Release Notes Discussion - 1.0.1

  • @made-in-89 I'm with you on this!

  • This is a great update! Thank you so much for your hard dedication!

  • Thanks for the SoT patch/update! Thank you for the heads up and future ones :)

  • Great update and glad you guys killed the death cost idea👏

  • @khaleesibot This is great to hear and will make it easier for me and my friends to play. I hope to see new content from you guys soon. New sea creatures/A ghost ship/ More cosmetics would be very appreciated!

  • When will be fixed all the commendation????? Gold order money is bugged, it's 3 day in "get 75000 gold by voyage" I'm at 73574/75000 and even in shroud of souls. Plus in shroud of souls are bugged "kill skeleton crew" and "sell 10 fort skull".. I have on bot 0/20 and 0/10.... FIX THEM!!!!!!!!

  • @khaleesibot im super happy with rares outstanding work updating us on fixes and not trying to sugercoat the issues we have with a typical developer responce like contact your ip or check your network connection lol. but issues im having not been addressed for example

    :pc players have more HP and weapon damage than console players.

    :ship's are out running others even when sail's are against the wind and the guy chasing has sail's perfect.

    :when sinking a player can get bucket out fill bucket instantly empty in the hull and constantly repeat and it stop's ship from sinking any futher while doing this glitch.

    :players can sit at an active port and the skelington towers will not fire but they will fire on ship's further away giving the ship thats close extra defence i checked this out while we were at the fort the cannons stop'ed firing at us when we got close but i went in the tower and i could use the cannon's and could hit my ship easy.

  • @khaleesibot Thanks for releasing this update so quickly! Even if you did have to make the tough decision to release it early at the cost of a larger file size. Keep up the great work!

  • Thx for the update!
    Keep up the good and hard work! :)


  • @khaleesibot
    Hats off to all the devs who have been working on these issues and who keep working on these issues. (Also, great job completing it 1 hour ahead of time!)

  • @assassin-x-jack the death cost wouldn't have affected death from pvp.

  • @gaddsp I've been to this spot as well and it was in the sunniest point in the day as well. Very easy lighting all the way down in the water. Awesome experience. I want to see more spots like this every once in a while. I bet it's a spot people are drawn to later in a mission/task though. Not likely something that they forgot about.

  • @khaleesibot Should of opted to delay the patch and compress it instead of making everyone download a full client I have 5 friends I have been playing with I let them all know they will have to download it again and the response I got was meh why bother....and I couldn't really give a reason yes we have fun doing silly things but thats getting old fast so why download 20GB again....

    Guess we will move onto another game and maybe try this again in years time.... which is sad but I feel this will be the response to this patch by a lot of people will try again once early access is over and the game has more to offer.

  • @khaleesibot stands up and claps aggressively Bravo!

  • Tbh pretty good work over there at rare studios. there are serveral games that ignore the feedback of the community. hopefully death/content upgrades are coming soon and this game will be long lasting fun for everyone

  • @gaddsp said in Release Notes Discussion - 1.0.1:

    @khaleesibot Great work, I do have a question though. When exploring yesterday, I found a mysterious island that wasn't marked on the map. It had a shipwreck in the middle, and a cave system. When going into the cave system there was a hidden room. Was it an accident that you left the island unmarked or is it special? Maybe it's the entrance to the pirate legend hideout. I have some photos of the position of the island on the map, as well as the island itself.
    Happy pirating to y'all

    There's 3 such uncharted reefs (i.e. islands not in the map).
    One of those are actually 2 islands close together, which might be the one you found.
    At least 2 of those 3 reefs have hidden caves accessible through underwater tunnels :)

    Happy exploration! :)

    #BeMoreExplorer ;)

  • Did i seriously just spend over 12 hours downloading this game to play it for the first time, to find out i have to download the whole thing again..?

    • Players who have redeemed their Black Dog Pack pre-order code will now correctly see these items in their in-game chests. Not received your code? Check your Xbox Live messages over the next couple of days.

    :| Seriously?

  • @khaleesibot hi there, when can we expect new patch with some more content and is there a place where we can see what is in development what can we except to have released in the future (when?), what next patch will be bringing etc. ?

  • Nice updates!

    • Players should no longer intermittently be missing items and weapons when loading into the game

    Got this issue now, logging in and out of a match doesn't help, restarting game doesn't help, dying does not help. Sword bound to key 2, nothing to key 1. Cannot equip two weapons.

  • REALLY?! Download whole game again????

  • Great update Joe & Craig! Love the transparency on all the issues & how you're fixing the major ones. I'm even more ecstatic about your decision to nix the death cost idea. It felt like you were going back on your word of how you said that once you attained your gold it was safe. I don't mind spending my gold for optional items or features. But make it an option and not a tax that I have no control over. So thanks for listening to all the feedback! Can't wait to get back into the game!

  • @fuzzymaker

    i just had one time the bug that my inventory disappear but now after the update got the same problem with weapon 1 & 2... never play on patchday i think

  • @greyfighteriii I've been having this bug most of the time for the past few days. Getting pretty damned good with the sword though!

  • My game is also redownloading instead of updating, what's going on?

  • As long as Rare continues this kind of honesty and transparency I can see this game becoming one of the greats. Thanks guys for the honestly and the work you put in, I appreciate it and I'm sure many others do too.

  • Thanks for the update!

  • @red0demon0 said in Release Notes Discussion - 1.0.1:


    just because you use all caps does not mean your idea is any less wrong. This unduly punishes peoople whonhave already been sunk and further penalising solo players.

  • well, you could add more events like The Phantom Ship or add more things that hold you to the game as new paid weapons (not just modifications to look beautiful) or other advantages that would help you, for example loading more items or boats not to presize to swim for the ship with only one bau ...
    good and just a few ideas

  • @nd3e said in Release Notes Discussion - 1.0.1:

    @lumpaywk sagte in Release Notes Discussion - 1.0.1:

    @nd3e said in Release Notes Discussion - 1.0.1:

    @lumpaywk sagte in Release Notes Discussion - 1.0.1:

    @assassin-x-jack said in Release Notes Discussion - 1.0.1:

    Coming Updates

    Thank you all for your feedback on our previously discussed Coming Update, Death Cost. Due to your passionate comments, we have decided not to move forward with this feature. Thanks for the honest feedback & discussion on this!

    This is a sad news, pity!
    It would have been a good repellent for those players who run just to ruin the gaming experience!
    Good job anyway

    it actually protects most from those them! thats why it got such negative feedback and thus removed. it unfairly punishing those that want to explore and not pvp that usually get ganked while moored at an island.

    It would have been PvE only. So nothing would have beenchanged for PvP deaths.

    well thats even more bias sgaisnt solo players lol and wouldnt be protecting anything so double bad news. glad its been dropped

    Bild Text

    yes thanks for the screen shot to the reply alreadt acknowledgeing this clause. as stated good ridence as it would of been another solo player tax.

  • Hopefully i will finaly get any achievements now, didn't receive a single one yet.

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