[Mega Thread] - Player Griefing -Part 2

  • I don't mind the fact someone stole my skelly fort loot. What gets me salty af is being killed repeatedly on my own ship constantly.

    This isn't fair and not in the spirit of your own game. I feel like you are actively punishing players for trying to play by your 'Pirate Code' and rewarding griefers. Maybe some actual repercussions might help. Someone gets reported enough, they go to a server with everyone like themselves for a set period of time.

    Spawn killing needs fixing. So many other games have an internal reporting system for this kinda thing. Even better, it was done by an insider/founder, so they've been there since the beginning.

    Exploits will kill this game. Fix it.

  • What if both ports and active skull forts are safe zones? No damage from players, no ship damage from players, and once treasure is on your ship you can’t pick it up unless you’re crew of that ship. This would encourage people to go out to these skull forts and participate with other players, as well as allow people to show off their unique gear/ships to other crews. You can still attack ships once they leave the island, so PVP players can still attack ships and be as piraty as they want. But this way PVE players have a chance to enjoy the game as well

  • @xbus6 thats why you make them "bounty" type missions. Kill a player, sink a ship, steal treasure, shackle someone, lock them in the brig, etc,j stuff that is easily measureable, and they clearly can because there are achievements on it :-)

  • @lowbei said in [Mega Thread] - Player Griefing -Part 2:

    If you are being spawn camped, just switch servers.

    if im camping you, then you kept coming back after we sank you.

    stop coming back

    Your solution forces players out of their game. Once they assign the game with mechanics instead of being immersed, you've lost and becomes a long term business issue. There needs to be a viable solution to make everyone happy instead of "just log out"

  • @frost-lord-3 I'm not sure if I understand you correctly. Are you saying while doing the fort mission no one can attack you and take your loot, but once you leave with your loot, they can attack you? If so, this would make the game even more frustrating, not less.

  • @lowbei said in [Mega Thread] - Player Griefing -Part 2:

    If you are being spawn camped, just switch servers.

    if im camping you, then you kept coming back after we sank you.

    stop coming back

    Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize me trying to enjoy the game and have fun inconveniences the fact you have nothing better to do than camp and bother people.

  • I wanted to throw this idea out there as a way to encourage a different type of play that adds another high risk high reward element other than forts. Has Rare considered a pirate black market? I think there should be one island where stolen goods can be sold. Instead of robbing people and going to the closest outpost you should have one location centrally located where you can sell your ill gotten gains. I mean that IS what a pirate does right? the payouts would be similar to the existing tiers in the game however would payout a little more for the risk. This black market would reward you more with xp for the different companies since you are plundering like a true pirate should. It would allow you level up in large chunks like a fort does and the risk is already there considering people tend to fight back. To keep it fair.. ish and limit trolling if you are in a sloop you should have to take down a galleon and if in a galleon it has to be a galleon or something like that otherwise the sloop would be irrelevant. The reason i think this would work well is because last night me and my friends made it to the fort captain had our ship sunk, left one person on the island, high tailed it back, the other team killed the captain and opened the vault right when we got back, we killed them sunk them, took the loot ran they chased, we got hit by the Kraken, defeated it (no achievement for it though.. tsk tsk Rare) sailed around an outpost through a storm taking two items at a time to shore and taking a mermaid back and doing it again. It was the most intense, frantic, adrenaline rushing experience I've felt in a game in a looong time and I loved every sec of it! The game literally hit us with everything and we won. That is a satisfying feeling. I think this black market thing could be very similar and enjoyable as well.

  • Respawn is attrocious. Worked with another crew to do a skeletal fortress last night only to have them run off with the key. Ok, fine. Wasted time hiding and camping, and then found them. Sunk their ship and killed them 3 times. Finally got the loot and sunk them a 4th. Oh... but this time, knowing that we'd beat them, they just snuck on and threw loot overboard. We saved most of the loot but still. How many times do I have to win to earn a payoff in this game?

  • Even though it is a pirate game and its about pirating (stealing and fighting) there should be an option to allow to sail under a white flag while you level up or search for treasures since it can be so annoying to have players keep bothering when you are not in combat mode and not experienced enough to go up against high level gamers.
    -Keep this in mind, once you level up beyond a certain point and the quests stop winding down all those players really don't have much to look forward to except attacking other players and players that are still on lower level quest just want to mostly focus on scavenging for treasures, this turns it in to an unbalanced gameplay experience which if does not change will eventually lose a lot of players.

  • @khaleesibot I feel that if the ferry of the damned was removed, it would fix a lot of the spawn camping. Either that, or cut down the loading time. It seems that loading times aren't so easy to fix, but maybe less time spent waiting at the ferry? I just get tired of being in the heat of battle and having to sit through, sometimes, 10 minutes of loading screen before I respawn. My connection is fine, the load only takes about a minute usually, but sometimes it takes over 5 minutes to load back into the game which makes it too easy for my opponents to sink my ship, especially when I see fellows come back in under 60 seconds.

  • The game Iracing which is a racing simulator has different class levels where you start at the bottom and as you progress you need to race higher level players that are on par with you, you can still race the lower level players and most of the time beat them easily but you get nothing for it, whereas if you play against the players that are on your level you get rewards that keep you growing and maybe there should be something similar implemented so things can be really balanced in my opinion.

  • There needs to be an option to adjust brightness my gf can't play the game because it's too much strain on her eyes when it turns night even with the lantern it gives her bad headaches and she has to stop playing.

  • My support ticket said this was a good idea and told me to post it here. So. . . Boom.

    "I know you listen to your customers, so if you're going to listen to anything, listen to this.
    Trollers and griefers and cheaters abound like crazy. There's an "undetectable" SoT game hack available for purchase on (Name removed, but is still in original ticket) and I've already run across people using it. It gives them god-like powers and kills the fun for the rest of us.
    Game Pass has made it possible for people who don't even care about the game, to play it only to troll people who actually bought it. Among many other things, I've had people in my own random crew drop chests and skulls off the ship at full sail, then shoot a powder keg in the bilge, only to stare silently at me and dance as or ship sank. Trolling success.
    Now I could be wrong, but I don't THINK this was your vision for this game.
    I know you are working on so many things right now and that I will be doing a lot of waiting for the game to be fun again, because currently, it just isn't anymore.
    My suggestion would be to implement a system in which players can purchase and manage their own server. Now, I myself am rather poor, but my willingness to pay money for a private server is how much I love this game and am heartbroken by all of the griefers ruining it.
    In a private server, the admin would have the ability to ban trolls and cheaters as they are discovered. There could possibly even be the option to set it to private so that only trusted players could join. I like imagining actual friends going head-to-head in some friendly competition.
    At any rate, it is your game and your decision. I'll simply be keeping my fingers crossed that the fun will return soon."

    ~ ChimeraSix

  • @jon-jr1 I agree. Remove the brig and add a kick vote option, but with a limit. You can only kick 5 players per hours to limit abuse.

  • @drunkfilipino said in [Mega Thread] - Player Griefing -Part 2:

    Today my team finished a skull fort and one of our crew mates had to leave due to a family issue after killing the final wave. We decided to head to an outpost with the key since the area was still dangerous, this is when things started to go down hill. A random player joined our crew and found a skull we had in the cabin, he then grabbed the skull and dropped it off the side of the boat. We immediately sent him to the brig fearing he would do the same with the key.

    With the random player locked up, we eventually returned to the stronghold and loaded up all of our loot and set sail for the nearby outpost. On route to the outpost the random crew member glitched himself out of the brig and found our stronghold chest and skull and threw them overboard before we were able to lock him back up. We found the chest but it had glitched and wasn’t able to be picked up. He refused to leave and thought this entire ordeal was hilarious.

    We need the option to set our crew to invite only, this has been talked about since the alpha! If nothing else at least add a system to report a player in game for griefing so that once they receive enough reports they are only matched with other griefers for period of time.

    Dang. That's exactly what happened to us yesterday too. The dude just stood there in the one spot as if AFK but whilst doing a quest when I returned to the ship all of our loot had been thrown overboard and he was in the water with it.
    W*F did he hope to achieve? If he remained loyal to the crew we would all be paid for it, if he exited the game and attempted to return to pick it up he most likely would not have loaded onto the same server.
    It seems a lot of work and risk that would only pay him the same amount if he had just remained loyal to the crew.
    Therefore I think the option to "kick" rogue randoms is required.
    Low acts like that don't deserve the brig and a share of our hard work. Banish them forever!

  • Hello there, This is my fist time on the forums and my first post, so if i've put this in the wrong place or other please bare with me.

    The increase in spawn distance once your ship has sung is a great improvement to the game, however there are some griefing issues that still exist and I would like to draw your attention to (as well as make a suggestion for) spawn killing:

    As it stands you as a character are vulnerable from the frame you respawn on your ship. This gives griefers (or simply those taking a long time looting/sinking your ship) the window of opportunity to blunderbuss the back of your skull the moment you appear before you are able to work out where you are and draw a weapon. Also from experience the spawn locations seem pretty limited on a sloon, making the griefers fun times even easier. Here are my suggestions:

    1. Players respawning should have a very brief window (only a second or so) of invulnerability, just long enough to orientate yourself and draw a weapon, this should give characters the bare minimum of a fighting chance when dealing with uninvited guests.
    2. consider the crows nest as a possible spawn location on your ship (mix it up a little).

    Thank you for your time, any suggestions or discussions are welcome.

  • @khaleesibot Please check out and search "changes in gaining experience" in the forums. Upvote and help it gain momentum if you agree!

  • So i play on xbox and i see this is a active thread...i had a guy that kept escaping from the brigg last night ....dont no if he was a hacker or what...has anyone had this happen..also in order to get him back in...we had to vote to "release" him just so we could vote him back in ...and then he would escape AGAIN..??????

  • @uub90 Its not a hack, its a glitch to do with the walls of the cage and the ship rocking back and forth.

  • @sir-epic-the3rd ..Is Rare aware of this? Lol

  • @uub90 I honestly have no idea but I imagine so, As a tip to make this glitch more difficult to achieve stick to calm waters. It's the rocking of the ship from large waves that make the glitch possible.

  • Rare really needs to address when (Mod edited) brig people for no reason other than their own inbred stupidity such as... Being in a party chat during a raid, you run over to gold skeletons with a gunpowder barrel sit it down and ask them to move. They do not hear you since they are (Mod Edited) in their own party chat like (Mod Edited) would do thus you shoot it killing them. They vote you to the birg. Or you do something they don;t want you to do such as go to a different island first since they are (Mod Edited) in their party chat and you cannot discuss it. (This results in a loss of an hour of your time and you get nothing for it but baby 1/4 XP rates)..........

  • Dear Rare,

    Please revisit the re-spawn distance of ships after they have been sank or purposefully scuttled during a pvp engagement.

    My galleon crew this evening had to fight the same enemy galleon team 6x while taking a skull fort all within a 2 hour period. On the 4th attack, the enemy team all jumped overboard their ship (leaving their ship to crash recklessly) in an attempt to board us and sink our ship. Once they were killed, they simply scuttled their ship, and then came back for a 5th round with a fresh ship. Once again we dispatched them and sunk their ship but at a great cost to our already low supplies. After completing the skull fort we then encountered the same team for Round #6 and unfortunately did not win, losing all of our hard earned loot, and basically wasting the last two hours of effort.

    We lost due to the faulty mechanic of ship re-spawning and basically abuse/exploiting by a team of players to wear our stockpile down through continuous re-spawns and engagement.

    The new patch notes from Wednesday 4/4, state "[...] When a ship sinks, we have significantly increased the distance at which the crews new ship will re-spawn. Ships will now re-spawn outside of visible view of the ship that sank them [...]".

    Whatever algorithm or logic determining this distance needs to be adjusted further. Or it needs to be changed entirely to prevent this type of exploiting/abuse by players.

    Potential solutions:
    (a) Sinking or Scuttling results in ship re-spawn at maximum distance possible (2 zones away)
    (b) Sinking or Scuttling results in ship re-spawn where the ship contains zero supplies, thus forcing players to spend time to adequately resupply for another engagement. However, this might then encourage players to go full kamikaze with their ship.
    (c) Sinking or Scuttling more than X times in X period of time results in a server change. For example, if a ship is sunk or scuttled 2 times in a 30 minute period, they are forced to change servers on the next re-spawn.

  • @bonnieaardvark

    Swearing is not permitted on the Forums along with insults and promoting hatred of any sexual orientation.

    Failure to follow the Sea of Thieves Official Forum Rules will result in a temporary ban from the Forums and a final warning. If the action continues, a permanent ban from the Forums will be issued.

  • @khaleesibot https://www.seaofthieves.com/news/top-feedback-points Good show! This is exactly what everyone wanted from Rare, very pleased to see and I believe a lot of the playerbase are breathing quite a sigh of relief at the community engagement and general direction of the game. Wasn't sure where to post this but yes, well done and thank you!

  • @shadowstrider-7 said in [Mega Thread] - Player Griefing -Part 2:

    @khaleesibot There needs to be a way to kick a player (walk the plank) from the crew, to deal with griefers and unwanted teammates.

    This would be awful, it would just be abused on the exact same way the brig currently is. What if, after a long period of play gathering loot, the rest of the galleon log out and new ones join and kick you out of your ship away from your hard earned loot?

  • Guy's,

    First of all great game. My friend and I are currently addicted to it and have finally bought matching livery.

    My biggest complaint is the cross platform garbage that is occurring. If I wanted to fight mouse and keyboard guys I would have bought a PC and then dont get me started on cheats.

    This has nearly killed the game for me as it is and I dont see it getting any better. Cheats and keyboard/mouse users ruined the division for me on console and I dare say this will ruin it for many console owners too.

    Played with a guy the other night from the US who admitted he was using hacks but only to catch other hackers (yeh right).

    I have experienced sloops shooting rapid fire action. unsinkable boats, people appearing to morph onto the side of our boat and people with unbelieveable accuracy.

    So on behalf of the console community I would like to air my anger at this garbage occurring on a regular basis.

    I'm thinking nothing will be done to help console players but couldnt help but airing my gripe. If you could keep our communities seperate I dont think any xbox player will have a problem with that.


  • @made-in-89 "I'll kick things off by raising the question of being able to report a griefer in game would be totally useful. Whether on your crew or otherwise."

    Actually, you seem to be confusing normal PvP for griefing. Stop.

    Sinking other ships to ensure your ship can be left alone, even for a little while, is a valid PvP tactic, it's not griefing... That includes spawn-camping on an enemy ship, to save your resources by forcing the enemy player to scuttle ship... It's just being efficient and resourceful.

    PvP, in general, is not griefing... Please don't call it griefing just to further your argument either, that's just being intellectually dishonest... Thank you.

    Griefers give people grief through sabotage... Like for instance intentionally sinking your own crews ship, or intentionally bugging out a skeleton fortress event to stop skeletons from spawning, ruining it for everyone... Hopefully now you have a better idea of what a griefer is.

    Anyways, i also have a better idea for how to deal with griefers! You're gonna like this one!

    Introduce an "Avoid Player" mechanic in the game, and it functions as a list, you can add a griefer, or a person you don't like, generally, on this list, and the matchmaking will never allow you to be put into a team with that player, nor will the matchmaking allow that player to be put in a team with you.

    This means, the more the griefer griefs people, the more the griefer ruins the game for itself... Eventually the griefer will be unable to find a team because too many players in their region has that griefer on their "Avoid Player" list.

    Forcing this griefer to eventually play the game alone, regardless of their choice of boat/ship size.

    This way, players can avoid people they don't like, and griefers have themselves to thank for ruining their own game. :D

  • @procta1977 I 100% agree with you pc users are completely ruining this game for console players ,myself and my friends have encountered pc cheaters on several occasions and it is just ruining the for everyone.If pc players can’t play a game without cheats then they should give up gaming as they obviously can’t play games in general.what started out as a great game has sharply gone downhill and RARE just don’t care 🤷‍♂️.just another company all about the money in my eyes shame really ,and pc users well at least us console users prove that we as a whole are better gamers as we don’t need to use cheats /hacks to win

  • Cheating

    We have seen a few reported instances of cheating, where players are compromising the game client or using programs to gain an advantage over other players. Everyone should understand the seriousness with which we treat this, and anyone identified as taking part will have action taken against them, up to and including permanent Xbox Live account bans. We have a zero tolerance approach to this.
    Investigating: We are investigating and have detected some instances of suspicious behaviour, and will be taking direct action against anyone abusing the game in this way. The number of people we are currently investigating who show suspicious behaviour make up an extremely small portion of our player base. Work is ongoing against this as a high priority, once we are certain we have identified people cheating we will swiftly ban them. Happy sailing

  • I think Rare might be on top of this. Let's give em a chance to do their thing.

  • @sweltering-nick well Rare themselves have called spawn camping on another ship griefing within the games itself after the last update.

  • @waltdisnae Rare also justifies the no-swearing-rule on these forums by saying it protects children. :P

    It objectively doesn't.

    Rare doesn't get to define words and phrases, bro... They don't have that kind of authority. :P

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