[Mega Thread] - Player Griefing

  • @trophy-un1ocked No. The issue is not with the game, it is with life itself. Life enables this behavior with no penalty. Only the people can come together and create "rules" and then police them with physical force. (As if that's stable ground for riding a moral high-horse) Ironically, policing is exactly what got us into this state. There's a bunch of maniacs hiding their true selves, which are only available online where the bully-squad isn't present. Then we have a bunch of well-trained victims who aren't suited for actual life, who can only survive while under the protection of a maniac(or group of them).

    You're all a bunch of clowns. The existence of people like you coaxes these maniacs into existence. This is a self-perpetuating cycle that will never break until every single one of us learns how to control ourselves and realizes that we have no control over others. The only true solution is to come to an understanding with one another and to strive for balance. Everything else only furthers the imbalance, which will only increase the amount of suffering created when nature eventually balances itself. If you don't have time to try to come to an understanding with people because "this is just a game", then you're more of a problem than the people who are actually out there interacting, however maniacal they may be.

  • @ttargetpractice Wow! Chill man, it's just a game. Debate about the human condition in Sociology. This c**p's too heavy for Sea of Thieves.

  • @ezeeikiel Stupid statements like the one you just made, and learning about the human condition from a class rather than from life, are a part of the reason why these problems still exist. These things must be discussed whenever and wherever you interact with other people and sociology, as taught by the indoctrination system, is a bunch of nonsense.

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