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  • @jadeperegrine69 You will be contacted in dm!

  • @bzkm @TripleC3215208 @Red-Fluff7350 I will be contacting each of you via discord.

  • @redpotato147 I KNEW I remembered that name from somewhere. You'll have to readd me, I ignored it because I often get spam adds, didn't realise it was you

  • Ahoy there, pirates!

    The Cutthroat Pirates has changed its status to an exclusive community of friends. Therefore, for the time being, the recruiting process through the forums will be closed. For players looking for a crew to play on the seas, we recommend trying the Sea of Thieves Community Official Discord. Good luck on your voyages!

  • Discord Name & 4 Digit Number: klarvis#0839
    Age: 35
    Region/Time Zone: EST -5GMT
    Platform: PC
    What makes you a potential Cutthroat: I am always looking to improve my skills as a player and am looking for a community who values the same type of gamesmanship is takes to win,

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