[Mega Thread] Player Griefing - Part 4

  • It's just... bad. It's still not 'fixed'.

    Me and my buddy were taking on a fort as a sloop. Then there were 3 galleons and 2 sloops. We sunk every single one of them. 3 galleons came back, sunk em again. Galleon came back, sunk em again. We knew these were the same guys because they kept taunting us. They kept coming back.

    We didn't have time to do the actual fort because the same galleon kept coming back to fight.

    Obviously we lost the fort in the end. They got the key and sailed off with it.

    It's messed up that we didn't sink a single time right up until the end, sunk them multiple times and we still lost the objective because they got lucky once.

    It's annoying as hell.


    Frankly, if you have been sunk multiple times by the same crew. You should just be migrated. It's unfair otherwise.

  • @murkrage But that's not griefing, it's just PVP. The respawn might still be a problem though

  • Well i made it to legend with No problem, i gref, and got it back (karma) If Im in a gallion and need canonballs,planks,bananas and se a sloop parked i go for it, and sometimes the player have to die, u dont learn the game by being safe, were in a pvp world and thats what we do to our journy to become legend.

    But i cant wait untill we can lock our ships!

  • Something needs to be done about actual griefing. And before I continue, I'll just say Lots of people mistake bad experiences with PvP as griefing, but my recent experience was an actual griefing and it ruined my whole day.

    My friend decided to leave my game because they had to leave. I decided to finish the current voyage myself. I was in the middle of returning my bundle of skulls back to an outpost after soloing a long voyage. The voyage was quite difficult to do my self and took quite a while to finish it.

    Then a random player who was quite high a rank (he also had a huge ego and nasty/rude behavior. A pc player probably based on chat use) joined my crew and saw a sunken ship. He wanted to stop there. So he typed some pretty rude demands and labeled me some offensive and rude words. Note, I didn't wanna risk my life to stop and check it out. I told them nicely, I couldn't risk it after I've died many times to other pirates, failing this voyage multiple times and just wanted to get my loot returned to an outpost so I can quit the game to go relax. But they continued the harassment of rude behavior and chat use, continuously stopped my boat, continuously took the wheel from me and basically blocked me everywhere from returning to the outpost.

    In the end, he decided to report me for lack of teamwork and somehow came up with the idea of throwing all 4 of my skulls off the ship and then steered my ship away from the skulls. He then took some gunpowder barrels, multiple times try to kill me with them, but he died himself in the process. Instead, he sunk my ship multiple times with it. Throughout this whole griefing, I remained calm and told them to stop multiple times like a decent human being. That griefer did not comply at all. In the end I lost everything. So therefor, I am very reluctant Rare, that we need some fixes to this!

    We need these option Incase if griefing or poor teamwork:
    • kick players off a crew for bad teamwork/griefing.
    •turning a crew to private crew or solo to ward off random players joining you Incase hey ruin your current voyage.
    •in game actual player report system.
    •sloon vote down to one vote, to put a player in brig.

  • Well just now i think we lost a player for thanks to a hour long chase/fight and we lost our loot.. Now my friend is so [Mod edited] I’m sure he won’t play anymore. The fact that he called this game pointless now.. When are they gonna turn on a PVE server..

  • @link-dasmascas
    You guys just lost the game and your frind is being a sore loser. This thread is about actual griefing

  • @khaleesibot I have had no feedback whatsoever from Rare or Microsoft after the reporting of a player. How does the process work?

  • @hoshibaka i agree to that! What that Guy did is just shame! And sorry u got that behavior! Well type to me in Xbox app and i Will help you with a Good skull run!

  • This game allows so much griefing I'm almost fed up with it. I was fighting a skull fort sunk a sloop and killed the only person on the sloop. I waited to make sure the ship disappeared before I went back to fighting skeletons. My ship was sunk and so as I finished I went to hide the key and was sliced in half by the same guy who had to have respawned after his boat disappeared. To make it more infuriating I went back to the fort and looked around for an hour for the key checked through the floor boards and the loot was there so I wasn't migrated to another server and the other pirate who just sat probably in a tower and let me do all the work just probably swam out into the middle of the ocean and lost the key for good. This was probably one of the most cancerous moments I have ever had in any game and I thought I did everything I could to avoid it but please fix the moronic respawning at an already sunken ship.

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