Patch Notes Discussion - 1.0.7

  • @sarni88 i just paid 9.99 usd with renewal . nice try to be Smart Alec. lol if i spent 1 usd i wouldn't care.

  • @chief-beef-dsp sagte in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.0.7:


    wow... tbh... i haven't try Enter ... (U,Z and ^ but not Enter angry) shame on me!

    i will try it tomorrow... thanks a lot bro!

  • FPS issues around thieves haven and other islands present since patch 1.04 still exist. Myself and others have noticed this. This same bug happened during the technical alpha and was fixed on release. In some areas the fps drops from 60 down to 30 depending on where you look. Does Rare still not know about this?

  • @green-giant-530 apologies. it was only one pound in the UK.

  • @oxynator said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.0.7:

    @chief-beef-dsp sagte in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.0.7:


    wow... tbh... i haven't try Enter ... (U,Z and ^ but not Enter angry) shame on me!

    i will try it tomorrow... thanks a lot bro!

    If that doesn't work, try the "t" key, as that's the default on PC

  • @hntr-green okay, thanks!

  • @Rare-Employee, @Deckhands, @khaleesibot Any news/status on these disconnect issues?

  • @oxynator No problem, hope it works out for you. The more of us who can talk to each other the better the crews will be on the seas.

  • Dang guys. Twice today I have crashed with tons of chests. I had a fully stocked ship with 17 chests on board and a crying chest on the beach. Twice i have had crews get mad and log because of wasted work. Please fix this game breaking issue asap.

  • @sarni88 it was here to 1 usd for new members but i already had subscription. just dont assume lol 9.99 i could have bought 2 5 dollar foot longs at subway. . with minimum wage here thats like 1 hour of work . its more of the principle. i payed for ability to play which i care about more then the money itself . so if they cant manage a fix today why pay? simple point i think

  • It is gamebreaking for sure, but why are people wasting their time trying to jump in to the game when it clearly needs some time to get fixed, after the first DC you get, stop trying again and wait for it to get right.

  • Second time disconnected on legendary. Again time wasted.

  • @cpt-toothpick agreed why i want announced when unstable or stable before trying to connect

  • @khaleesibot

    Thanks for the update, appreciate all the hard work you guys are doing.

    Just curious as to why the known issues section isn't really being updated, it's a little concerning that there are some pretty commonly known bugs present but it doesn't seem like there are plans to ever fix some of them.

    I'm aware of the bug reporting section and have done so accordingly, and most of them have been present since release.

  • @nexuzneo i stopped after first time.5/8 finished 👎

  • @green-giant-530 sagte in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.0.7:

    @nexuzneo i stopped after first time.5/8 finished 👎

    Yeah its just frustrating. Looks like we also switch to another game. Unplayable like this. Just wasting hours for nothing. And rare gives us no feedback to it. Also frustrating. You can't wait a week now to fix this. This must be fixed now.

  • I'm sure you're seeing this all over the forums, but I just wanted to report multiple session disconnects since the patch went live. I've now been disconnected 3 times (each session lasting about 5 to 15 minutes before the disconnect occurs).

    Thanks in advance for looking into this.

  • Yes, the Ship just goes to limbo and we get dc, just lost 4 hateful skulls and 2 chests, not the biggest deal, but frustrating. I will stay away until a fix is announced, thank you Rare for the efforts.

  • Just played for about 2 hours and been disconnected several times. Playing with my friend and mostly it's been one of us at a time. Although, we were half way through a Legendary voyage there and we both got disconnected at the same time, meaning our voyage is ruined. My friend left in disgust.

    From what other people are saying, it seems that the severs are very unstable at the moment or the patch has messed things up quite badly.

    I suspect there might be some more server down time tomorrow, if Rare are listening, as they try and fix this (i hope). Ho hum.

  • @hudson-rl Is totally correct, no one is talking from Rare about the clothes loss after dying. I have put a ticket in, no response and it does not seem to be on a " To Do List"

  • @deadly-cutlass Oh yea, I was going to mention that too, but forgot. Just happened again to my crew mate. I thought they were fixing this?

  • It seems that the servers are very unstable, is this a problem due to the patch or because of today being a bad server day?

  • @juantrabubu Soooo true, its been months and nothing new has been added. Very dissapointing considering this games potential. Also to add they haven’t even made a dent into the bugs on voyages.

  • Almondbeard error on every server I play after 1.07 patch.
    Ship starts to fly into the sky before it disconnects me.
    Crew members are all appearing naked with no hair.
    Xbox One S.

  • "Pirates, we are currently seeing a spike in Almondbeard errors, and are investigating the issue. Stay tuned for updates as we have them."

    SoT Twitter

  • According to the status on this website "everything is fine." Lol what a joke this is. If you have problems cool but you need to let people know. Not everyone tweets.

  • @aarghmaargho ha detto in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.0.7:

    @varneth said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.0.7:

    One minor feature? It's one of the most important features that players were waiting.

    The most important feature in this patch was the open/private crew option, that is still in it. Handing other people some resources wasn't a major asset of this patch.

    I played this game since alpha, i know what changed, i made the pre-order too. Don't try to fool me with all the nice words about the good work and how rare is doing good.

    Then you know that they are listening to the community.

    Rare is not going good on this game. And i repeat. I suggest you to go to check some comunity pages and even reddit and see what they are saying about this.

    Read my previous comment, those pages and posts are from people who bought a game without having an idea what the game is about.

    I can whine as well know how other people can kill me, but i knew that before i bought the game. Yes i might not like being sunk, still part of it though and i knew it.

    The amount of topics with actual constructive posts is low in comparison with the posts that are just out there to whine or state how they have left the game.

    what u were saying...? Check forum now... Rare is not able to manage good this project.

  • Can you please fix the Vsync problem the moment you set it to "on" the fps gets locked at 30 I hate having screen tears because that options does not work as intended.

  • @lifelongcandy95 said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.0.7:

    @juantrabubu Soooo true, its been months and nothing new has been added. Very dissapointing considering this games potential. Also to add they haven’t even made a dent into the bugs on voyages.

    Woah there, it's only been 8 weeks, not even 2 calendar months yet since release.
    They seem to be working on the bugs to voyages, they have listed a load of fixes in the patch notes today in fact.

    Let's see what happens when THD is teased and then released.

  • so wait can we have 4 players on a sloop???

  • @balbasuar Nope, no changes have been made to crew sizes in this patch.

  • Para la gente de habla hispana, el juego esta r**o, te tira cada dos por tres de los server por que si. No te da tiempo ni a llegar a la primera isla, con eso digo todo. [Mod edited] timosoft y rare. Juego escueto de contenido y encima con fallos garrafales como este.... Increible...

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  • @nexuzneo there you go bud wanna play something together?

  • @vorticalmoney7 said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.0.7:

    We won't get locked in the brig for no reason except saving a space !!!
    😢😢 I'm sorry those are tears of joy 😢😢😢

    Honestly thats not even a problem nor were a problem... Not like the damn AFK's who makes it needed to jump servers for 30min+ to finally find 4 active crew members.

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