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  • Gamertag: Deeproots79
    Age: 40
    Discord tag (include #): deeproots79#0867
    Tells us a bit about you: Bought the game when it came out. Bored after 2 weeks. Came back at Anniversay and been hooked ever since. I'm pirate legend and 8.75 towards finishing out the Athena rep.
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: To find capable players to play with to complete objectives.

  • @CodeName-Jenova

  • Interested in joining? Make sure you let us know!

    Discord tag (include #):
    Tells us a bit about you:
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends:

    If you don't have discord you can find it here:

    Don't forget to tag me @CodeName-Jenova or @GefahrMcGefahr!

  • @codename-jenova

    Gamertag: Madcat6655

    Age: 41

    Discord tag (include #): D'aval#1017

    Tells us a bit about you: Just bought the game about 2 weeks ago, fell in love with it, but tired of running solo and getting my teeth kicked in and would love to have some back up/people to play with!

    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: As stated above, I love this game but so tired of sailing solo only to get ran over by everyone. Seems like it would be a good idea to join up with a group of people, don't you agree?

    Also, as a side note, if you wish to talk with me please find me on Discord. I monitor that way more than I do the forums.

  • @madcat6655 thank you for your application. We've been in touch on discord.

  • @CodeName-Jenova

    Gamertag: Lux_Kegel

    Age: 25

    Discord tag (include #): Lux Kegel#6969

    Tells us a bit about you: Been playing SoT since release, Currently Athena 10 Pirate Legend, Haven't played much of the new stuff, I like PVP mainly but will do anything in the game.

    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: Just looking for a great friendly group of people to play and sail with, The usual group of people i play with have stopped playing so have had to look elsewhere :)

  • @lux-kegel thank you for the application, we will be in touch with you on discord.

  • Some say there's a god whose blade is unmatched come learn the story of @GefahrMcGefahr

  • @GefahrMcGefahr or @CodeName-Jenova you guys still active?

  • @ithule yes we are, what's up?

  • Gamertag: orangebeast92
    Age: 19
    Discord tag: ||Alexander|| #9927
    About me: Very motivated to play PvE part of SoT, dont much like the PvP part tho.
    im very talktive and friendly player.
    Why do i want to join Rogue Legends: i just want a friendly group to play with, thats all.

  • Thanks for the application @orangebeast92. We will be in touch on discord.

  • xIHitEmUpx
    Europe based. 800,000+ meters. Lvl35|34|37.
    Recently started playing but I know what I'm doing, normally do Forts, Fleets, Meghunt, anything that's profitable really. Always down to Pvp whenever I get the chance, and sneak aboard. Recently got into fishing, realised theres gold to be made with rares.
    Still to get into the voyages and tall tales.

    Wanna join because I need a crew similar of age with the same interests that are actively plundering.

  • @xihitemupx thanks for the application. Do you have discord so we can reach out there?

  • @codename-jenova Yeah it's the same as GT xIHitEmUpx but do I need it to play on?

  • @xihitemupx said in Rogue Legends - Join us on our journey! | PC/XBOX | Beginner Friendly | Fleet & Community Events | Global Members | 18+ |:

    @codename-jenova Yeah it's the same as GT xIHitEmUpx#8913 but do I need it to play on?

  • @xihitemupx no. Just to keep in touch on it. I'll get you sorted.

  • @codename-jenova thanks

  • I keep trying to come up with jokes about boom barrels, but they all blow up in my face...

  • Gamertag: Mastergerms02 (Xbox)
    Age: 28
    Discord tag (include #): on Xbox,
    Tells us a bit about you: I’m a founder, I’ve played alpha and beta and sadly couldn’t be apart of the release due to personal problems. Just joined a week ago and love the changes. I love to joke around but also be serious and too be honest I just like having a good time. Since I just joined my rank is only in their high 20’s and oos is 31. I’m more of a gunner and fighter but can steer a ship. Need someone to teach me some of the new things this game has added as well.

    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: I would like to be apart of a fun crew and meet new friends and get help and also help others. I like sailing with friends than sail alone. I also like the name rogue legends. Havnt been apart of a so called (guild) in this case crew in a while and I think it’ll be a fun change in my life to get to know more people.

    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

    1. Gamertag - originalt3k
    2. Age - 34
    3. Do you stream? I do not
    4. Ae you an Insider? Negative, Ghost Rider; the pattern is full.
    5. How did you find Rogue Legends? So, strange story....

    I sold my car a while back in order to pay for a wedding I've got coming up, so I'm a lot more reliant now on public transport. I was stood at a bus stop after work one day not too long ago, staring at a new scuff I'd just found on the toe of my shoe, when a young reprobate drove through a puddle and sent kerbwater flying up over my trousers, which admittedly needed washing anyway, and over those of another gentleman I'd yet not realised was also waiting. Clearly more angry than I, he started cursing at this act of common assault in a rather peculiar accent. Captivated by his colourful language and what appeared to be nautical references, I caught myself staring at this man who, I also realised, perhaps needed a wash more urgently than my trousers even. When the gesticulating stopped, he settled down and turned to me, realising he was making quite a scene and starting to attract a crowd. I mean, they could have also been queuing for a bus, there was really no way of knowing. Either way, he caught my gaze and whilst realising that staring was probably rude and this ought to have been my social cue to look away, a scar that came down over his left eye was something I didn't feel I could take my attention away from. He must have been used to the attention, as he just shrugged off my failing social etiquette and turned back to face the road, impatiently wishing the bus would adhere to greater punctuality.

    A bus eventually turned a nearby corner and lazily drove towards the bus stop where the crowd - now fully presumed to be commuters waiting to go home and not simply spectators of this gentleman's earlier rage - commenced shuffling towards the road side, as if the bus would pass them by if their toes were not overhanging the kerb my the smallest of margins. The bulking, odorous mess that was my fellow soakee was first in the queue for the bus, and when it stopped he climbed on and, rather than take his seat, he turned to the crowd, blocking the door. He eyed us up, as though looking for something. His eyes caught mine once more, and he held up his hand and pointed directly at me. Bystanders were confused, looking at this gentleman guarding the bus, then looking at me, frustration growing as though I were the reason they hadn't got on to the bus yet. With his first calm words of this entire encounter, he said "Ye be whit am lookin' fer..." and then from his pocket, he threw out what appeared to be a cloud of sand. Myself and other would-be commuters shielded our eyes from the sand and turned away to avoid inhaling whatever had been thrown out. Some were not as successful, as there was mild coughing coming from unspecific faces in the crowd. When I looked up, the bus was driving away and the curious fellow who'd just singled me out was gone. On the floor was what looked at first like an old newspaper, but as it rustled in a gentle breeze, I realised it looked like an old scroll of some description. It read:

    "If ye be he who we need, thee be free to sail to sea. Lest ye be a rat, then yer dead t' me."

    Now, I'm not quite sure I understand what on earth this message is about, but I know a guy who spoke to another guy who'd read something online about somebody who'd read a book which reminded him of an advert he'd seen that he'd told his pal about who hung out near these parts. Basically, I need somebody to cover my dry cleaning bill.

  • Names nick been playing about 20 hours love the fun of the game and its potential need solid team players let's make this goal happen faster. Non toxic but can be for fun and yeah just wanna have fun ladies and gents

  • @mastergerms02 Ahoy and thank you very much for your application! We're chatting and organising ourselves in Discord so it is necessary that you provide a Discord name in your application.
    Should you not have a Discord account yet, you can sign up for free and it works on both mobile and PC. :=)
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

    @SickNickcirca Hey, thank you for your interest in Rogue Legends. Please provide the following information so we can get get you sorted:
    Discord tag (include #):
    Tells us a bit about you:
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends:

    Hope we hear from you soon!

  • @gefahrmcgefahr
    My discord is Killergerms#1476

  • @gefahrmcgefahr

    Discord tag (include #):ocularcoder#8727

    Tells us a bit about you: I'm a cyber security specialist by day and a savage pirate by night. Im 50/50/50/5(athena)

    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: I'm searching for a community that is a good fit, hopefully after this my search will end.

  • @mastergerms02 thank you! We will be in touch on discord.

  • @ocularcoder thank you for your application, we will be in touch on discord.

  • Hey you... Yeah you, mate. Come listen to me enthuse about watery plentifins!

  • From all of us at Rogue Legends, Happy Grog Friday!

  • Over the weekend we had one of our monthly community days! We sunk fleets together, we completed reaper runs, we even killed the Gold Hoarder together!

    All I can say is that everyone had a blast .... literally. Want in on the fun? Apply today!

  • Gamertag: AutoEG
    Age: 19
    Discord tag (include #): HyDru#9008
    Tells us a bit about you: PC gamer who switched to Xbox last year (stupid mistake). Can't play every night but can play multiple nights a week still.
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: I'm tired of not having anyone to play with, I just started a few days back and I know how to play for the most part, could use some assistance. Wanna make new friends on Xbox.

    Best way to contact me would be to add me and message me on Xbox.

  • Drdipsht05

  • Age: 29
    Platform: PC/xbox
    Tells us a bit about you: Father, chemist teacher on a univeristy. From the Netherlands.
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: Looking for fun and active players that can join me or i can join into battles and voyages.
    discord account: Ribazz #2122

  • @ribazz hey there. Thanks for the application... We can't find the discord information provided. Can you verify and let us know, or add me on discord: Jenova#0001

  • Gamertag: ZoomerThePirate
    Age: 19
    Discord tag: Zoomer#1055
    I've played Sea of Thieves in the beta. Bought the game a while later. Still not a pirate legend. I always disconnect and lose my loot when I am playing solo.
    I want to join because I need people to be there when I disconnect so i can retrieve my loot.
    @GefahrMcGefahr & @CodeName-Jenova

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