[Mega Thread] The Hungering Deep

  • I know this is beating a dead horse here, but the 5 person summon mechanic is horrible. I never got to finish this event because we couldn’t find someone to help us summon. We spent 3 hours maxing out our supplies and looking for people, only to just find people that wanted to sink us. Infuriating! I like this game, but stuff like this makes it hard for me to want to play it. We have 5 people, but we can’t all be on the same server. This needs to be addressed.

  • The Hungering Deep was fun as heck!! Loved the way my crew and 2 other galleons team up to stop the Megalodon! Did it in a single run, took me about 4 hours to complete (because we had a couple of crew members who did not have the drums) I had already completed the whole quest line beforehand (which took me about 2 hours solo)... Did we have some setbacks? hell yes! we got sunk twice by another galleon (my ship and our allied crew as well)... and also after we lost them, we barely gathered any supplies but we went for it anyways. our poorly equipped ship survived the whole ordeal, it took one whole in game day to down the beast! We lost our two allied ships (one got sunk mid fight, the other close to the end) I died 3 times (last time was friendly fire I'm sure xD) but we did it! it was so fun and exhilarating, everybody trying to fix their ships, my ship running out supplies, cannon balls, etc... screaming and running everywhere, cannon shots... such an experience!! Can't wait for the next content patch! :D Good job guys keep it going!

  • Completely agree with it was poorly thought out. Unfortunately I have a job and life, I'm not a professional gamer, and I left school, college & Uni years ago. The hours I have wasted in last 4 odd days, last night alone was 5 hours with multiple server hops and sloop restocks to achieve absolutely sweet fa. Why the gamer lottery...you don't sell board games or packs of cards with a piece or card missing. On the off chance your one of the odd lucky ones who get the full set. Yes I used various forums to try to get this knocked out. Unfortunately I feel I was duped into being a none paid part of the game for the guys who had completed it early on and now went back to PvP. Just paint a bullseye on my back and be done please. In the 20 odd hours I managed to put in I managed with some friends and other cool people to summon the Meg once. Only to be pounded by away at. Never got to summon the Meg since.

    I have to say I get a little sick of time limited content. I have deadlines at work, with family and friends etc. I play to get away for that stuff not to add to it......

  • as much as I love the speaking trumpet it's not able to be used if you are in party chat. PC players have the ability to use a keyboard xbox players should as well.

    Voyages: there should be a way to keep your unfinished voyages. even if you get disconnected they are gone forever. I think voyages should remain until cancelled or finished.

    As far as ship customization goes. if we have the vanity and all the chests on the ship itself to change everything else. Why can't we change the look of our ship from the ship itself?

    And yes as far as the stocking your ship just to get sunk by pirates that do not adhere to the code is definitely infuriating. along with getting spawn killed every time you come back from the ferry.

    the 5 man spawn mechanics for the meg is a bit much. especially you don't know who you can trust to join up with and since friends can't join your same server and be on a different ship. there needs to be a 5 man or more ship not only for the meg but in general.

  • I spent about 5 hours total trying to find friendly players to do THD, that did not happen and I never got to do the challenge, is there any chance of THD being repeated for those of us that didn't get to participate?

  • @ch3f3nzo if you ever need a friendly player to help out on anything and I'm on, please feel welcome to ping me an invite ☺👌👍

  • Hello,

    I'm just reposting my original "I Think The Hungering Deep has Quelled My Hunger for Sea of Thieves" post here, as someone very kindly pointed out this was a better place for it. If you would like to read the discussion that stemmed from it, please look it up. I won't be deleting it as I feel it is important that all players responses should be heard.

    So here goes:

    Let me just give you a quick history...

    I was one of the people who pre-ordered the game. I could not got on the Beta at all, several support tickets raised and various solutions tried...but to no success. Still though I was hungry for SoT, encouraging friends to get it so we could team up and sail the Sea together...

    I have some great memories playing with old friends and new. I really want SoT to be go to Star of a game.

    However my experience of THD is mixed, I love the drum and speaker. I love the cosmetics and I really love Merrick and The Hungering One (sounds more epic then Meg).

    My actual in game experience hasn't lived upto it though. From summoning the HO once, then getting pounded by .... blockers. To my final experience of 5 hours wasted in which I could of had the pleasure to watch paint dry instead... yes I used forums, the speaker, server hopping but to no avail (I'm getting Deja Vu here).

    I love the game but I feel unless Rare do something about players being able to do proper organised party forming in game i.e. Then I think the appeal is wearing off fast.

    I know you are meant to find people in the game to make the fifth person and any extra people or ships if your lucky. However this is really adding an role of the dice element to achievement unlocking. Which is more about luck than skill or tactics of the players....

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