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  • Welcome to all our new members! So glad to have you join us.

  • I'd like to join. Had the game some time, but never really played it untill a few days ago. Doing most stuff solo isnt that fun, so joining Rogue Legends would be great :)

  • @senreiko feel free to join our discord.

  • Hello, relatively new to the game, looking for more people to crew up with as finding a decent crew with the in game open crew has been pretty hit and miss. This community sounds great and just what im looking for.

  • Hello, preordered the game and love all things pirates but my friends dont share the same interest so I would like to find some new ones to play this game with.

  • Hey, I decided to pick up the game after getting a game pass for $1 and flat out bought the game a month later. I usually play after I'm done doing stuff in WoW as a way to unwind. Usually not a big fan of PvP, but the PvP in this game is pretty fun though I still prefer PvE content. Still a relative noob and thought that finding people to play with would be easier and more fun than what I have been doing (solo slooping).

  • Started playing about 3 weeks ago, really loving the game and hoping to find more fun crews to play with.

  • Hi, im 18 and a beginner who have played it few years back but have taken up the game again recently because i think its fun and calming. I often play alone since none of my friends want to play it so much. Im shy, my English is mhe, and having hard time to feel safe around people I don't know, but I hope I will change that and I hope I will feel safe here and hope that I will be taken in with open arms.

  • Greetings comrades,
    It seems that I have lost my way at sea, stranded in the waters cold and alone I'm sending out a call for help. Is there no worthy captain out there who is in need of a green deckhand? I have learned my ropes, but a guiding hand (or hook) from a salty sea dog will surely do me some good.
    Just call out for Yaropolk out in the open sea and I'm sure my body will float along.

    Hey guys, I'm a new player who recently started playing, mainly on XSX under Yaropolk gamer tag. I know my way around the sloop but have limited experience in missions or player interaction. Ready and willing to learn but ona casual parent schedule. Hoping to see you swashbucklers out there.

  • @jenova-tm Hey there, I'm looking to become pirate legend and finish leveling my remaining companies, and I believe this discord is a great opportunity to find players aiming for the same thing!

  • Hey. I've been playing for a couple weeks, and I'm looking for a regular group to play and chill out with. Discord username is Lain.

  • @jenova-tm I joined ur discord and am leaving a msg like it says to do!

  • @jenova-tm HI

  • just joined

  • Hi I just joined and looking to be apart of this community

  • Welcome to all of our new mambers! I am so glad you've joined!

  • @hyadessong we'd be happy to have you. Follow this link to join us:

  • @el-predator17 you betcha! Hope you are finding what you are looking for with us.

  • @pandapk02 I hope that you are feeling welcomed and safe in 5hw dixord. Please feel free to DM me there.

  • I have joined the crew on discord!

  • Ahoy! I be joined! Yarrr and stuffs lol

  • Joined !

  • Joined its me leanmachine

  • Joined !!!!

  • I'm a new player, wanting to play with others. Fast learner and have plenty of time to dedicate to the game right now. Going to join on discord!

  • @legend-sputnik yoo wanna play now for a bit pls

  • Hi,

    My name is Timothy, I'm from the Netherlands. Bought SoT more than a year ago but never got really into it. I would like to start learning a bit more of the game, and start playing more often.

    I heard great things about Rogue Legends and can't wait to join :)

  • Hello!
    I've dabbled in SoT here and there, but I recently started playing it quite a bit and wanted to find more people to play with. I'm from the U.S. Well over the age of 18. Looking forward to learning more about the game and meeting new people to play with. :)


  • Hey, im looking for a good community, to plunder and loot with. Joined the server earlier. cant wait to get perms and have a jolly good time with yall

  • Welcome to all our new members!

  • You bought me with the cookies!
    Discord name: IncepT

  • Hey, been playing SoT on and off for quite a while but sadly all my old crew mates quit. So i am looking for new crewmates to sail the seas with and you sounded like a good fit :)

  • Just got sea of thieves, love the game but its somewhat lonely playing by yourself. Looking for people to game with!
    I'm from the uk

  • It's a lonely place on the seas by yourself!!
    Looking to join, total noob, but love the game!
    From the uk

  • Hello.

    My gamertag is Michelangelo II.
    Just started playing again after not been playing for almost 2 years so remember almost nothing. So would like to join your crew to learn the game again and find people to play with.
    Live in Sweden and can play almost every day on the evenings.
    See you all on the sea.

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