Rogue Legends - Join us today! |PvP/PvE| Seasoned & Beginner Friendly | Global Members | 18+ |

  • @MerryNightmare7 @Legendnems Thank you for the applications. Keep an eye on your discord.

  • I have a ship, and I need you on it!

  • Lions and tigers Blackwatch, and storms, and bears to find? Join up and let's get you a Figurehead!

  • Gamertag: Dr Adam Groom
    Age: 26
    Discord: Nerima#6960

    Entirely new to SoT! My first 10 minutes of game time consisted of alt tabbing to figure out how to work the ship and being bombarded by Reapers spamming "welcome to sea of thieves". I've since realised this is a game best played with friends! Hopefully I'll find many here :)

  • @codename-jenova

    Gamertag: theCrius#6218
    Age: Had to check with a calculator. Nearly 40 bloody hell.
    Discord tag (include #): thecrius#0677
    Tells us a bit about you: I'm an old *** (seriously? The word for the gas emitted from human body is banned on this board?) that is bored of having to beg his old time friends to log and play some games. Gaming has been my passion since I've been a young lad and never gone away. Now I teach my kids the basics and try to steer them away from the garbage on their mobile device. I'm always happy to help but not tolerate grifiers. Game related, I'm decent at the helm and sniping around. Can do the rest, but don't expect POTG actions :P
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: I'm trying to complete the tall legends or at least do enough to be able to start doing Athena's quests. But that's just the short term. Honestly I love this game for the "find your own adventure" vibe in it. I don't care what the crew want to do as long as we have some fun together and have a good laugh at the end while we are sinking like idiots!

  • DEADBOLT0969 #1333
    AGE 23

  • @deadbolt0969 congrats on PL. Can you please give us a little more info about you (age, why you'd be a good fit for us) so we can get you an invite?

  • @thecrius6218 thanks for the application. We've been in touch on discord.

  • Rogue Legends Fleet | PvP/PvE | Beginner Friendly | Global Members | 18+| All Platforms|

    Kind of says it all doesn't it?
    Yes we're recruiting for both PC and Xbox, yes we participate in PvP and PvE sessions, always willing to take on beginners (we all were beginners at some point after all)

    Check us out, you won't regret it (we have cookies)

  • Brick you forgot to mention the cuddle puddles! Those are important too!!!

    Those are probably the most important thing about Rogue Legends... That and that we are still accepting new members.

  • Gamertag:SaltyRamen
    Discord tag (include #):TopRamenXL0839
    Tells us a bit about you:
    Currently serving in the military I live in Florida and im new to the game since I didnt realize it was on PC haha. Looking to have fun and make friends. Love anything to do with Pirates and I have the Sparrow tattoo from PoC. I have some basic experience but I have been sailing solo for about 10 hours 15-20s in factions. Thanks!

    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends:
    I really want to get into this game because I love pirate lore. I want a good group of people that I can play with regularly and this groups is calling to me :) Thank you!

  • @SaltyRamen9182 Thank you for the application. We will be in touch on discord.

  • Who has done the Anniversary event? Which easter egg was your favorite? Mine was Banjo Kazooie!

  • Gamertag: @conboy144
    Discord tag (include #):@conboy144#3749

  • @v1ll4n0us I finished mine! Banjo was my fave too.

    Looking to finish the anniversary event or other commendations, and need a sailing buddy? Look no further join up today and you will have a veritable plethora of crewmates to choose from.

  • Gamertag: rG Nordic
    Age: 27
    Discord tag (include #): Nordic#4998
    Tells us a bit about you: Been playing since alpha, but have had long stretches of not playing due to a lack of consistent crew. Faction levels are around 20 each.
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: Looking for a consistent group to crew up with so we can actually get things accomplished.

  • @rG-Nordic thanks for the application please keep an eye on your discord.

  • @saint-brick-rl will do, look forward to it.

  • Want to become a part of a group of pirates who love to sail with new people
    Join Rogue Legends today!

  • Gamertag: Majjixx1
    Age: 28
    Discord tag (include #): Majjixxz#7805
    Tells us a bit about you: played the beta and alot when the game was released. Been playing off and on since as I have not found a fleet to hang with.
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: Looking for some friendly players to sail the seas with and have some laughs.

  • @majjixx1 thanks for the application. Keep an eye out on your discord.

  • So you like, want to join a fleet and stuff? What makes you think this is a good place for you? Do you like letting Leprechauns get away with their gold? Do you share the last piece of pie with your evil ex? Do you leave loot behind when it is so shiny and precious?

    NO!???!?!?!? ME NEITHER! So you can join I guess.

  • @codename-jenova
    Gamer tag: Joey Fe 10
    Age: 31
    Discord: JoeyFe10 #0520
    Playing since alpha. Inconsistent with sails because I do not have a steady crew. Looking for players to sail with and get things done. Currently 75/73/75/45/14. Thanks for considering.

  • @joey-fe-10 thanks for your application! We've been in touch on discord.

  • Once upon a time @chaos217 was heard bellowing over the seas


    He's getting ready to bellow again... save your ears and drop a note below to join up!

    Seriously though. We got great people, have good times, we're beginner friendly, compete in community run events, and we're always looking for new friends.

  • @saint-brick-rl said in Rogue Legends Fleet - PvP/PvE| Beginner Friendly | Global Members | 18+ | All Platforms | - Join us today!:

    He's getting ready to bellow again... save your ears and drop a note below to join up!

    He's just about ready. Someone beat him to it and join up... Trust me, no one wants to hear him bellow.

  • Gamer tag: canezftball32

    Age: 29

    Discord: canezftball32#7216

    Been playing the game here and there but really want a crew to experience the full game because I don’t have many friends that play it often. Thanks!

  • Gamertag: Derowere5277
    Age: 18
    Discord tag (include #): Derowere#8049
    Tells us a bit about you: I've been a gamer since I was 3, and I've never had many people to play with, especially because of my shyness, so I'm looking for friends to play this very nice game, I'm with another friend, the guy below my comment. I'm from Italy.
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: I want to find other players to play with, maybe friends, and join a gaming community.

  • Gamertag: Sideblock675
    Age: 18
    Discord tag (include #): masterfire86#2521
    Tells us a bit about you: Been playing the game here and there but really want a crew to play with other people because I have only a friend that play it .
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: I've always wished to join in a gaming community.

  • @canezftball32 @Derowere5277 & @SideBlock675 thank you for your applications. I have been in touch on discord.

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