Release Notes Discussion - Launch 1.0

  • @w-ii-n-k-s-o It will make people like me and fresh sea dogs do 2 things

    1. stop playing
    2. Ask for a refund
      Skelly forts are hard like crazy even with 4 players, being sent to the brig and drowned repeatedly (Had that done to me by trolls), loosing booty + gold penalty? death penalty is not the way to go.
  • @duvelske That will definitely come later on. But first fill the game with more things to do and make the game more interactive

  • @sweltering-nick wow dude idk if your brain is damaged or not but drachmul asked u did they fix it. So a simple question. Playing s******s on a server thing that we all know bc devs made a video about it isn't what he asked. So from a simple yes or no question u made a salad from it.

  • @red0demon0

    I dont understand why you will stop playing?? Id understand if it was 500 coins each death. They need to change the way we spawn after death if anything so you wont get killed over and over. Death tax will make players play more efficently.

  • @w-ii-n-k-s-o
    1)Because I don't want to go to a fort fight skellies for a good 30 minutes, only to be penalized for a bunch of death (especially since some skellies seem to have infinite bananas on them)

    1. Because I don't want to go to an island after 15 minutes of sailing, then take 15 minutes more trying to find a chest, bringing it back to the ship, only to have said ship be sunk, chest (Or chests, skulls, and every other booty plundered before said island) stolen/ destroyed, and a death penalty taxed.
    2. Because the game is lacking in content, limitation of having 2 weapons sucks, no main quest and mediocre and similar voyages are boring/ repetitive.
    3. And being penalized for death after a long day at sea doing grindy, boring voyages for no other reason than "reputation" sucks.

    Idk, I see many reasons to stop playing. I'm a huge fan of the pirate theme, but I'm not blind to the weak mechanics of the game. I won't play a game that lets you get trolled by others drowning you while in the brig only to force you to move to a different server. I'm also not a fan of spawn death penalty. Hope this makes sense

  • Rare, please do not do a death tax until combat has been greatly enhanced. If you tax for death I won't likely bother with skeleton forts anymore. It's one thing to be equally gimped when fighting other players, it's quite another in pve.

    Currently swinging your sword feels like an exercise in frustration. Three very sluggish swings followed by some amount of time being locked out of combat while skeletons are, as someone put it, 360-no-scoping you. A charge time on the sword lunge that more often than not gives at least one skeleton the chance to interrupt you.

    The feeling I get in combat is that I'm fighting the controls more than I'm fighting the NPCs. I dunno how to perfectly describe it, but it's just absolutely frustrating and immersion breaking combat. Every swing of my sword and every constant forced break in the action reminds me that I'm not a pirate, just a frustrated player.

    This combined with not being able to switch while running and sometimes not being able to run till your character is long done with doing whatever action you just did really frustrates the experience.

    When I have to run away and hope my character properly switches to a banana and hope they eat it fast enough to not be blown to pieces it just really starts to wear you down.

    With the game in its current state, the reward of the skeleton fort outdoes the frustration of constantly dying and feeling like there wasn't much you could do to not die besides never engage the fort in the first place, so we do them and despite the frustrating combat mechanics basically enjoy them. If you add a death tax on top of things as they are you are going to induce a storm of rage quits from this game.

    TLDR: I'm not opposed to a death tax per se, but if it's even remotely significant in times where my death is not truly under my control, I will quickly lose interest in this game. It already takes a very long time to earn gold, I'm uncertain why we already need a gold sink.

  • I agree. Death Cost is something that should not go in as it leaves a large opening for griefers to just spawn camp your ship and keep killing you... Considering my actions if this goes live. Might have t consider getting a refund for a game I thought I would enjoy...

  • I think the death cost is really gonna hurt this game. I have a lot of friends I'm trying to get on board with me in this game. I have a bunch that have tried this game and are really confused and dying all the time just trying to get the mechanics down. Now you're going to tax them for trying?
    I've been enjoying this game since the ALPHA, please don't add this feature.

  • @mad-jack-ketch said in Release Notes Discussion - Launch 1.0:

    The death cost is a bit iffy.. It can go both ways.

    • What if you get spawn camped? (If an enemy doesn't sink your ship and stays on your ship waiting for you to respawn)

    Yeah I see how "griefers" could just find more enjoyment in spawncamping people while the camped person would just find himself needing to scuttle and give up asap because whatever loot he has isnt worth dying over several times.

    I am highly sceptical about this and it really feels like they are starting in the wrong end. :/

  • @wipe-nd-clean Wasn't making this point. I didn't say I was going to quit playing because of launch issues. I was saying if you are going to charge me for dying, then I will return to the game that made that a moderately acceptable practice in the first place. And I was choosing to be over dramatic because I have paid money for this game now and feel like I can have an opinion on it.

  • I just hope they fix the bug where when you log in it gives you the two same weapon which glitches it and makes it so you have only 1 weapon. Only fix i've found for it is to switch the weapon and then get yourself killed to reset it. If there is another way to fix this please let me know but if they dont and add the death toll. I'm paying for your bugs.

  • @rgbknights said in Release Notes Discussion - Launch 1.0:


    I thought you enlighten people of Britain got rid of the death penalty in 1965...

    Perfect response imo

  • No possibility to give a feedback anywhere so I'll do it there :

    Kraken :

    • It's pretty cool and impressive but I think when he submerges in the water, or just appear, you should add a huge splash sound FX to make him feel more massive.
    • The music should be a little louder, like the Skeleton Fort's music.
    • MORE IMPORTANT : The Kraken is not strong enough ! You told to people the beast couldn't be defeated when you're not with another crew, I beat him with a crew of 3 people including me. The Kraken should be 3 or 4 times stronger, should attack really really more often, and should be more dangerous, breaking the ship faster and kill players really really faster. He also should be able to smash the ship to make 2 holes in the hull, and should be able to grab the ship with his tentacles more often and sometimes with 2 tentacles at the same time.

    Snakes :
    They are really cool, I like them, maybe their venom should be a little more efficient making more damage or should not stop so quickly.

    Skeleton Forts :

    • I still think the wave system break the rhythm of the raid. Skeletons should spawn continually OR you should make spawn continually 10 - 15 grunts skeletons dying in 2 or 3 hits and bad focus with weapons while the waves are spawning.
    • I also think it could be better to make an evolution in the map, doors of the castle opening when you defeated 50 skeletons of the fort, to fight the Captain who could introduce himself with a huge laugh, and who protects 3 keys you need to open the door. It could not force players kill the Captain to steal the treasure, but to encourage players to defeat him, when he die, he could left a cursed Skull which could add a 200 m radius of fog around it. Then you could make the fog less dense by turning on the light of your ship (because at this moment, they are totally useless).
    • There should be a foggy ambience in the Skeleton Forts to reinforce the cursed aspect of the island. It doesn't look like a Cursed Island when you're on the Fort and there is a huge sunlight and white clouds with a beautiful blue sky. When the music begins, you should already begin to enter in a fog which becomes more dense when you move forward to the island.
  • Cant rejoin party on DC?

    Got DC'd after a few hours of fun, only to learn you can not rejoin your party in action. This can't be by design.

    If you are used to playing WoW or many other games, if somebody disconnects, as happens, they just relog and are back in the game.

    Lost hours of play and loot becuase the server dumped me, and none of the very experienced PC gamers in my party could figure out a way to get me back in the party before we turned in out vhests, skulls, chickens, etc.

    This is an expected norm in any PC MMO style game. Not sure why this is the case. I hope it is some kind of bug, but I fear that in the "Lets combine all players in one universe, and make them use the xBox app on the pc, and lobby in the cloud" nonsense, they just didn't know this was an issue.

    Well it is!

    Players need to be able to form parties, by invitation ONLY and know that if the server glitches you can be right back with a relog.

    This game is supposed to be built around social play, but it does not seem to have many tools to play how you want or keep a party together.

  • @khaleesibot Don't bring in a death cost! :(

  • I'm not sure I understand the need for a death cost. Does Rare want to encourage players to try to stay alive?

    If so, I think that using a punishment system should not be the way to go. If you want players to stay alive why don't you give them a small incentive to stay alive. For example, it could be that for every hour spent without dying, every gold acquired is multiplied. 1.1X on the first hour, 1.2X on the second and so on. Or something else entirely! People won't react as harshly to a reward system that rewards players that stay alive in opposition to a punishment system that punish player who died.

    I think Mark Brown explains this greatly in his video "How designers protect players from themselves" from his "Game maker's toolkit" series. Even more so at 3:00 in the video.

    How designers protect players from themselves

    Anyway, I'm still hyped for all the other stuff on this release note! But this is an issue I wanted to speak about!

    Cheers! :∆D

  • Small ships no longer take damage on spawn, eh? My sloop just sunk before I even noarded it, after just logging in. Bug not fixed. 8:35pm US Central

  • (SOLO PLAY IS BROKEN) I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this or if I should just make a new thread, but I hope RARE reads this.

    I really love the concept of this game. It's something new and exciting brought to gaming. Something that's been attempted but not perfected. Upon release I still have yet to run into a single bug, but through my perspective I still see one major flaw in this game. Solo play... yes it's possible to play solo, it's possible to easily get a crew aswell. I personally like to play every game alone. Videogames to me are a getaway from real life, sometimes from real people. When I want to play alone, I honestly really just want no one else around. I understand the idea of plundering. Bringing down other players, taking their loot. That I still love about the game. But when you're trying to progress to become that pirate legend, it's almost impossible for solo players. It's almost inevitable that a galleon will chase you down endlessly. Once they catch you, kill you, steal all your loot, you'll respawn somewhere else in that same world with those same blood l****d pirates. It's almost unfair for a single sloop to go up against one. If they see you, they will come after you. An example I have of this is; I was playing solo, trying to reach level 15 for order of souls. I was level 14. I got enough skulls to get leveled up so I started to head back in excitement. I then saw a galleon coming for me. At first I was a little worried. Luckily I was able to out maneuver them around shipwreck bay. But eventually they got back on track. So I was faced with a few options, turn back and do it again around the same rocks endlessly until they gave up, keep going until they catch me, or stop at an outpost and let them just destroy me. This went on for 2 hours. 2 HOURS of just being chased around. Eventually they killed me and took everything. In anger and frustration, I left the server to join a new one. Guess what happened. Off spaw I went to my first island. Then I noticed another galleon chasing me. They chased me around for about an hour until they killed me and the little progress I had was lost. Once I die, they came right back for me. I enjoy the PvP aspect of this game, but it seems idiotic to even waste my time playing something I personally get no enjoyment out of for simply being incapable to progress at a steady pase. A simple fix I thought for this was have it so solo players face only solo players. A 2 man sloop can take on a galleon as my brother and I have done so before. Galleons can take on anyone. But solo players can only have a good chance of facing 1-2 man sloops. It's rare that a solo will destroy a galleon while they fight back. Other solo players out there with the same issue, please help me get out the word. I'm sorry this message was so long. I'd just hate to see this game lack for a large community from a simple fix. Having solo players face only solo Players would more then likely release tension on servers, add fairness to gameplay, a steady progression for a large community, and continue our enjoyment playing this wonderful game.

  • @sinthesatanist Devs have repeatedly said that Solo play is a harder difficulty. The moment you choose sloop you are choosing to play the game in the hardest difficulty possible. As for respawn range, that is a problem many people mention and small updates are being added based on this challenge. In a sloop you need to think like a real sailor/ pirate. You see a galleon in the horizon? Then push that sloop against the wind and out run those scurvy dogs. I've had my share of skilled sloop players who have taken down a galleon crew of 3. Simply having sloops fight only other sloops will not happen as developers seem to be against the idea of privatizing servers. "It's a shared world" so we must all learn to play together.

  • @sinthesatanist said in Release Notes Discussion - Launch 1.0:
    ... I got enough skulls to get leveled up so I started to head back in excitement. I then saw a galleon coming for me. At first I was a little worried. Luckily I was able to out maneuver them around shipwreck bay. But eventually they got back on track. So I was faced with a few options, turn back and do it again around the same rocks endlessly until they gave up, keep going until they catch me, or stop at an outpost and let them just destroy me. This went on for 2 hours. 2 HOURS of just being chased around. Eventually they killed me and took everything. In anger and frustration, I left the server to join a new one. Guess what happened. Off spaw I went to my first island. Then I noticed another galleon chasing me. They chased me around for about an hour until they killed me and the little progress I had was lost. Once I die, they came right back for me.

    I've seen approximately three ships on a distant horizon since I started playing. Only one - a galleon with a crew of three - has come ever in to take pot shots and even then I sniped at them with the long rifle after reaching an island when they were too focused on cannoning a ship I deliberately grounded to smithereens. They eventually gave up and left and I lost nothing. What the hell have you been doing?

  • Need to make ships spawn further away once sunk, that's my biggest grievance with PvP, that would make the thrill, tragedy, and exhilaration of fighting even better if you know you can't just re-spawn and be back to fight the enemy in 3 seconds.

  • I really feel the death penalty is a bad idea. Don't penalize the player for playing the game, reward him.

    Please check this video: (How Game Designers Protect Players From Themselves)

  • Guys what kind of balance is this???? New enemy’s introduced and you can’t kill the plant based skeletons! 6 shots!!!! Too much. If we cannot level up how can you put such hard characters. They have unlimited bullets. This is getting rediculous I’m getting turned off from this game very quickly. Fix these issues guys like what is this. Combat is horrendous and for you to put these new unbalanced enemies it’s just wasting my time!!! If this game doesn’t balance in the next few days expect a large drop in player numbers. This gets old quickly without dedicated friends.

  • This game is about as balanced with these new enemies as a elephant on a yoga ball. I can’t actually believe how many shots these plant based one take. This is stupid I am so angry like does anybody not monitor what is happening!!!?!?

  • Garbage game. Undefeatable enemies and we cannot get any more powerful guns, carry more ammo nothing. This game is pitiful. It IS still in beta phase. This isn’t a public release game I honestly want my money back. A game has never frustrated me so badly, nor made me question why the enemies are NOT dying. This is garbage. Way to not make it a enjoyable game and just a tedious vanity collecting c**p show

  • Death penalty is trash. Don't add. Sometimes you can't avoid dieing from dumb stuff and it'll only become a griefing tool. People will legit attack people at outpost who just spawned to simply make them rage and never touch the game again.

  • Honestly someone from the dev team email me because I expect compensation. We as players were led on to believe That we were being given an operational game, and asking us to paying 79.99CAD for a barely to almost non operational is criminal.

  • Enemies do not miss. They will not. They can even shoot through your boat how awesome is that. No cover. They lock on and you cannot get out of the way of their gun fire. Oh and they have unlimited ammo compared to my 5 shots. I hope the internet bans together to boycott this game.


  • I'm confused. This says when your ship sinks you respawn at a new one, not at a nearby mermaid when you die.

    But today I had one kid pester us for good hour after we had sunk him. Hed spawn where his ship sank, and keep on comming till the odds rolled in his favor and he screwed up our fort raid.

  • ck from our Betas and Scale Tests, we have changed the respawn flow when your ship has sunk. Instead of respawning your mermaid at the site of your shipwreck, if your ship is sunk and you die, you will now automatically spawn at your new ship from the Ferry of the Damned.

    this isnt whats haplening

  • The achievements don’t work :/

  • Ahoy @harriet-tubmann!

    3. Achievements being delayed

    We have had to temporarily disable achievements being awarded to allow our services to cope with the scale of the messages flowing through them. We are storing all awarded achievements, and they will be awarded to players once we are through this weekend and we release the first game patch.

    Status: Believed fixed for next game patch (ETA: early next week).

  • @el-espectro-0 thank you!

  • Not a fan of the “Death Cost” idea as it could lead to issues with players getting spammed at their mermaid after being sunk. Which would suck for new players with smaller gold amounts just trying to increase their rep.

  • @ashing-kushr Then bring your game back to the shop or request a refund at microsoft report lol, No need to spam the forums with your opinion multiple times just because you do not enjoy the game as there are thousands who DO enjoy it. If you don`t like it hey too bad but stop hate spamming the forums as its not helping anyone including yourself.

75 out of 150