[Mega Thread] Balancing Exploration and Player Combat - Part 3

  • Hey there, I just want to start out with the fact I love this game. However, as an Xbox One player there are some things which I feel are so absurd I feel they have forced me to actually come to the forums. (something I don't usually do)

    Most of them are pretty obvious hotpoints already mentioned, the pc/controller player disadvantage (Why is there no option for Xbox only servers?)

    Galleons almost having free reign of forts when they are of even skill with me if I'm in a sloop is another issue. I just sailed around for 2 hours and saw nothing but sloops, fort spawns, bam 3 Galleons.

    TL;DR for this is, reduce cannon knockback severely ( or just flat remove it)

    Even so me and my friend try our luck. We're not the best players but pretty decent with plenty of experience since the alpha. Fully stocked ship with multiple gunpowder barrels. We assist sink one galleon and force another in to retreat, then sink the last galleon while they were recovering from the initial fight. As my crewmate detonated a charge under the last enemy ship sinking it, I, on the helm of our ship get hit by a random skeleton cannon round and get knocked off our ship.

    Our ship had one hole in it, and sank before I was able to either die or mermaid back.

    So we just outplayed or outmaneuvered THREE GALLEONS for this to happen.

    All our supplies we had gathered in the previous two hours gone, because a cannon shell knocked me like 10 meters off the side. Bad luck I think right? We sail back, stopping at an empty fort on the way back to stock up with supplies and gunpowder barrels.

    Within the first 20 seconds of reengaging I am knocked off the ship in the exact same manner. I manage to get knocked off the front this time. I get to the ladder just before it sails by, climb back on board and, yes you guessed it, I get hit and knocked off AGAIN in the exact same way, within 2 seconds of me being back onboard.

    My crewmate repairs the damage, I drown myself and respawn.

    I line us up for another strafe at a galleon that returned, my crewmate readies his gunpowder barrel and jumps off, and a skeleton hits me again.
    AGAIN. knocking me off the ship with no way to reboard before it sinks.

    I just find this utterly absurd. We were already at a disadvantage, they have 4 men and a larger ship than our sloop. They were anchored under the gun depression of the fort defences and thus had only to sit and angle their ships guns at us, which is fine as we have used attrition on enemy galleons before, slowly wearing down their supplies until we can finish them by skirmishing with them. But they barely hit us, both times random skeleton shots screwed us utterly because of the absurd knockback, while my crewmate was attempting some form of sabotage or boarding action.

    I, as a player, should not have to contend with other players who outnumber me and are potentially on a PC giving them another advantage, to then have to deal with the random chance a glancing shot by a skeleton sends me in to f**king orbit like Richard Branson. Rant over.

  • Honestly I'd like to explore cities that ban pirates, confederates that try to kill you upon entering, great loot and exploration could be obtained from something like this, but on a better side of this I do enjoy the ocean, wish there was whales & dolphins

141 out of 142