[Mega Thread] Pirate Legend and Pirate Hideout - Part 2

  • Ahoy there Pirates!

    Now that the Pirate Legend Hideout, the kinds of voyages and cosmetics currently available to them has been shown on a stream we're seeing a huge influx of topics!

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  • Hello fellow future or already legendary pirates, I have a question :
    Would you consider the Legendary Hideout a Safezone?

    In it, you can't bring your chests, so it doesn't break the essense of the game but it seems that you can hide from non legendary players.
    I read from someone on this forum, that other crews in it appears in green, I can't verify so it needs confirmation.
    This question has its importance, because if it is a safezone or a kind of safezone, it means there could be room for other features which would work on the same basis.

  • I think it's obvious that there needs to be, and I have full faith there is, more cosmetics and options there. I can only assume you didn't realize people would hit legend so fast, because everything in this game feels incredibly refined and well done, but the hideout feels... unfinished.

    Granted, a very very cool location, there's not much special about it once you look at it a couple times, meaning the only reason to go back is for the voyages, which:

    Need to change. I appreciate the thought of having multiple company voyages going at once, I like that idea, but for regular pirates. Giving the legends just more of what they've already been doing to get there is silly.

    With all that said, I have full faith you guys have things planned here, when looking at the rest of your game, which is so polished in the places it matters.

  • by far, the most disappointing aspect to the pirate hideout was the Pirate Lord featured as just another common ghost NPC.

    sure, he is a ghost with unique clothing, but his appearance looks like the IPG could generate the same appearance.

    i was expecting a giant NPC, taller than any one, with a different ghastly appearance. he would stare at a map mounted on a wall, and as you enter the room, he would laugh and turn toward you. this NPC is just sitting on a chair with a unique sitting animation. he doesn't even look at you from what i saw in some videos.

  • a few things...
    1: I was excited to hear the hideout was behind a hidden location behind a waterfall (that was the original rumor) Now it turns out, its a staircase in any tavern.... Neat.

    2: It's a safe zone: As a PVP player, think this is fine. a place where the most esteemed pirates can sit and chat with rules that keep them safe from killing eachother. That's the sort of thing only a legendary pirate can get away with. Not even the crew gets in. That's why it's fine.

    3:why is the reward for grinding, more grinding?

  • I think the design of pirate legend hideout looks nice designvice.
    Now some thoughts on how to make it better, first of, 50 in each faction is maybe a little to much, I would be ok with 50 in one faction and 25 in the rest, that way the grind doesn't seeme that far, and since the legendary voyages contain aspects from each faction it would be something to level up along side your legendary rep. I think it would give the legendary voyages more meaning and purpose if it helps the other factions rep reach level 50.
    Another aspect would be adding customisation for your pirate flag. since normal pirates had their own flag/symbol that was unique to that pirate and his crew it would make sense to give it to legendary pirates, so they could be recognized and feared like normal pirats. Like now I have no idea if a person in game is a legendary pirate but if there was a way to make the regonizeable the meaning of the legendary pirate status would be more prominant.

  • I only wanna know if you can drive your ship out from the Waterfall like it was said to do?

    I haven't seen any videos on that, but that's the only thing, if not there, that would disappoint me. I enjoy everything thus far, it must be so satisfying to walk down there regardless of cosmetics.

  • I’m just glad I didn’t invest a ton of time or even have people carry me to Legend as the quests seem highly disappointing. Oh, we heard you like grinding so here’s more grinding. I put the game down when I hit 25, 25, 20 and it was just more of the same. I’ve been playing this game since Alpha and I had higher expectations. The merchant faction is a bust. And being matched with non mic users while being a mic user has been a known issue from the early days. I’ll pick the game up when they add more content or fix the grind.

  • The sorry state of the endgame has put a a major dampener on my drive to achieve 'Legend'. I am not a fan of the purple and gold outfit. I quite like the look of the ghost stuff though. The sheer slog of grind to get 50 50 50 is so unappealing that honestly I may never make it as it is giving me flashbacks of vanilla WoW and I am never going back to that kind of gaming.

    The lack of quest variety is a thundering disappointment and the idea that having ground all the way to 3x50, that you would then like to grind another 10 levels by doing more of the same is frankly absurd. I also don't buy the idea that no legends were expected this early. This was an entirely predictable problem and I'm honestly surprised they didn't make it sooner.

    I love the base game, I have had more fun encounters and more wild and interesting adventures than any other game in memory, but without content the player base will evaporate and with it our chances to experience more of the raucous fun this game allows.

  • @liatach I couldnt agree anymore with you. The Dev team have been caught short here and the sheer lack of end game content has been exposed to the world after that streamer managed to reach Pirate legend a hell of alot earlier than anticipated.

    The voyages to level up is nothing short of appauling. I mean come on?

  • Im just gonna keep playing at my pace a few hours a day. Might take me months but ill get there eventually. Being a legend will be all the sweeter when it comes i think.

  • Doing more of the same once you finally grind to pirate legend is a very disappointing “reward” indeed. If there were legendary creatures to hunt, for example, or just entirely new activities to engage with, then I might be more inclined to push for level 50 in all three companies. Right now, I might get there eventually, but my level of apathy does not bode well for player population numbers if others feel the same way.

  • Eploration and being rewarded for it would make a big difference.

    Like any hidden hideout, the moment they got to it, they started exploring and diving in the water to look for secrets... But it just looked pretty, so I can see why it felt unfinished.
    Add mystery and secrets to the hideout and same said for legendary voyages. (Not more the same and having to spend many hours to complete it. What if people have to log off, would they lose all their progress in the legendary voyage of the last few hours? I find that strange.)

    But great going with the content roadmap ;) That's a big step forward.

  • @kawaii-dumpling nope. You definitely can't do that yet. Currently it's just a spooky-looking, glorified tavern and partial dock.

  • Hello there, I just want to ask why do people have to grind all the factions to lvl 50 first to become a pirate legend and after that get backstabbed by the game that people that are like lvl 30 have lvl 6 pirate legend rep? I know people that are above me in pirate legend rep that are not a pirate legend at all. I just fee so big backstabbed as they earn all the rep in the Athena's quests for the factions AND even pirate legend rep as well. Are there even plans to make sure a NONE pirate legend get only the money but not the rep? Or perhaps give them a small boost in all of the 3 faction reps together till they reach pirate legend.

    Also why in hell make combined missions for legends? As you are talking with ghosts and do ghostly legend missions would it not have been a better idea to just give these mixed missions to the public from lets say all lvl 30? This way not only legends can have mixed missions as it makes no sense anyways.

    The legends would have had missions like attack fort X with the skells of lvl 50 that are way more harder then the current forts. In the end after like x waves get a legend chest from the chest room and maybe some other stuff as well.

  • I just thought of an idea to expand the games content and provide another way players can experience a iconic pirate theme. First off, the idea is based around a added faction that gives special voyages that can be available during weekly events or a content update itself (with enough work). Secondly, the voyage is only available in Pirate Legends in the secret hideout, although all players will be able to praticipate in the event when active. (This can be changed to make the faction available to all pirates, yet it would ruin some of the play style explained later.)

    The faction is located in the ghost tavern (pirate legend only) where there is a back room labelled VIP or something. In there is a famed ghost pirate. The pirate spawns as a random NPC, but the player can recognise him from in the game’s lore (plz add) and other pirate related media, history, or legends. The ghost pirate gives a voyage so the crew can find and turn in his/her horde of vast treasure.

    When the voyage is started, it will give a map of the island rumoured to contain the famed pirate’s treasure along with a riddle for the journey on the back of the map. The voyage involves all members of the crew, even if the crew isn’t all pirate legends. Rather than showing a red X, the map shows an icon of a cavern with a closed door. When you reach the location shown on the map, the first riddle tells how to reveal the cavern’s secret entrance. There will be boobytraps throughout the cavern that requires at least four men to pass each one. These can kill a crew easily if they don’t have caution and coordination. This promotes teamwork within the crew and discourages players to banish fellow crew-mates to the brig. When your crew approaches each trap, a new riddle will appear that will give a hint of how to avoid or pass each trap. Once a trap is solved or passed, the trap is deactivated and cannot be triggered unless reset with a lever on the other side of the trap. When the last trap is passed, the crew will reach a large door that when opened, will reveal the ghost pirate’s vast treasure. It could contain treasure resembling items iconic to the famed pirate, or just treasure also found in strongholds. Regardless what the treasure is, it must be turned in normally to factions such as gold hoarders, the order, and the merchant alliance. The treasure should give large amounts of gold and gives double the normal XP gained for tuning in the famed pirate’s treasure.

    This is where it gets interesting. When the the treasure cavern is open, the pirate’s face is formed from clouds and appears in the sky above the island, similar to the fort skull. Other crews can see the cloud and sail towards the island to try to find the cavern and kill the adventuring crew. While adventuring the caverns, the crew with the voyage can reset traps to try to stop enemy pirate’s that have entered the caverns. Although the riddles are important to solve traps, it is possible for players who do not have the riddles to pass the traps, although much more effort is required. When the voyaging crew has loaded some of the cavern’s treasure on their ship (or any ship). It will emit a ghostly light/fog that can be seen by other ships. Players can try to steal the crew’s treasure while they try to bring it to an outpost. If the voyager’s ship is destroyed or scuttled, the voyage still continues. Although, if the entire voyaging crew leaves, the cavern entrance and treasure will exist for around 30 more minutes before despawning. Its just a quick draft of an idea, but I think it would provide another iconic feature for pirating.

  • What happens if members of another team are in the tavern when a legend opens the staircase? Can that crew see the entry way when it opens and can they enter? If so, they could technically attack while in in the hideout?

  • okay so first thing change the voyage system because grinding 3 hours 1 chest as doing same voyages as before didnt make sense for me. Even though you guys probably wont change the system maybe make the final part a skeleton boss? or something we need to catch a golden crab? a tiger tooth I dont know not just a chest

  • “This hideout becomes your hideout. You’ve started this journey to become a Barbosa, a Jack Sparrow, a Blackbeard of the Sea of Thieves world and now you’re going to build your Black Pearl. When people see your ship, they will know that it’s the ship of a pirate legend. When you embark on a pirate legend voyage it leads to ancient chests, which are the best chests in the game. They’ve got unique clothing and weapons inside; only the pirate legends can dig them up but when they’re on a ship, anyone can steal them. Mike Chapman literally said this in microsoft article. I am level 6 at Athena's Fortune atm so am I that unlucky to get a unique skin or they are not in the game just yet? Can someone confirm?

  • Okay Rare, I wanna say I absolutely love your games and its a nice step in the right direction making a site to help address the community's concerns and help build a game that will be as big as Destiny "was". Please don't go down the same path they did with the micro transactions. Not saying don't do it but do it in a way that actually gives players more for what they're paying for. That aside, I'm not here to complain. The game is fun but I will agree for being 60 bucks it should have had more content already in it from launch.....but it is very enjoyable to grind and joke with friends and pvp other ships....I just don't want all the new DLC to be hyped up like Destiny's been doing lately and when it comes out, its either just a major patch or offers something so small or ridiculous to "improve" the game. I know you guys at Rare probably have your hands full with programming everything and testing it to make sure it works properly but honestly there is so much this game can add that would make everyone excited to play it more and more. It's definitely became my favorite game of the year to play, haven't put it down since launch (I played the BETA as well).

    That being said you guys should really update the Legends hideout to be able to drive your ship out and make more interactive things go on while in there. Like allowing players to decorate there hideouts so its unique to every Legend player that opens it up. A place were you can have screenshots saved on canvas's to display or trophies/feats earned in-game to display. Maybe a upgradable Pirate Lord thrown and a feast table to support your crew. Display your pets you've bought (once that up) also have shark heads mounted on the walls or legendary skulls you can display there.

    Maybe even having unique legend mission bosses to fight other than the same skeletons with different names anyone can fight at any given time. Like have new and cool ways to take on the bosses, make them short or fat or tall or super huge and made out of gold or shipwreck parts. Something that can possibly involve more than 4 players to take on. Honestly you guys have the right game and so much potential to do this! Please read and consider some of the things I have said RARE!
    Upvote my reply guys if you think somethings I've talked about should be in the game in the future?

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