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  • @chaos217 who are we kidding, it went a long time ago. Welcome again!

  • @codename-jenova @nemo-terminator
    Hello, hello! Thanks for having me :D
    Always a pleasure seeing new communities rise up by people I know!

  • @ellelightbulb welcome! Glad to have you.

  • @Erinom3 is here ladies and gents! Glad to have you join us!

  • Gamertag: RealHaoma
    Discord Name & 4-Digit Number: Haoma#9481
    Region/Time Zone: GMT
    Platform: PC
    Faction levels: 1/1/1
    Additional Info: I've only just picked up the game and loving it so far. But i think it'd be more fun with people to play with. Would love to join a group who also enjoy the game, if you'll have me. Thanks!

  • @realhaoma welcome! We're still starting out but we have a great group going. Glad to have you. Use the link in the original post to join our discord!

  • The Rogue Legends Blackwatch had a great time out on Saturday playing Skullball with the other fleets. This community has some truly fantastic players, not just for thier skill but for thier sportsmanship and commradary. Never before have I seen fleets work together and make an unforgettable evening.

    Rogue Legends have a little something up our collective sleeves for an upcoming event. But - we need a few more pirates to join our ranks so we can pull it off.

  • @personalc0ffee thank you! It's a great group we've got!

  • Gamertag:Pink Geek Chic

    Discord Name & 4-Digit Number: PinkGeekChic 9982

    Region/Time Zone: United States, CST

    Platform: XBox One X

    Faction levels: 46 46 50 3

    Additional Info: I am very outgoing and a little silly. I love having fun, but I also believe that everyone needs to pull their own weight! I look forward to (possibly) sailing with you!

  • @pink-geek-chic welcome! We look forward to sailing with you too.

  • Gamertag: Xxchef 23
    Discord Name & 4-Digit Number:7530
    Region/Time Zone: CT
    Faction levels:20 20 20
    Additional Info

  • Gamertag: GefahrMcGefahr
    Discord Name & 4-Digit Number: GefahrMcGefahr#8080
    Region/Time Zone: Germany/CET
    Platform: PC
    Faction levels: 50/50/50/5
    Additional Info: I'm a 20 yead old student and Sea of Thieves is the only game I play currently

  • @gefahrmcgefahr welcome, click here to access the discord

  • Gamertag: Save McDonalds
    Discord Name & 4-Digit Number: Cressman #0163
    Region/Time Zone: EST
    Platform: Xbox
    Faction levels: 36/33/30 (1 in Athena's)
    Additional Info: I usually play every night from 7pm to 6am roughly

  • Gamertag: Eternalvillain8
    Discord Name & 4-Digit Number: Huntereno #8567
    Region/Time Zone: NA/CST
    Platform: Xbox One
    Additional Info: I'm a brand new player, been playing just long enough to get a feel for things. Looking forward to learning and sailing the seas with a crew!

  • @codename-jenova I didn’t know you were starting a new fleet, good luck to you!

  • @mret0927 thank you my friend! Yes it was time for me to party in my own fleet.

  • @eternalvillain8 welcome. Please use this link to join us.

  • Gamertag: MRET0927
    Discord Name & 4-Digit Number: MRET0927 #1420
    Region/Time Zone: EST
    Platform: XB1
    Faction levels: 34/35/29/1
    Additional Info: I’ve been playing for a long time, since late alpha, also I’m hearing impaired for awhile

  • @mret0927 really glad to have you aboard. When you play please make sure to let the crew know your needs, and we will be sure to use non-verbals.

  • Welcome to all our new members we still have openings with a bunch of great welcoming people. I hope to see u guys on the seas😁

  • Gamertag: iiV3N0MzZ Uk
    Discord Name & 4-Digit Number: ThunderC0ugarFalconBird #5326
    Region/Time Zone: England, GMT
    Platform: XBO
    Faction levels: 0 32 32 25
    Additional Info: Haven't played since a couple of weeks after launch but i know what I'm doing (may be a little rusty though).

  • @iiv3n0mzz-uk welcome! Glad to have you.

  • Thank you to all who have applied to and have supported Rogue Legends. We are touched seeing the interest and support our growing fleet recieves from the community! We look forward to getting to know each and every member and going on many adventures together!!

  • Thanks to all of the awesome new members who have joined over the last couple of days it's so nice to see our fleet grow day by day

  • Hey everyone! Great to see so many new sailors join us.
    We're having our first training day for new players and experienced ones alike. Hope to see people there :)

  • Gamertag: Xabe13
    Discord Name & 4-Digit Number: Xabe13 💰25💀 22 🐔26#8360 (copy paste it )
    Region/Time Zone: Eastern Europe GMT +3
    Platform: Pc
    Faction levels: It's a bit higher than those displayed on my discord
    Additional Info: I usually play this game while being high is that ok with you ? Other than that i fulfill your requirements

  • We currently have a community event being planned in our fleet join us now to join our brillant fleet members to suggest ur ideas for some commuinty created events

  • @xabe13 It's fine with us. Use the link to join our discord.

  • We have welcomed both new members and old friends into Rogue Legends last night bringing our little fleet to over 60 members!! We are growing fast and have lots of room for new friends to join us.

    Happy Friday everyone 😁

  • HaggardHayride
    46 46 50
    Need group of skilled players to join. bored of open crews, need help to legend

  • @haggardhayride Welcome new friend. Please use this link to join our fleet.

  • @codename-jenova
    Gamertag: xRukusu
    Discord Name & 4-Digit Number: Rukusu#3206
    Region/Time Zone: AST
    Platform: Xbox One

  • Jtsarmyvet. Xbox one all faction levels high 30’s... getting a discord now. Just looking to have some good chill times with some cool people

  • @jtsarmyvet welcome! Glad to have you with us.

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