue Legends Colouring Contest! You've still got a few more hours to join us and colour a pirate! Enter tonight, 31 Aug, by 8pm EDT (1 am BST, 1 Sept, and 12pm NZST, 1 Sept). Keep an eye out for the Week One's Winners announcement too!
    Join Rouge Legends today and become a Legend

  • THE COUNTDOWN IS ON! We are 6 days away from the highly anticipated Rogue Legends En Garde tournament. The full event details & official rules were provided last night and the Blackguard division is gearing up for some multi-fleet scrims.

    Interested in joining and finding out what all the hype is about? Drop us a note below and then head on over to our discord.

  • Platform: PC
    Age: 35
    Timezone: GMT+8 (Western Australia/Hong Kong/Singapore)

    I'm on Discord if it helps

    Need some people to play with, I'm fairly low level (around 17-18 with the groups I think) but willing to learn.

  • @senn82 Ahoy and welcome aboard!
    Looking forward to playing with you

  • Welcome to our new members @senn82 and Flannery66

  • T - 5 days and counting. En Garde is just over the horizon. The full event details & official rules are posted along with a few minor and, and The Blackguard are participating in some multi-fleet scrims.

    So Close!

    Interested in joining and finding out what all the hype is about? Drop us a note below and then head on over to our discord.

  • Warm welcome to all our new members!

  • AHOY - T minus 4 DAYS and counting until En Garde!
    The Hype Galleon is weighing anchor.* ⚓
    Let's Dance:

    *Need more pirate to help raise the Hype Galleon Anchor! Join our ranks to help us push!

    4 days

  • @codename-jenova i would like to join ur fleet coz my friends and i love this game and already thought about to join one .... after i met one of ur member i decided to join yours

  • @crazyyuno Wonderful! Welcome aboard. Head on over to our discord using this link

  • YO HO HO - T minus 2 DAYS and counting until En Garde! We're still looking for a few more pirates to join our ranks.

    Hype Galleon is on its way, pirates.* 🚢 Drop us a note below to say hi and that your on your way over to our discord


    Looking Good:

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