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  • @dmnwraith Alright matey, let's see what you can do!

  • @Indigo-Koolai
    Gamertag: Arcturus215
    Discord Name & 4 Digit Number: Arcturus#4499
    Region/Time Zone: UK/GMT
    Platform:PC, Xbox backup
    What makes you a potential Cutthroat: Although I have only played for a few months, I have almost played obsessively. I can bring experience and knowledge. I enjoy all aspects of the game from peaceful adventure to 'cutthroat' pvp. Although I do not have much experience in the arena, I am always looking to improve. I value teamwork and communication, and that makes for an enjoyable session! I feel I am versed in naval battles, but I am always looking for better information from those more experienced. If you have a better way, I will happily put it into practice. I love this game and community, and would love to be a part of this community as well.

  • @dovedevic Alright mate, let's see what you've got!

  • @arcturus215 We shall test you to see if you have what it takes!

  • Discord Name & 4 Digit Number: Justin7704
    Age: 24
    Region/Time Zone: Central
    Platform: PC
    What makes you a potential Cutthroat: Although I dont play much SoT I know you have been branching out to other games. I've been playing a lot of WoW lately with a handful of others who are a part of the Cutthroat community and it has been great! Hopefully I can stick around and help bring the Cutthroat name to another game.

  • @jemcgady41 As we branch into other games we'd love to see what you bring to this sector of the community.

  • Discord: Kracken64 #0036
    Age: 18
    Region/time zone: NA Central time
    Platform: Xbox one
    What makes me a potential cutthroat: I'm a active player and I know how to work around a busy schedule to make sure I am available to play quite often. I'm always down to do long voyages and help newer players learn and get better on the Sea of Thieves. I know how to work together with other players and I'm always happy to do whatever I can to better myself and everyone around me. In terms of PvP, I'm not the best, but im confident in my skills, and always happy to learn new tricks.

  • @worthiersine223

    Discord: Cake#8267
    Canada EST
    Platform: Xbox

    I think I would be a good cutthroat because I’m a dedicated SOT player who thrives in combat situations and can also balance that out with some PVE. I am a confident PVPer who enjoys the thrill of combat. I wish to be a part of this community because I can work well with teams and follow orders I. I am a friendly person who can laugh and make you laugh I will take this seriously and have fun as I go. I will participate lots and be a team player. I hope to be accepted PEACE’

  • @kracken64 It is time to see what your courage shall bring you on the seas!

  • @u-cake-u Let's see what challenges can we put in front of your destiny!

  • Discord Name & 4 Digit Number: Copperhead525#4467
    Age: 35
    Region/Time Zone: NA - US Eastern Time
    Platform: PC
    What makes you a potential Cutthroat:
    I'm bran new to the game but I'm a fast learner. I am the kind player that values the story of the incident more than the loot gained. I think that is what you folks are about and you might have a spot for an easy going guy looking to hit the high seas and make a ruckus.

  • Discord Name & 4 Digit Number: Humperdinkwafflesmak#7048
    Age: 31
    Region/Time Zone: NA-US EST
    Platform: PC
    What makes you a potential Cutthroat: Been playing the game for 3 years but am tired of randoms, would like a community to learn and work with regularly and finally get some good runs in.

  • @chaostix525 Please see your discord for further information.

  • @stupify1989 Well let's see what you got.

  • Discord Name & 4-Digit Number: CHogan#8961
    Age: 35
    Region/Time Zone: EST
    Platform: PC
    What makes you a potential Cutthroat: I'm an experienced player who took a break from the game and recently returned. Strong communicator, good at PvP/PvE and able to follow orders as well as perform necessary duties prior to being asked.

  • Discord Name & 4 Digit Number: Feralol#9056
    Gamertag: Feralolz
    Age: 26
    Region/Time Zone: CEST, GMT+2
    Platform: PC
    What makes you a potential Cutthroat:

    Reapplying to cutthroats, after taking a break from the game. (left the discord a while back)

    Ever since I bought the game in a few years ago i've been addicted to this game, clocking in over 1000hours played since then. My love for the game comes in part to the different people i've met and played with during that time, aswell as the different aspects the game has to offer.

    I would consider myself an hyperefficient player, comfortable in playing most of the roles (need to work on helm ^^) the game has to offer, being everything from deckhand to boarder. I would say being able to stay calm during intense situations would be one of my greatest strengths, aswell as being able to think clearly and act independently/taking orders.

    As far as personality goes, i consider myself a friendly guy. Whilst being super competitive in the arena I'm not the guy who gets grumpy if things goes south (although they tend to go our way!)

    Feel free to message me on discord if you have any questions!


  • Discord Name & 4 Digit Number: Mogs#2078
    Age: 20
    Region/Time Zone: EST
    Platform: PC
    What makes you a potential Cutthroat: I love taking to the seas and always try to keep a healthy pirate experience with my adventures. I primarily enjoy getting in the pirate spirit while still making others' experiences fun and exciting. My PVP skills are not the best, but I have a strong desire to continually improve and do better. I do not fit into one role, but try to be flexible and shape to what the crew needs. Be it a helmsman, a support, or aggressive boarder. Other than this, I love talking and sharing experiences and meeting new people!

  • @Indigo-Koolai
    Discord-Racing BBs 01#9243
    Region/Timezone-NA EST
    I love to play Sea of Thieves and work around a busy schedule.
    I want to get better and have a good time in area and adventure
    I love stacking and fighting enemies. Im not so experienced but want to learn and listen to orders given by others. I also love a challenge given by others even if i lose or win.

  • Leighclarke23 6399

    I wish be considered to join the discord as I’ve been playing since cursed cannon balls, and I’m in love and addicted with this game. I love helping new people learn the ropes and working together to complete voyages and commendations, but myself am not prefect, I would love to improve at PVP. I know my strengths and weaknesses in the game which I think is a great quality.
    Due to covid and being unable to work I have a lot of spare time which I want to use to find my forever discord group.
    Accepted or not I hope you are keeping safe in these horrible times

  • @chogan0973 Let's put you to the test!

  • @feralolz Let's see what you've got!

  • Discord Name: kael#3674
    age: 25
    Region/Time zone:PT/GMT
    Platform: PC
    What makes you a potential Cutthroat: Hi, i really like SOT, expecially de PVP aspect of it, Even tho i try to experience everithing in the game as much as possible, pvp is what i do the most, i rly like arena and i just want the opportunity to play wiht better ppl to i can improve even more.

  • @kulfyra What the adventures ahead shall bring out of you? WE shall find out together!

  • @racing-bbs-01 Adventures await the eager pirates, but will you be ready?! We shall see..

  • @leighclarke23 They say the seas are calm these days. Are you the one to bring the storm?! Let's find out!

  • @kaeljcc PVP is part of the Seas, sink them or get sunk. Let's find out if you are ready to represent a legendary community!

  • GamerTag: Sagan#9636
    Discord Name & 4 Digit Number: Sagan#1126
    Age: 28
    Region/Time Zone: EU Poland / UTC+1
    Platform: PC
    What makes you a potential Cutthroat:
    I have been playing this game from June 2020, practically every day. At sea, I met many friends and interesting people and I think that as a pirate I still have to broaden my horizons. I have a lot of experience with PVP / PVE, but I think I can get even more out of myself. I like to train DG and cutlass so as not to be limited to one. Mainly I want to grow as a support and gunner (I feel average here).
    This game got me hooked!

  • Discord Name & 4 Digit Number: Kernel Panic #5513
    Age: 33
    Region/Time Zone: Africa/Johannesburg UTC +02:00
    Platform: Windows PC
    What makes you a potential Cutthroat:
    I'm a newish player that have the basics under my belt. I have +60 hours playtime and I have been enjoying the adventures and sailing with CaptJackBull and CoralStar. Playing alone really sucks and so making friends has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

  • @sagan9636 Let's catch that new horizon!

  • Discord Name & 4 Digit Number: Jade Peregrine#5581
    Age: 22
    Region/Time Zone: UK
    Platform: PC
    What makes you a potential Cutthroat: I regularly play games at competitive level. I have been in the top couple hundred worldwide players for multiple games. I always strive to be the best. When I start a new game, learning the mechanics and learning how to master them is my immediate goal. I love to become the best I can be at everything. If you need passion, and skill, I have both. I have played this game solo up until now. To make the most money the fastest I regularly took on skull forts alone. For a challenge, I would take on player galleons or ghost ship battles and try to beat them alone. I have defeated the megalodon and kraken alone. However, i'm redownloading sea of thieves, and wanted to try playing with a group as I've always felt it provided the better experience, though I could never find a good crew in open crew. Your group sounds interesting, and finding fellow like minded players who strive for skill intriques me. I am excited to see how this all goes down. Because the question was 'what makes you a good cutthroat' I have provided mostly my achievements, but I shall mention a little about me that I feel is important. Namely that I am respectful of all people regardless of who they are, so you needn't worry about me being a bigot or an a**hole. I'm very friendly, and despite the intensity of the nature of this post, I am a gentle and caring person first and foremost, saving my passion and drive and fighting spirit for the right time and place. I love to make friends, and am eager to meet the people of this group.

  • Discord: martyboy13#2100
    age: 21
    Region: Netherlands CET
    Platform: Pc
    What makes you a potention Cutthroat:
    I've got plenty of hours of experience and would say im decent in almost all aspects of the game. I also currently have alot of free time so im basicly online for 16ish hours a day.

  • Discord Name & 4 Digit Number: BaZukaM#5278
    Age: 26
    Region/Time Zone: NA EST
    Platform: PC
    What makes you a potential Cutthroat: While I take PvP seriously and constantly aim to improve myself as a competitive player I like to remind myself that it is a game and having fun is important too. I'd like to find a community with like-minded players and I think I've found that with Cutthroats. I also loved the shanty video on your website!!

  • Gamertag: TripleC321
    Cutthroat Sponsor: DemonWraith
    Discord Name & 4 Digit Number: TripleC321#9249
    Age: 23
    Region/Time Zone: NA-CST
    Platform: PC
    What makes you a potential Cutthroat:

    Experienced combat captain sailing since alpha. I've seen all the game has to offer, and the days of beta/launch have made me extremely paranoid of tuckers on both land and sea, and I can hear a swimmer from a mile away. I am an veteran helmsman and combat captain, and have led my crew to uncountable amounts of steals and PvP sinks.

  • Discord Name & 4 Digit Number:
    Age: 28
    Region/Time Zone: NA East
    Platform: PC
    What makes you a potential Cutthroat:
    I feel that I've grown into a significant sea of thieves player, while maintaining a respectable character. I play with dozens of regular players and have helped numerous pirates achieve legend status. I can confidently say that I am a well rounded crew mate. Steer a galleon? Sure. Chain pop shot? No problem. Anchor and while deck? I'm on it.
    I've maxed all reps except for athena (15) and hunters call (31).
    Regardless of my progress in the game I will always want to play and help others. However, I come to the cutthroats in search of finding efficient experienced players I can relate to and achieve difficult tasks with.
    Please consider me for a part in your server. Thank you

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