[Mega Thread] - In Game Customisation

  • More options are definitely needed, but specifically, I could go with something fancier than the standard fare we have now...

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    -the ipg

    so far, i like my characters look. the option to lock generated characters among the eight really helped, but the IPG in general is still flawed. i feel as if my locked characters should have influenced the next generated set: for example, if i lock two characters, and they are both male, than all other generated pirates should be male. the IPG could maybe detect similar features between more than three locked pirates and generate similar ones in the next set.


    i know that Rare is planning on releasing more customization options in the future, as well as dyeing options. there is nothing really much to say about it other than that there needs to be more. it would be interesting (and maybe necessary to keep the game interesting) if some/special clothing was rewarded for completing achievements. that a way, people can tell what your achievements were literally just by looking at you. that skeleton looking outfit; award that to players for turning in a certain amount of stronghold chests.

    i'm also concerned that rare may be holding onto some of these cosmetic items for micro-transaction purposes.

    -resetting your pirate

    i should not be forced to give up my entire progress just so that i can look differently. if more updates come to the IPG, i want there to be an option to change my character without giving up progression.


    -no cosmetic progression, everything is just really expensive

    my main argument for the ship customization is that there is no "cosmetic progression;" unlike clothing, where there are cheap items and expensive items, there's just really expensive hull and sail types, and then there are even more expensive hull and sail types. referring to this recently made general discussion by myself, i really think there should be more, cheaper, sail and hull types. the ones we currently have are primary and secondary colors with insignias. why are there not options with just one primary color and nothing else; such as red, black, yellow, brown, and white?

    -cannons, interior, lanterns, and helm

    wish we could also paint these items as well.

    -replace hull, mast/sail, cannons, interior, lanterns, and helm models with new models.

    i just really hope they will do this. i dont want just different colored ships with the same model. it really does not have to be that insane either. for hulls and sails specifically im not expecting a serious model overhaul, just the same general model with a few additional features, such as gold trimming, seaweed, barnacles, statues, re-textures, etc.

  • I'll try to keep this brief. No promises.

    Ship Customisation could do with being split into subcategories, for at least the hull and sails. Colours could be bought for each and then assigned at the shipwright as the primary, secondary and tertiary colours for either sail or hull. Perhaps a series of metallic tints could be made available to customise the trim as well. To go with this would be a series of separately purchased symbols, patterns, borders and schemes that would assume the colour assignment previously mentioned. For sails at least, please refer to the Diablo 3 banner system.

    And while we're at it, why not introduce a way to spruce up the interior of our ships - lantern appearances, helm/wheel appearances, anchor appearances, crow's nests/flags, furniture for the captains room, hammocks or bunks below decks, trophies for the interior. Trophies particularly could be tied to something other than the shop - what about a Kraken tentacle trophy once you fell the beast?

    With regards to player appearance, I'd just very much appreciate it if the game currently had the range of visual customisation that was observed in the promotional art, betas and developer images/video previews (mostly the latter). 4 basic sets, with a recolour of each does not suffice.

    Let's assume that there are some customisation options that the developers would prefer to sit on. Fine. It'd be incredibly frustrating to find that most of them are being held purely for micro-transactions, but I'm going to be optimistic and assume that they're for the most part going to be paired with this "content" thing that looms in the future. So let's talk about now.

    In the short term a couple more distinct sets of gear, and at least 3 (preferably 4) recolours for each set (18-24 appearances for each slot) would help the extrinsic appeal of the game immensely. Some could be tied to achievements - weapons for PvP achievements, a watch for reaching a number of Skeleton Captain kills, a compass for traversing the entire map in one voyage, and so on. Also, assigning more to trading company level, so they can be spread out more liberally, would give players more immediate goals to strive for on the road to legend.

    It's not necessarily about there being more in the shop; it's about supporting the intrinsic fun of the game and helping it get to that point in the future. Because the treasure in our hearts and in our experiences in-game would be better bolstered by the possibilities for such things now than in looking toward uncertain waters on an ambiguous horizon.

  • 3rd Person View Option

    It would be great to get a 3rd person view option in this game. Reasons below:

    • To be able to see our feet and time the jumps
    • To see our pirates in their clothing/vanity customizations and actions
    • Wider field of view

    You would also need to add crosshair reference points for the pistol and blunderbluss.

  • I just wanna go ahead and add my 2 cents to adding stuff to the game.

    • NPCs
      Adding some skeleton crews sailing around trying to sink you as well.
      A skeleton crew like the shadow ones we fight in which it would force us to sail with all the lights on in order to damage them.

    • Better rewards for in game achievements
      What I mean by that is currently there's no incentive for doing things such as killing the Kraken (which I'm still underwhelmed by the encounter), sinking other ships, stealing loot etc. I believe by having these would increase the ways for one's to be recognizable when sailing
      Ex: seeing a ship with a hull or sails that was acquired for a milestone and the thought would be something like "Wow he must have sunk X amount of ships or Killed X amount of krakens or kill its first. I think you guys get the idea

    • New shanties - just adding to what I've seen around the forums which is adding ways to get more songs.
      Ex: in game purchase, message in bottles, found in wreckage etc

    • Sea Monsters
      Megalodon, Leviathan, Moby d**k, Charybdis (whirlpool monster [if engine allows to])
      To name a few. Obviously these would be later on when they get whatever it needs to be fixed

    All in all this I've been enjoying the game for what it is and it still has a LOT of potential here. Arrrrrrr

  • Personally , I feel that the prices of clothing and ship customisation in the game is WAY too high. I felt that the prices in the alpha (especially for clothing) was a better balanced price and I felt like, in the alpha, if I played for only an hour I could at least purchase something. And the prices to get sails and body work is so high, I feel like anyone who has them is as prestigious as someone who could get pirate legend at launch.

  • @khaleesibot Hello
    I wanted to ask you if you plan to add some rpg elements such as clothing, weapons, ship equipment, bonuses, etc. (bigger speed, damage, etc.)
    it would be much better

  • another vote for
    shouldnt have to pay for it, captain's boat - they should have whatever name they want set in the menu. Should display on the back of the ships i believe.

  • Can we get some customisation on our ships hull or sails maybe even a title for sinking a certain amount of enemy ships. Maybe even a ship title.

    Ships will see the sails and shiver in their boots.
    Maybe even see it as a challenge.

  • Love the game but wish there was a way to change characters hair color without restarting your pirate hope a feature gets added some time soon

  • Hello, I believe a small but major update that would boost the games customisation and also the ports liveliness, would be the addition of a tattoo parlour at each port, and maybe even a tattoo parlour at skeleton forts and keeps, where the tattoo artist is in fact a skeleton, who does different designs to the rest of the ports, or each port could have their own designs which would give them all a unique spin,

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