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  • Hello Rogue Legends,

    My name is Max and i am 22 years old from Germany. I started Sea of Thieves 1 week ago and would love to find some players to crew up. I am currently grinding the fort of the damned. I am not pirate legend yet but would love to become one!
    I hope we can hear us soon.

    With best regards


  • Hello Rogue Legends,

    my name is Max and i am 22 years old from germany. I started the game 1 week ago and absolutely love it. I hope i can find some players to grind with in your crew to become pirate legend.

    With best regards,


  • Hi guys.

    Am new to the game trying to find some company to play with. Am 22yo and greek. That's all also to all my Reaper friends I love u guys a little bit more.

  • Welcome @Maxer9999 & @Jackalakos98!

  • Welcome new members to the group.

    If you're looking to join leave us a note below so we know to expect you.

  • I have joined the server :)

  • I have joined :)

  • @queen-jadine welcome!

  • We're having a scavenger hunt on Saturday! The only way to play and win a prize is to join us!!

  • I have joined, hoping to find people for events!

  • Hi there, I joined the server. Thanks.

  • I'm new to the game and looking for friendly and mature people to play with, this group seems like a good fit

  • @oldgregg7687 @Ithaqua47 & @saltytaco8012 welcome!

  • Hi Everyone,

    I've just joined your group after hearing amazing things on SOT. Looking forward to meet you all!

  • Just joined! Looks good

  • Really happy to join. looking forward to it!

  • trying to join... Thanks

  • @michalclippl @dqvis-w @AnxiousRat13031 & @The-Hammernaut welcome to Rogue Legends!

  • Merry Christmas pirates! Come join us in speeding holiday cheer.

  • Hello i just joined!

  • @justmematt7037 Welcome aboard!

  • I want to join because I’m trying to find a good crew to do pvp and sea dogs with

  • Atrocityl87 I just joined.

  • Need Looooooots of Sold Loot. Loggin on Discord now.

  • @bornoforsirs @Atrocityl87 @RabbitMeat101 welcome aboard!

  • @jenova-tm Thank you. My addiction to this game is crazy 🤣🤣

  • Hi can I join?

  • Hello, joining the server ASAP

  • Hello to all my name is Garion I'm 19 and I'm pretty new to sea of thieves and I know the basics I've watched youtubers play it a lot and I tried doing a solo swoop but its pretty difficult for now when I'm pretty bad at the game I'm just trying to find a crew and have people to help me get used to the game its not very fun by myself too anyways sorry for rambling on ill try to join the discord my name on discord is XxFateAssassinxX

  • @jenova-tm Hi there, I just joined discord and look forward to getting to know yall.

  • @maxer9999
    Are you still excepting pirates in to your ranks? If so please message me so that I may join.

  • hi, i’m chela, 21, new to the game i have been solo slooping for a few weeks now, it would be nice to play with a crew and get better at pvp (:

  • Hello! Joined the discord hope to see you on the seas!

  • Howdy,

    I'm 35 and will be just starting Sea of Thieves today. Will be heading to the discord in just a few, Dragonfire2k19

  • Just joined! looking to make some friends

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