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  • Join us now! Now I say!

  • Cuddle Puddles, Shark & Kraken Roulette, Journey to Legend, Blackguard Events, En Garde, Brigatta. Just a few thinhgs this fleet has going on over the next few months.

    Join us Brethren, we are growing fast and looking for more members.

  • I would gladly join your crew =)

  • @kaptnsabeltann welcome aboard!

  • Congratulations to @Votoville and @GefahrMcGefahr on their promotions to Captain and Quatermaster respectivly. Rogue Legends has 95 members- who will join us to be our 100th?

  • Want to join a Fleet which is full of great pirates well Rogue Legends is for you when you join you will be warmly welcomed by us and it will give you a opportunity to meet new people to sail with JOIN US TO BECOME A LEGEND

  • We are so close to hitting 100 members in our fleet. We are gearing up for Shark week, Brigatta, Cursed Sails, and new unannounced events both in our fleet and ones we are bringing to others! I am excited to see is going to join us as our 100th member.

  • The Rogue Legends Crew has a little something up our sleeves coming in September, and much much more in the works for our fleet.

    Here's a hint:

    Rogue Legends are looking to grow the Blackguard division, a group of swashbucklers representing our in inter-fleet combat with some of the most dangerous pirates on the seas. We are looking for those interested in standing up to a challenge by becoming members of the Blackguard and in turn are willing to train and demonstrate their tactical skills and teamwork capabilities on a grand scale.

    Want to know more? Leave us the required information, and join our Discord to find out.

  • Want to be part of a fantastic group of pirates where u will be warmly welcomed well joins us and become a legend

  • If you are trying to join our group of legendary people but are having trouble please post here, or PM myself, @CodeName-Jenova or @Nemo-Terminator and one of us will get you sorted.

  • So close to 100! Who's it going to be?!

  • @codename-jenova

    Gamertag: RobRoyTheRed
    Discord Name: Messy1
    Age: 35
    Faction levels: Order of Souls: 23 Gold Hoarders: 25 Merchant Alliance: 40
    Why are you interested in Rogue Legends: Been playing solo a lot, but want to become part of a bigger crew and have some fun! I'm a rogue at heart, cooperative, fun, with wit charm and cunning. I also love helping people out and making a nuisance of myself to those griefers out there.

  • @robroythered welcome!

  • What's going on pirates!? Looking for a crew that is laid back, but still kicking it with active and competitive members who can show you a thing or two? Come join us, Rogue Legends, and create your own legend!

  • Gamertag: CaptainIdiot18
    Discord Name: CaptainIdiot18
    Age: 19
    Faction levels: OoS:11 GH:14 MA:8
    Why are you interested in Rogue Legends: Not many of my friends play many video games(besides Fortnite) but I love this game and want to experience it as it's meant to be experienced. I'm just tryna to find some chill people to explore and have an adventure with.

  • @captainidiot18 welcome to Rogue Legends. Please use this link to join us: Discord

  • Gamertag: Clawedlace45415
    Rank:GH 50 OoS 38 MS 31
    Don't have discord

    My reason for joining, I'm a single slooper have taken on many a galleons and sloops in my time, however the quests have become harder and the griefers don't quit, now is the time for me to join a merry band of brothers and sisters to help do mine and their quests so I can become a better pirate and the most friendliest one too, I only shoot when shot at only kill if it poses a direct threat apart from that I'm all laid back of the bus

  • GH-50 OOS-50 MA-50
    29 years old

  • @soicboy

    Gamertag- SoIcBoy

  • @clawedlace45415 hey mate unfortunately u need discord to join us it's pretty simple to download for me mobile is easier

  • @soicboy do u have discord

  • We welcome all pirates to Rogue Legends. Discord is a requirement. After leaving us some info about you here, please use this link to join us: Discord

  • Gamertag: DGNDino
    Discord Name: DGNDino#9483
    Age: 21
    Faction levels: GH-30 OoS-31 MA-22
    Why are you interested in Rogue Legends: I usually duo sloop with a friend and we're interested in finding more people to adventure with.

  • Gamertag: AlmightyPicklez
    Discord Name: Picklejarz#0068
    Age: 21
    Faction levels: 29/27/20
    Why are you interested in Rogue Legends: Been sailing the seas on a duo sloop for too long, so me and my friend who is also applying to join (DGNDino) would like to be a part of the fleet. It is becoming quite difficult to fulfill most of the weekly missions as a duo as they mostly require multiple people for the job, so it would be great to have some good people to rely on.

  • @almightypicklez & @dgndino welcome to Rogue Legends. Please use this link to join us: Discord

  • Gamertag: letslipthedogs
    Discord: letslipthedogs
    Age: 58
    What join because I keep getting my butt kicked and loot stolen! Plus I love this game!

  • Hello, I wanna join

    LVL 15

    Thank you.

  • @iisxtii-zsonnix & @letslipthedogs welcome to Rogue Legends. Please use this link to join us: Discord

  • To all ye pirates, new and experienced, sailing the seas. Rogue Legends is searching for lucky pirate #100! The race is on to see who will apply in our Discord first. What a grand time to join as events are starting to flourish and legends are being made reality on the seas. Come sail the seas with us and create your own legend today!

  • Gamertag: Jonaldinho
    Discord Name: Jonaldinho #7378
    Age: 30
    Faction levels: 45/41/41/4
    Why are you interested in Rogue Legends: Need more players with mics to play with.

  • @codename-jenova
    Gamertag: AlPhAcEnTuRiOn2
    Discord Name: Alphacenturion
    Faction levels: OoS:35 GH:36 MA:31
    Why are you interested in Rogue Legends: I'd like to play this game with a bunch of mature like minded people. My friend who I normally play with is busy most days and I'd also like to sail in a Galleon more often as well. I also don't want to be in a clan that has ranks, requires you to do x,y,z etc. Also I'm an Xbox player so I've never had to use discord before. Hope that's not an issue.

  • @alphacenturion2
    Gamertag: x Sgt Thunder x
    Discord: Jared
    Age: 38
    Factions: Gold 32, Souls 28, Merchant 29.
    Would like to join as randoms on a Galleon never seem to have mics. Want to get legend status but with a lack of communication it never seems to go well. Hoping this would improve the game for me before I give up lol

  • @alphacenturion2 welcome. Use this link and I will walk you through how to use discord when I am home from work.

  • @codename-jenova said in Rogue Legends Official Recruitment - Join us on our journey! | Fleet Events | Global Members | Discord | PC/XBOX|:

    @alphacenturion2 welcome. Use this link and I will walk you through how to use discord when I am home from work.

    Cool thanks 👍 Ps the link doesn't work.

  • @x-sgt-thunder-x welcome to Rogue Legends! Hop on over to our discord and let's get you sailing with some awesome pirates! Use this link:Rogue Legends

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