[Mega Thread] Content Update (April 2018)

  • With the recently revealed Content Update from Joe and Mike, please use this thread to discuss what you believe that content to be, and when we might be seeing it, or other bits alluded to come.


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  • Sad they didn't say anything about 4 man sloops. I don't want to see them XD

  • Voyage re-work in one of these content updates, please?

    I find it too ridiculously slow and it's more difficult but the rewards are pretty much the same.

    We should've got like golden castaways and once we complete a voyage we get reputation and we don't have to turn in the chests so we will get something even if we lost the chests.

    Spent 6 hours and i got half reputation, Don't know if this was intentional and i know getting to pirate legend will take so long but still I find it slow.

  • So excited, wonder what the new ship will be.

  • I really hope this new content isn't going to be a way to shoehorn players to cooperate with each other. I'm a solo-sailor and do not enjoy messing with other crews. My experiences have been, in large part, negative. I'm not too keen to expect to only be able to access or succeed in these new endeavors only with the help of another group. Not saying that it's a "bad" thing to work with others, but ya'll get what I'm saying.

  • Working with the community .. bring players together... ways to become a legend .. the life beyond becoming legendary.. new AI threat.. communicating with other crews.. enrich the world.. new way to play.. explore the world.. Rewards that help you progress quicker.. Close Relationship with players.

    A new AI threat? kinda reminds me of POTCO Invasions, Fleets, Pirate Hunters. The thing is... Disney was afraid to make it too challenging because they didn't want to deter them if they failed. Ergo, they were quickly overcome and turned boring or exploited.

    Exploring the World: I have been wanting to last longer underwater. Not by using a diving-bell. I've been itching for some scales, fins, and gills.

    AYE! I like using the Weeklies as "Update Notes." I've actively tried a couple of times to get to the top of the Ancient Spire by flying me out of a cannon lol

    Minor personal fear would be the Rewards that help you progress quicker.. If you're in a 10 to 12 hr job being able to invest time will be challenging especially if these events don't provide full weekend opportunities.

    One thing a enjoyed from the video (non-game-related) is the amount of eye-contact to us the viewers. If RARRRE wants to reinforce a Company-Player relationship, that they are listening and caring what we soundly have to say than aye.. looking at us helps on multiple levels toward maintaining that standard of transparency since Day One.

  • Haven't been able to exit the game from the game on PC for about 2 weeks now. When you exit, its just hangs there and I have to cancel the task.

  • @medowiemauler same here. I can't wait. A new 2-3 Man ship with 2 cannons on each side? maybe 2 sails? compromise between sloop and galleon? I'm eager to know!!!!

  • Constellation Voyage
    -Constellations that lead you to certain areas or islands. The Pirate themed constellations could shine a white beam of light down on the treasure location but vanish at dawn! beam could be seen from all over.
    -could be like a single treasure skeleton fort type event. the pirate legends helping from the stars.

    -pirate themed constellations could be cool littered throughout the sky. also helping with navigation with north star is covered.

    Magic Compass in the Sands Voyage
    -a small magic box (could be themed for each company, and a rare one that includes all) has a compass inside that leads you to a reward of that company. like a homing device the direction could light up on the compass
    -the one that includes all could help find a priority animal for the merchants.

    • or a NPC could ask to see your compass and they mark your compass with that same homing device for a chest. (color coded for the company its for.

    New Zone for Winter 2018!arghh she's friggen cold
    -Cold damage is something pirates would have to keep an eye on to either find fire, or buy a jacket in game.
    -Ice doors could be melted with lanterns and could be spread up by the number of pirates holding lanterns. treasure be the reward of course.
    -A sheet of ice could require multiple crews to meet and melt it together to gain access to a type of skeleton fort.
    -Broken up ice patches and ice bergs would have to be navigated and carefully sailed through.

    -Need multiple different cover arts for each voyage.
    -Seagull head mast (free) for handing in 50 shipwreck chests
    -Seagull with spread wings mast (free) for handing in 100 shipwreck chests
    -Improvised Cannon Device to reach those skelly thrones
    -Lost City of gold raids

    From the Tales of the Sea of Thieves

    • i saw a box dug into the ground with a hinged door. it would be great to have the ability to have that in game so you could hide your loot when your ship is downed near an island and you and your loot are left. once your loot is stored in it. an "X" map will spawn in your map slots of the location of the loot box.

    "Devils Shroud" is shown at the north west corner of the centrefold map. is that a Lava filled map with spewing volcanos? that would look great with HDR at night.

    So theres what i got for you to build off of. Easy ideas that can be incorporated into the current build in a smooth way.

  • New Quest Lines

    • Privateering
      The community wont need any push to engage in PvP at the start. Months after players have made a reputation for them selves, their bounty could be much higher then a new player. making new players much less desirable to go after, leaving the new consumer with possibly a fairer game experience.
      Teach the kids what we used before oil from the ground! An oil from the sea!
      A Moby d**k size whale could be a community event while having whales of all sizes for the taking.
      having angry whales ram players ships would be very cool. Players finding NPC crews being outmatched by whales only to try an test their own metal out on the beastie. kill whale. shovel in and use your bucket to get the oil.

    Pet capabilities

    • Stay in your crows nest and warn you of enemy ships within a radius. Radius increases depending on how high your experience level is with the trading company that deals with animal trade.

    Warning/ Communication

    • A ringable bell players can pull out and use when they see an enemy ship coming to the island they are on, or if they are over ran by a horde of skeletons, and need backup. Also for those that don't use a headset.
    • LT to Cheers grog


    • Chicken egg gun (from movie Hook.. coolest thing as a kid)
    • Bow
    • Crossbow
    • Spear (Whaling Update)


    • Smoking pipe with a rare green herb
    • Bottle of rum instead of a Cup
    • Flag Creator - Much like an emblem creator.
      -Shoot chests out of a cannon ***
      -Model an Island after the crashed shipwreck off the coast of Magnetic Island. Lots of overgrowth in a huge crashed ship.
  • This game has almost just purely been a social experience for me and having more fun ways to engage with groups would be a delight. On my own end personally just seeing more events for crews to run into on the waters, potential for your group to always have some adventures, I think that'd be where a lot of priority could go.

    Sea monsters, more things to just discover in the waters, that sense of adventure is what I enjoy most about the game and having lots of random things to stumble upon with your crew is what would keep it fresh.

    That and more instruments. Big crew bands I'm looking forward to when more is added in, personally hoping for a drum, tuba, and bagpipe. Instruments are always fun, pass time, and during hectic situations can make for some comedic outcomes (hiding and playing music to startle people)

  • @KnightX13
    One thing I have wondered since launch, is where are all the cosmetics we saw in launch trailers but are not in the game? Clearly these cosmetics are ready, so will we see these cosmetics before the May update?
    Related to this, there were ship cosmetics we had in the scale tests and betas that are also not in the game.

  • I'm just excited to see what they actually come out with. I think the game will get better. We just need to be patient. I don't know about everybody else, but I am enjoying the game thoroughly.

  • Either way im looking forward to getting back into the action! Buti would say people, lets not overhype this like we all did for the main game. Its only been 3 weeks and i doubt originally they would have planned to add content this early so dont expect some massive groundbreaking update.

    Eitherway anything will be nice, but they even said its more like events then massive content drops so hopefully they will be small but frequent.

  • Will the new functions and all the content add some new XBox achievements?
    For the short events some achievements with 0 gamerscore could be added (as in the Forzathons in Forza Horizon 3 and Forza Motorsport 7).
    For the bigger updates i hope for new achievements too.

  • I think it’d be cool to have a mission like the pirates of the carribean 3 movie scene where they go to the spirit real then to come back they have to flip the ship over to get back. Having something like that would be cool

  • @moshigoshi267 sagte in [Mega Thread] Content Update (April 2018):

    I think it’d be cool to have a mission like the pirates of the carribean 3 movie scene where they go to the spirit real then to come back they have to flip the ship over to get back. Having something like that would be cool

    Oh you´re looking for a sense to do something in SoT. Maybe there will be something next year.

    I personaly miss also some real quests and secrets in this game called "Pirate" game.
    For me SoT is a sailing simulator with the option to grind for cosmetics and a Baby-PvP-Mode.

  • sea of thieves is currently not available in your account. here’s the error code, in case you need it: 0x803f8001

    I keep getting this error code and even after reading the support I made sure my windows is completely up to date. I'm not mad just don't know how else to report this bug but hopefully it gets fixed soon so I can keep working my way to the greatest technical captain when it comes to working the wheel.Screenshot of proof

  • @knightx13 In all honesty the ONLY thing I want is a bigger map and a higher player count. The Sea of Thieves developer team is very clever at not promising specific things yet sufficiently disappointing their players who believed that they were entitled to something more; the one and only thing that every Sea of Thieves player is entitled to is a larger player count (which I'm sure would mean a bigger map also). On the Microsoft store prior to launch, Sea of Thieves was listed as an online multiplayer game with between one and ninety-nine people; as it stands now, the player count is no where near that amount and is the main reason why I felt ripped off when I loaded into the launch build for the first time.

  • Why is it crashing so much whyyyy

  • I would like to see fishing cages for crabs and the like...set them down...and they will be marked on your map...when you pick them up you have chances to pick up different see creatures and maybe some other items....kind of like deadliest catch.
    Another k ool option for gameplay would be a new ship type...no weapons.....meant for underwater exploration...something like a nautillas class...somethat would allow player to go to super deep areas and explore new regions......
    One more option.....a theme similar to indiana Jones like temples with traps, enemies, and riddles...once you get the treasure....an obvious all out blitz to the exit through treacherous areas....these temples can be anywhere...pyramid buried on a heavily forest island or a temple deep underwater...or even a small continent with rivers and water ways that you could take your ships to and discover several temples pls ed throughout.....
    Set item treasure:
    Treasures that carries a unique names that if sold give some value but if you collect the entire set and sell to specific vendor you would get a significant amount more...or even a different reward than just gold.....maybe you get a cosmetic item and gold...or a cosmetic item and a clue as too why that long lost treasure was lost in the first place...leading you to epic quests....yeah I said it....a level above legendary...doesnt have to be called that...
    items that may yield benefits but also have a down side....both for personal or ships.....for example black sails that create fog and give you double your speed...but also make you ship extremely frail and half the amount of damage it can take...or a CURSED sword that can kill shadow pirates at night but does no damage to the living. These are things I would love to see...give us more choices and more unique pirates and their stories will unfold.

  • @spoo-here said in [Mega Thread] Content Update (April 2018):

    Haven't been able to exit the game from the game on PC for about 2 weeks now. When you exit, its just hangs there and I have to cancel the task.

    Move your cursor to the upper-right corner, and all the regular stuff you would normally see in windowed mode drops down. You click the exit, minimize, etc buttons there.

  • Paid dlc? Is there going to be season pass? Plz no..

  • @knightx13

    I think Sea of Thieves should have a central hub like Destiny. A big port town on it's own server so we could have as many players there as possible. You should be able to choose if you wanted to start in the 'Hub' town, or quick start the sea adventure like we do now.
    First and foremost the Hub should be a safe zone. A place to meet and chat to other like minded pirates and plan. Then go as a crew into the game proper. The Hub Town should also be full of hustle and bustle. Meaning NPC's going about business bringing life to the Hub.
    I'm just going to list some things that should be there.
    -Bars for PVE players
    -Bars for PvP players
    -Private bar for Legendary Pirates
    -Merchant factions should have grand headquarters were you can receive special missions.
    PVP Mini games like:
    -Ship battles. Betting their own gold on who will win, teams or solo players would fight in the seas around the Hub for spoils, rank and notoriety while other players watch from the shore.
    -Mini boat pirate battles on a lake.
    -Firing range. With drunk option.
    -Cannon firing range.
    -Cannon crew mate firing. The fired mate could have an after touch to correct shots to hit the giant target.
    -Arena battles, fist fights, sword fights.
    -Pub games.
    -Drinking games.

    All these can be PVP with gambling options for the those involved or those spectating. And all games are available to spectate by all players.

    That's the basics.

    Sea of Thieves has a community, so give the community a place to meet pirate to pirate.

  • @medowiemauler said in [Mega Thread] Content Update (April 2018):

    So excited, wonder what the new ship will be.

    I'm a bit of a cynic, but I imagine it'll be a cut-down galleon with two masts, much as I really do hope for some varied sail layouts :).

  • AI Merchant ships with massive amounts of gold and Tea-Crates. And cages with chickens.

    If you give me this, I swear the other pirates will be safe.


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