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  • @robroythered all good. I have been in touch on discord.

  • Stuck at home? Looking for people to hang out with? Apply today!

  • Gamertag: the SiNN virUs
    Age: 29
    Discord tag (include #): the SiNN Virus #8293
    Tells us a bit about you: Just a regular dude from Maine. Been off xbox live for a long time due to work and going back to school. Working on a BA in exercise science.
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: Looking for chill people to play with that are willing to be patient on me learning about all of the new content (to me).

  • Gamertag: itfeelsfine
    Age: 31
    Discord tag: Dharma#0463
    Hi ppl. Kinda newbie here. Only couple of hours gametime.
    Levels are 10ish each. Looking for an English speaking crew for this most enjoyable game. Kinda tired of random crews.
    So hit me up if everythings fine.

  • @codename-jenova
    Gamertag: Pixizeh
    Age: 19
    Discord tag (include #): Pixizeh#3383
    Tells us a bit about you: I have just started playing on my own profile (used my brothers before). I love pirate everything so this game is my fav.
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: Because I want to play with other people and kick some a$$.

  • @the-sinn-virus hey there. I can't find you on discord. Can you double check your info?

    @itfeelsfine @Pixizeh I've reached out to you both.

  • Gamertag: Biotic Penguin
    Age: 35
    Discord tag (include #): sadisticjackal#2156
    Tells us a bit about you: New player level 15 with Merchants, Souls, and hoarders. Good at over have solo sank a couple of the npc ships, can usually take out undead captains without having to replenish health and still be in green, super lucky have a tendency of finding massive loot, I just end up losing it because solo playing and being attacked by full crews. I need to work on PVP have only sank 1 player ship so far. I have a monkey and a cat if that sweetens the deal. So pet perks while sailing. (Took me awhile to realize they point out commendation items and also what side of the shop trouble is coming from. Very helpful with Megs). I feel I know how to organize a crew for sailing and combat. I am willing to captain or crew. I am a casual player can paly a couple hours a few times a week and longer on weekends. Also perks include RL I have the pirate legacy beard, I have a knowledge of and obsession with pirates, and I happen to be in a Shanty group. US located, EST Zone, Gamepass version Xbox One Also adult sense of humor, by that I mean it's like a 13 year old boys. My monkey is named Spankers after all.
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: I want a crew to play with. I have heard some good things on forums and so forth when researching. Plus I am pretty laid back as a casual. So I don't want a group that is like "You have to play on these days! For this many hours! If you're inactive for over 12 hours you're banned!
    Sadly ai have seen that with guilds online.
    I just want to have fun with people and do pirstey things.

  • Forgot the underscore in my Username it's Biotic_Penguin my bad it doesn't show up on my console so I forget it's there lol

  • @codename-jenova

    I dunno man, I double checked the info I put up and that's what it says in my user settings.
    the SiNN virUs#8293

    Unless there is something I'm missing. If you copied and pasted it I added an extra space in between the name and hashtag.

  • @the-sinn-virus it's case sensitive I think one of the characters wasn't. I found you.

  • @biotic-penguin all good. Keep an eye on your discord.

  • Gamertag: FoldupBurrito49
    Age: 41
    Discord tag (include #): Sheerluck_Ohms#3838
    Tells us a bit about you: I'm a UK Xbox One player with the Gamepass version of SoT, I'm pretty new to the game, I've been playing about 3 weeks as a solo slooper, my levels are approx 30 merchant and 20+ OoS & 25 GH. 10 Hunters Call. So far I've managed to down a few megs, a skelly sloop and the Kraken. My PvP game is very weak and needs a lot of work. Whilst I am home from work due to the current events in the world I can and do play at random times during the day (When my little son allows me 😂) and play at 19:30+ a few days a week. I also have a mic

    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends:
    I read your summary and The Rogue Legends seem to be the perfect fit for me. I'm a chilled laid back pirate and am looking for others, I'm more than happy to just be crew and will be happy to just do some chill leveling and anything else in game and won't rage quit at a sinking, please come and teach this old sea dog some new tricks
    *edited for spiolling mistooks not enough coffee 😂

  • @codename-jenova Thanx i've added u=)

  • Gamertag: ItsTolloz
    Age: 20
    Discord tag: Tolloz#9499
    Tells us a bit about you: My name is Deniz, i'm from Austria. Just started to play recently. Im searching for a group to play with, that can teach me the game properly.
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: The Forum-Thread made me curious.

  • @dertolloz & @FoldupBurrito49 thanks for the application. I've been in touch on Discord.

  • Gamertag: ContraCycle
    Age: 25
    Discord: ContraCycle#7469
    About me: Been playing Sea of Thieves for over 6 months now. Not in it for the the grind, but for the day to day experiences and fun. Wanting to make some friends to play with regularly. I enjoy PvP and PvE, but mostly PvE. On PC.
    Why join: Was directed here after showing interest in finding people to play with on find-a-crew forums.

  • @contracycle thanks for the application. We've been in touch on discord

  • Gamertag: the Siko Tadpole
    Age: 27
    Discord tag (include #): SikoTadpole#8964
    Tells us a bit about you: Hello, solo legend here. I have been playing since early year one, but not day one, unfortunately. I have made friends with a few pirates over the last two years but all have eventually given up the game. Recently, hopping open crew lobbies every night until I find a crew that seems like it will be worth it has been less than satisfying. I have decided it's time to look for something more, some type of community. I came across your post and felt I would be a good fit. I play often and I play for good times.

  • @siko-tadpole thanks for the application. I've been in touch on discord.

  • Gamertag: PsychaChi
    Age: 22
    Discord tag (include #): PsychaChi#9475
    Tells us a bit about you: I enjoy meeting new people and exploring the game with others as we learn together becoming a team in the games we play.
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: I've returned to the game after a long while and I've had a hard time finding a solid crew with randoms because of no mics and trolls I get paired with. Really want to hit PL since I'm pretty close and enjoy the game again with new friends like I did before.

  • @psychachi welcome! Thanks for the application. Keep an eye on your discord.

  • @codename-jenova Hello, I never got contacted by anyone :( Can i still join?

  • @xoro6822 Hey! I've just checked and you never accepted my friend request. It's still pending. Just accept it and send me a message, we'll get you sorted. :=)

  • We've seen a lot of people out there looking to sail with someone. Look no further, drop us your info and we will take care of the rest!

    Beginner or seasoned sailor, no matter we accept all regardless of how long you've been playing.

  • Looking to snag that sweet Figurehead of Courage? Many of us enjoy Arena, come join!

  • Gamertag: Sanguinius88719
    Age: 31
    Discord tag (include #): Bad-Eyesight #1559
    Tells us a bit about you: I'm a laid back, polite guy. Been gaming most of my teenage and adult life and looking to make friends to sail the seas with
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: I'm looking to get back into playing SoT and found your very detailed post. I haven'y played in little over a year and I'm looking for like minded people to have fun with and share adventures with. I also stream from time to time on mixer which I hope people won't have a problem with.

  • @sanguinius88719 thank's for the application, YouTube, twitch or mixer... Whatever your streaming platform it's totally fine with us! Keep an eye on your discord.

  • @codename-jenova
    Gamertag: xXFONZY 98Xx
    Age: 22
    Discord tag (include #): Fonzy-98#3759
    Tells us a bit about you: I used to play SOT a bit when first launched and recently want to get back into it, I'm roughly 38/42/45 and level 3 Athena.
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: Just looking for a more educated crew and to enjoy myself a little more playing the game

  • @xxfonzy-98xx thanks for the application! Keep an eye on your discord for a FR from us.

  • Gamertag: DanieZA1730
    Age: 25
    Discord tag (include #): Danie-Boy#0516
    Tells us a bit about you: I live in South Africa and i love playing games. i want to make more friends and this is an awesome way to do that.
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends:Hi im a guy that loves to play games and this is the first time playing Sea of Thieves and so far it is awesome, but i would love to play with a set of people that will grind and have fun with me.

  • @danieza1730 Hey, thank you for the application. We've been in touch.

  • Gamertag: tpKumis
    Age: 31
    Discord tag (include #): Kumis#0739
    Tells us a bit about you: I got started with SoT through a friend who came back to the game and wanted a sailing buddy. I got pretty excited about the game and got pirate legend after about 4 weeks of playing just a few days back.
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: I feel like I've only had a small part of the SoT experience as I've mostly just used the sloop either solo or duo and just a few cruises with brig/gallion. I'm mainly looking for more sailing buddies for all that SoT has to offer.

  • Gamertag: Oursano
    Discord tag Oursano#1760
    Platform: Xbox 1X
    Time zone: EST
    Experience: I’ve played SOT since basically launch, have loved it since. Wish I could say the same for my online friends! Looking to yarrr and have a good time. Confident in PVP encounters but also enjoy PVE!

  • Gamertag: SuPcL
    Age: 29
    Discord tag (include #): Supreme Classic#0706
    Tells us a bit about you: I started to play SoT again after taking a break for a while and i would like to play with like minded people how love to make fun and tell some jokes while digging up that sweet gold.
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: I would be great to have ohter people to play this wonderfull game with and sail the Seven Sea's, i mostly played solo or as a duo on a sloop
    It would be awesome if got to sail on a gallion and realy learn what it is to be a real pirate with a crew off scurvy dogs!

  • Gamertag: Zanzalar
    Age: 28
    Discord tag (include #): Mburd#9124
    Tells us a bit about you: I am a lifelong gamer and started playing Sea of Thieves about a month ago. I have fallen in love with the game and its endless opportunities for adventure.
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: I enjoy being a part of and contributing to communities of like-minded members. I also would like to know the people that I am playing with, as in this game communication and teamwork are paramount.

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