[Mega Thread] - Character Customisation & the 'IPG' (Part 2)

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  • Well, since there's still no posts here's a question:

    Am I the only one bothered that when choosing your pirate not only are you choosing your face and body but also you hair color?

    I'd like to see that as an customization option just like your hair cut. Or if there's ever any race or sex filters then that could be another one I suppose.

  • @deashkiin Word's gone about that hair color will be changeable in-game at launch.

    Also since this thread is still fresh, to help nip it in the bud, here's Joe mentioning pirate saving at or post launch! [at around 57m 15s in]

  • @hyenanoises Ahoy m8! That's how you start a megathread indeed! Much appreciated on the hair update

  • @deashkiin Ya, the general impression I saw through the other one is stuff like hair color and tattoo's will probably be stuff you'll be able to get and change in-game.
    Maybe some of those empty slots in the vanity chest will be them?

  • @hyenanoises Hope so, the rest is easily handled but that hair color would be a problem to get right on the right pirate

  • The one thing I'm still wondering about, is the able to switch eye patches, hooks, and peg legs to the other side. Its gonna kind of suck, if we all lost the same eye, hand, and leg. Also, what about hairstyles? If the hair is parted one way, will we be able to part it the other way?

    Besides that, what are thoughts on progressive tans? Kind of like in the Witcher 3, how Geralts beard grows over time. The more you play, the darker you get, maybe some tan lines. When you're off for a while, you're lighter again. Would probably be hard to do, but would be a cool little feature.

  • @el-3lanco said in [Mega Thread] - Character Customisation & the 'IPG' (Part 2):

    The one thing I'm still wondering about, is the able to switch eye patches, hooks, and peg legs to the other side. Its gonna kind of suck, if we all lost the same eye, hand, and leg. Also, what about hairstyles? If the hair is parted one way, will we be able to part it the other way?

    That's something I'm curious about too, will we be able to have peglegs and hooks on the opposite limb? What about one on both limb? I would totally rock double peg legs if I could get away with it.

  • @hyenanoises that would sound funny as hell, running around the deck. Not to mention slightly terrifying to see

  • @pikaaroon

    This is the comprehensive guide of I.P.G Filtering/lock requests from the community.

    This is at least what most people want from the full game.

    On the other hook we have the comprehensive guide for a full Pirate character creator from the community.

    This is roughly what the rest of the people want.

    Here are the other community requests related to these topics.

    Obviously no system is perfect so if I missed anything or need more detail let me know.

    ~Captain Maximillian Zeus:
    The Damned Rider of the Ferry
    and Master of the Song of the Dead

  • @maximillianzeus Honestly, some of those seem impossible to implement even though most are absolutely great. That's definitely the way to implement filters for instance! Having the lock system will be already pretty good though, even without any filters. Would also that pose changer as it seems plausible as well.

    @El-3lanco Maybe we'll get a flip button for all those? Would be an easier way of doing it in terms of UI

  • @deashkiin

    Thanks :) The community has great ideas hopefully we will see these ideas implemented over the life of the game. I'm not too concerned with everything being added in at launch. I would rather Rare take their time and perfect these ideas rather than rush them.

    So what may seem impossible now we may see much later down the road.

    ~Captain Maximillian Zeus:
    The Damned Rider of the Ferry
    and Master of the Song of the Dead

  • @maximillianzeus Maybe that will come with an option for remaking your character one last time, maybe when captaincy DLC comes?
    alt text

  • @deashkiin

    Mayhaps, hopefully the ideas come in the form of the Stop N' Swap mirror mentioned in the compendium and the legacy pirates.

  • Just going to post a reply i gave in another thread, basically sums up my thoughts on it.

    • "I love the artsyle Rare have done for the characters, but i dont believe them not adding personal customisation would get rid of that feel. I think the reason we have this character creation is down to more of meeting deadlines to get the game out rather then an actual choice.

    I personally have never been able to find a character i feel in synch with, not one that jumps out to me and says this is my pirate and we are going to become legends together, unfortunately ive just always felt like ive had to settle with one after a time of just constantly refreshing.

    However people have expressed ways which this could be changed to be made to be more in line with what people want who dont like the IPG. Examples being, small check lists of the kind of features you would like you're IPG character to have like: Skinny, Big, facial hair, scars, tattoos, age ect ect.. And also the ability to lock certain characters for the refresh would be nice aswell.

    So for me personally i wouldnt mind the IPG if i could refine my search options a little to suit my personal needs. Its not the randomly generated characters that i dont like, its just there no way of refining what types of characters you would like generated. I think IPG would actually be ten times better then sliders if you had some option to set. :)" *

  • The option to choose male or female from start? It would take less time to find my pirate if i could eliminate the females from the ipg wheel. Having 8 guys to choose from instead 3 guys n 5 girls would be alot easier

  • Hello there I asked Joe Neate about what he said about adding a save pirate feature on the Xbox Mixer Stream and what happens if the Character Selection gets updated after Launch, and what does this mean for those Pirates who selected a Pirate for Launch Day and he responded with this.

    We're trying to get it in for launch. If it doesn't make it, then we'll figure out how to solve that potential issue. At the moment, all efforts are to get it in for launch!

    So take that and guess what it may mean guys! Have fun and remember its only 8 days till release!

  • Hey everyone!!

    I'm very happy to hear that the team is working on the 'Save' feature that so many people (myself included) have requested. Really, really hoping it makes it into the game as Joe said by launch.

    The only thing I wonder is - if it doesn't make it into the game by launch and let's say 2 weeks later, will there be a way to change the look (perhaps a one time change) in game?

    I doubt people would want to delete their progress just to be able to roll a new character when the feature is included if it doesn't make it in by launch.

    Curious how they'll go about handling it!

    ~ Captain Jay
    The Crow's Nest

  • @armament-jay
    Hello Captain Jay, Great Videos and keep them up! I believe he was hinting towards that but don't take it as fact as the moment! I think he hinted that there may be a chance for those who chose pirates on launch day to reselect if the feature is added after, but 'tis be only speculation!

  • I don't dislike the IPG system, only thing that bothered me on this final beta was that after some time i noticed that my pirate looked "too nice", i think because of the eyes expression, and i couldn't really see that when picking because of the pose on the carrousel :/
    poses are fun and all, but sometimes gets hard to see some features on the pirate cuz of them.
    The other thing was the hair color, it would make sense you could change that in game, and i hope we'll see that at launch, or even a little after.

  • Rare needs not worry about 1000 Jack Sparrow lookalikes. 8 years of tested proof I have to this.

    @Rare-Employee Ahoy Commanders at Rare and fellow Captains of the Sea of Thieves,

    I know there has been quite a quandary in the forums about reasons why Rare wants to go with this IPG. One mainly expressed reason has been to avoid 1000+ Jack Sparrows running around. I have played pirate games my whole life, one of which was a Pirate MMO game where you could make your own custom character looks at any time while playing, that’s right! At Any Time. Eyes, Face, Tatoos, etc... any time you wanted at any hour of the day.
    And guess what?!? After 8 years of playing the game (and it also was during the peak of popularity with the pirates of the Caribbean movies) I saw maybe one player who made themselves look like Jack Sparrow, and really I think I am stretching that maybe... Seriously no double Jacks or triple Jacks or 1000 Jacks... it just did not exist ever. Players actually had extremely unique looks and clothing and color (could change the color of any clothing item on a large-color-tone selection map)
    So any fear or discussion about Sea of Thieves getting 1000+ Jack Sparrows or whatever’s is completely proven to be unfounded.

    People made their pirates as unique and standout from others as much as possible... and that was wth extremely limited options compared to the Wonderful Amazing different options the Rare team has comprised up for Sea of Thieves.

    People will dig in deeper to your game if you give them the option to customize. They will feel connected and keep returning to your game and DLC items over and over again, not so much the case when forced to play a character that they did not get to design on their own.

    I know the Rare team has thought of many options and I am sure they have gameplans in place for if they did decide to implement full character customization. I know I know players being able to change every look and feature of their body at any given moment sounds scary but I have seen it in action in a Pirate MMO game and it brought nothing but happiness to the masses. if Rare has in-game things that will enshrine player’s character images either permanently or temporarily then let it just be what they looked like at the time they did it, no matter if they change their characters looks the next day or not.

    With character creation they could just have a letter or number assigned to each feature model Rare has designed for a player to choose from, e.g. Mouth A, Mouth B, Chin A, Chin R, Eyes T, Nose B, etc... That way everyone gets to see all the awesome designs the Rare team has made and will chose the ones they best want to play as.

    I agree with something said on the forums that the IPG isn’t going to add lots of diversity to the game because if 90% of players have already decided they want play a skinny/muscular Pirate then no matter how many cool old lady/big large guy pirates Rare’s IPG will make they will ALL be passed by and not given a look whist the players scour for hours upon hours to find and pick their skinny/muscular guy when they could have just spent briefer time making the pirate they are happy with and want to emerge into the game with and play for years.

    This will keep so many more players engaged and loyal to coming back to the game over and over again especially for any juicy DLC Rare cooks up down the line, which equals more word of mouth players coming in and buying the game and DLC content. Custom full control character making is Only Win Win Win for Rare and all players.

    If by chance there is those “Jack Sparrows”, well not to worry because that type of player will come and go so fast because they never were going to be around long anyways... and if they did decide to be around and if they have the option to customize face/body/height/etc... Then they will change away from their lemming ways and create their own unique looks to fully emerge and commit to this beautiful game of Sea of Thieves. And those who like the IPG, easy to solve, just give them a randomize character button in the corner, whilst the vast majority of us enjoy making a Pirate we can be fully proud and committed behind. We will love you ever the more for this and your game will prosper so much from it.

    Thank you all very much for taking the time to read this. Truly appreciate it.

    *Tiphat *
    Captain Sanguin

    Things raised up/ pointed out by other Captains:

    -Rare trying to avoid players just doing the default characters and entering game:

    A way to avoid the “Default and Go” that Rare seems to have mentioned would be to start every single person’s Character Select screen with one of those random generated pirates or an IPG wheel (but put an option to go to another screen and completely customize your pirate, which would also start with a random generated pirate)

    That way people who just care about click and go to game will have a unique pirate Rare gave them and didn’t do any “defaults”, cause they wouldn’t really exist without going out of their way to make.

    Been said that there might be some concern from Rare that players will just making “Hollywood Movie/ Magazine” Pirates:

    People who have their mind made up on wanting a “Hollywood Movie/Magazine Pirate” will just spend hours and hours of frustration (bad for game and for word-of-mouth purchases) until they find said unique character which they would have made anyways with far less frustration and much more happiness, which spreads to the word-of-mouth love for this game and dedication to Purchasing DLC stuff.
    I for one have always made all my characters and avatars look exactly like myself, even Wii Mii, its what I do, it’s who I am as a gamer. All my pirates in all my pirate games look just like me in my RL pictures. The point is, players should get to play immersive games the way they best like to emerge. It really is a win win for Rare to allow fully customizable characters... because the people who don’t want to do that will not care if people get to do it (cause they will have their automatic random generated characters) and the people who do care will be happy, very happy, and all will sing their praises of the game to the masses. The cost/reward for not having customization in hands of player is just too high to negate, imho

    -Rare just wants a certain look of uniqueness to their pirates:

    I do see what is being said about Rare’s possible desire with more spread of diverse looks... but I am telling you the proof is insurmountably out there that they will have enormous amount of unique characters regardless of letting people customize or randomly select from IPG... what they will find is that those IPG toons that are picked for the most part will end up really looking like only a select few of their mass options... e.g. “Skinny Muscle Pirates”... but with very upset not fully content players behind them, whereas player control customization would yield the same amount of “Skinny Muscle Pirates” but with Waaaaaaaaaay happier players behind them.

    and honestly the more control and access to switching at any moment the more you will have people doing different variations of pirates; therefore, bringing Much More uniqueness to the game, because with only “one choice one time” you will find much more same “Type Cast” Pirate then if you let people change their look any time any place so they feel more free to experiment with the jollier non-“Type Cast” pirates.

    Because when people only get “one shot” or even a “small handful” (as per being discussed by Rare of locking 4 character look options) they will still more often than not stick to their “Type Cast Pirate” it is only when you completely free it to be anytime any place that you will find more and more people willing to try something outside their comfort zone and “Type Cast Pirate” selection. Cause with only a “one-shot” permanent choice most people will go with the traditional “Type Cast” character because of the looming choice of eternity and not wanting any Buyer’s Remorse from choose a less “Type Cast” character.

    Another way to say is with a “one shot” ultimate choice scenario Rare will most often find that all those “temporary lock-ins” are “Type Casted” Pirates whereas “Any Time Any Place” in-game customizing access will have more and more players building very unique characters from the far ranges of the Rare Designer’s creation options. And people tend to do these far reaches out-of-ordinary “Typecast Pirate” comfort zones when they know their choices will not me permanent (even if they choose to keep those out of the ordinary looks forever, they did so with the option of changing being there)

    If the goal is to have a lot of “Designer’s Full Range Unique Characters” (old, skinny, fat, tall, short, women and men, etc) running around then I promise that giving “Any Time Anywhere” character customizing freedom is the best way to ensure the seas are full of their full design ranges.... because if players only get a one time choice they will most often choose a “Type Cast” character and then all Rare’s designers will miss out on seeing a lot of their hard worked range of looks being out there on the seas.

    The beauty of having Both an IPG and a Full customization “any time any place” option while in-game is... All WIN! The people who don’t care or don’t like lots of options (but maybe will someday), and those that do... All Win with both being implemented. Yaaargh!

  • @jamiethe1egend said in [Mega Thread] - Character Customisation & the 'IPG' (Part 2):

    Hello Captain Jay, Great Videos and keep them up! I believe he was hinting towards that but don't take it as fact as the moment! I think he hinted that there may be a chance for those who chose pirates on launch day to reselect if the feature is added after, but 'tis be only speculation!

    That would be the easiest way to do it as far as I can tell.
    That's how rockstar did it back when the game finally launched to PC and next gens, giving peeps options to start new, or port over and give their character a makeover. They did it again some years later when they gave their character system a overhaul, and then eventually you could just buy the option to give your character a makeover with in-game currency.

  • @jamiethe1egend I really hope they can get the bookmark feature it in for release day! I never felt a need for sliders, but I'm cautious about the idea that your selection being permanent and want to have a Pirate I'm happy with not one that I've chosen because I gave up spinning. This is a good step.

    On another note, I could also see new players not knowing things like hair, beards, hook, and peglegs, can all be changed. I wonder if there will be message at Character Selection explaining what can be changed. It could be hard for some people to look past certain features.

  • Has there any word if we will be able to have multiple saved characters? It would be nice to have a dashing hero one, but also have a big fat cutthroat one depending on my play mood. That would also give me incentive to play more progressing several characters instead of only one. (Like Diablo 3 allows you to have several saved characters.)

  • @pikaaroon
    I like the IPG, but I don’t want to use it. I think it’s great for people that don’t want to take the time to create a pirate themselves. There are a lot of people who don’t want their pirate to look like them and just want to play. This is where the IPG will come in handy, but myself, I want to create a pirate who looks like me.

    I spent about 10 minutes in the final beta using the IPG and never saw anything I really loved. I’d get one with the right face but the wrong body, or the right body and the wrong skin color, the right everything accept for the eyes are p**p brown...

    Please Rare don’t give us an amazing game and take away our creativity just because your so proud of your new idea. To be honest the randomize character option is in most games already, it just doesn’t do a fancy spin around and reveal for us...

    My final thought is... IPG is cool if you don’t want to make your own character, but we should ultimately be able to choose if we use it or take our time with sliders... the community seems to feel the same as I do.

    Your game still rocks though guys!!

  • @maximillianzeus
    If they don’t give us sliders to make our own pirates, this guys idea is honestly the best I can think of. Good job putting this together, I hope Rare takes your idea into consideration!
    Hope to see you on the high seas mate!!

  • @gareeet Exactly my point Capt’n Gareeet! Given a choice to make your character look anyway you like at “any time any place” while in game will see more people open to moving away from their first choice “dashing character” to experiment with their character having larger or older or less “dashing” looks... and too be honest might even learn to love and always be that less “dashing” character. But it is that choice of freedom to choose at any time any place that lead them there. This is what some of the Devs at Rare might be overlooking... they think that people will come to the conclusion to try a Non-“Dashing” character one the IPG with a One-Time pick looming over their heads when they lean to “Dashing Pirates” naturally. (I know not everyone, but a lot, whole lot are like this)... I have seen for years how total freedom to change character appearance at any time and any place while in game provides the environment with much more Unique characters cause people will be more open to try new looks and enjoy the vast options the Rare game designers have made.

    @Rare-Employee please consider this logical observation it’s both valid and sound from years of playing an “Any Time Any Where” Pirate MMO game.

    @GareeeT your idea of having multiple slots of characters that a player can go back and forth between is a good one, I guess it would be a lesser compromise for those wanting the “Any Time Any Place” customization for ultimately ensuring having more unique “wide range body looks” characters in-game.

  • @wesley-sanguin It just makes more sense to me for different play styles. I'd probably want a separate character for when I'm playing with my wife, but when I'm playing alone or with a random crew I'd want something that could have more independant progression available so I wouldn't get too far ahead of her. (or visa versa)

  • @gareeet I do see what you mean by different characters having different progressions... that is indeed the more traditional aspect; However, I was looking at it as being a compromise from Rare to have their IPG being used and people can have multiple skins from the IPG that they can choose to enter the game in that also have their progressions linked. It’s like having the ability to change your character’s look but had done so with using the IPG to have that “other look” available.

    That being said, it would be a compromise for players who would rather have all of Rare’s face and body designs be selectable in a player customization screen either when starting a game or even better “any place any time”.
    *and those body/face features could be tied in the code to only have certain look options available to certain face and body types (to avoid any comically unreal mix and mash)

  • @jamiethe1egend Its gota be in there, if it isn't it would be a huge s***u to give other ppl a chance to reroll their pirate. JUST GET IT IN THERE. Also.. I am really impressed they decided to add this. Gona make my life way easier... or harder.. I may search for days now instead of finally picking one to take a chance on haha

  • please add a radio box in settings to hide exclusive content from your game. ex: a player with an exclusive skin equipped would appear with a random skin that is unlockable instead

  • Is there anyway we can include some epic wolf based ship and character customization. Cant get into my character without it. PLUS, we need the joys of playing this in the background...

  • @pikaaroon I've heard rumors of micro-transactions coming into the game and that they will only be cosmetic. I love the idea but I just wanna suggests that the cosmetics should be able to be obtained through grinding the game. the reason why i say grind instead of play is because if you can get the skins easily there will be no reason to buy the chests and the skins will basically have no value.

    you guys have the ability to introduce loot boxes in a new way. RARE could add mechanic were a clothes merchant can give you special quests to find these loot boxes. There could be a number of different routes you could take with these quests. for example, some timed missions testing the player/crew's wit allowing them to get mass chests for doing well.
    Something could be done with this mission similar to the skeleton raids you could put a beacon on these missions to attract the players together promoting more pvp, the most fun part of the game.

    another idea i had was to have a special map given by the merchant that updates every time you collect a chest and it gives you a new location for you to sail to, but the ocean is providing a challenge for the player/crew, I.E intense storms,or pve combat increasing in difficulty as you do the missions. As a sailor i loved the sailing part of this game but i didn't run into many challenges while sailing (aside from combat) and i think it would be cool to challenge the average player and reward those players that can work the ocean really well.

    I also have some ideas with a trading system. The players can collect these high value items and trade with other players to get things that they want. not only does a trading system bring the community closer its also adds incentive to run these challenging quests and pay for these loot boxes. overall i think that it would be beneficial to the community and to RARE as a company

  • Don't like this Character creation. Spent 45 minutes trying to get a cool character. In the end I gave up. I'm sure theirs plenty of people like me who wish to create their and customize their character. one of the whole point of playing games is to visualize yourself in the game or at least make a character who you wish you could be. I think the generator should stay like in all customize character game as a randomizer for people who don't care but they should atleast allow people to customize their characters looks with sliders.

  • @zeltrax3000
    I'm curious, now that they have announced that you will be able to lock pirates you like in the IPG up to a total of 8. Giving you a bit more choice, and control. Is this a good enough compromise to you?

    A compromise that in my eyes still holds onto why they created the IPG, making people leave their comfort zone a little bit. While still giving players more control over who they end up with. Rather than always thinking, the next one might be just ahead. You can now save up to 8 characters.

15 out of 70