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  • Ahoy Forum Community! As you all know, Sea of Thieves is an open, shared world adventure game (or SWAG) rich with detailed locations to explore, objectives to pursue, and other players to interact with!

    From the Sea of Thieves Home Page:

    Sea of Thieves is a new type of multiplayer game that delivers all you need to live the free-roaming pirate life. Whether adventuring as a group or sailing solo, you'll encounter other crews... but will they be friends or foes, and how will you respond?

    Whether you want to be an explorer searching for treasure, new lands - or new friends, or a cutthroat searching for your next plunder and the notoriety it may bring, the magic of Sea of Thieves is that it allows for many types of players to create shared experiences.

    It has been exciting to see a wide range of discussions around player preference and experience that revolve around multiple play types! However, some of these topics are beginning to devolve from constructive debates and personal feedback/opinions based on in game experiences into antagonistic diatribes that target individual players and groups.

    Starting from today, the Global Moderators and Deckhands will be redirecting and locking topics related to the following subjects into their own mega-threads to allow other discussions to be cultivated and not overwhelmed.

    As a reminder, the Pirate Code is not just guidelines (though the reference really never gets old), but the rules of the community and game that we expect all members to abide by when participating on the forums. Any member who fails to abide by the code may find themselves put in the brig, or removed from the community.

    Thank you.

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  • Yay, thank you so much for this!
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  • Awesome, this is very much needed. Hopefully my Ignoring button will get a bit of a break!

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  • @avecrux said in Ship spawn camping reduction idea:

    @bloodfrenzy187 people will be less douchebags when there will be mission who requires 2 crews to make it. I think that is the point of making people more kind cos enemy of my enemy is my friend

    THERE NEEDS TO BE CO OP MISSIONS BETWEEN CREWS! If there are never reasons to co operate the game will devolve into griefing killfests ala pubg and ark survival

  • Thanks! Mega-threads will make it a lot easier to keep up on all of these posts. Hang in there mods, you're doing great!

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  • PvP versus PvE = PVP plz don't get this pirate started. Don't charge your game based on pacifists complaining about griefing life is hard deal with it. But this is a game not life. Its a game played it life still life.

    Cross Play - Keep it controller vs mouse + keyboard not chances but there still some that can have chance like flintlocks vs M1 grand still chance. Don't get rid cross play will uttlerly change the game

    Safe Zones - it could be done but should bemore than 20 feet around NPC on outpost not the entore island no baby game plz.

  • @rumwizard Make sure you add your feedback for each individual topic in the links in the first post.

    This is just an announcement :)

  • Be nice if other sites took note of this.

  • @khaleesibot hi I’m Luke and I think that the idea of safe zones would be a great way to make friends or meet players Maybe with a menu to ask if they would like to board your ship if you have 3 players or are playing by your self so it would be a great way to meet new people and voyage with others

  • I am new to forums and don’t necessarily know where to post this.... I want to recommend a mechanic of the game to the developers. Something as simple as tossing loot or gunpowder barrels overboard. On XBOX the LT button has no reserve function when holding a chest/barrel. This mechanic could be utilized when you are raiding another ship to throw loot overboard for your crew to pick up or if you are being chased you can toss gunpowder overboard for potential traps against the aggressor chasing you. I don’t expect to be able to throw it far, just barely over the railing if you’re at the edge of the railing. Possibly a 1 meter distance. This will not be used as an alternate way to transport them on foot because you would then have to pick it back up so there should be no possible way to exploit this mechanic. Other ideas I have that I hope are already in game are being able to customize your ship, name your ship, and to name your crew. As well as a crew manager menu to invite or requests to join. Possible alliances to form a Fleet and captain and admirals too. If I am posting this in the wrong place please let me know and try and get this to the RARE team. Thank you for taking the time to read this since I have been unable to provide beta feedback.
    P.S. we formed a impromptu Fleet by saving another pirate from his crew that locked him in the brig for hours with the help of two other crews. bolded text#FreeKENJIN (YouTube video of the Fleet.)

  • @cwright02 Ahoy there and welcome to the forums! You can post all you like about your ideas and anything game related in the Sea of Thieves Discussion category. Many of the things you talk about also have megathreads, which you can find using the search function. As for you original recommendation, I'm proud to say that you can already drop treasure or gunpowder barrels (boom booms, colloquially) overboard. In fact, one of the main uses proposed for boom booms is to throw them off the back and shoot them when a chasing ship is near. One last tip for you as you join us in the discussion: To make some text bold, be sure to highlight it first then press the B. If you prefer to use your own typing just put the text you want bold in between 2 asterisks on each side. Like this. You can also check to make sure it works with the comment preview on the right-hand side on computer. :D Thanks for joining and Fair Winds to ye!

  • I'm sorry if I put this in the wrong spot, and I know you all nade you decision already about this topic, but you should get a Deluxe edition for sea of thieves for $150 and if you buy that, you get the black dog pack and you start off as a legendary pirate captain with a few thousand gold to help customize your ship, you will probably say no because you want everyone to start off on the same foot, but I just wanted to throw that idea out their

  • @khaleesibot is the beta down for maintenance

  • @youngguns9 The Scale Test ended, mate. We'll have to wait for the next session. :(

  • @whenkoalasattak when would that be

  • @youngguns9 We have no official news yet. Just "Before release". Keep an eye on the forums! You can also follow @khaleesibot to stay up to date with the latest info as soon as it releases! :D

  • @khaleesibot said in Introducing Official Forum Mega-threads!:

    ...Starting from today, the Global Moderators and Deckhands will be redirecting and locking topics related to the following subjects into their own mega-threads...

    Wondering where the list of subjects is? I was trying to see if there was a topic I was interested in discussing already had a Mega-thread.

  • I followed this game before it was even a game back when it was only an idea of a 30 second preview when the xbox one was new I then found the name of it a year before E3 showing all my friends trying to get them to support you guys. Then when the closed Alpha was able to sign I was one of the first I told all my friends to join. To my surprise one by one they where all selected for the closed Alpha but not I. I even signed up again nothing. I decided even now after being thrown aside by your team that for what ever reason decided I wasn't worth jack to try the last forum of the closed beta to try to find love for something I saw this whole way through to only to spawn in and get killed repeatedly on my ship over and over unable to even leave the dock because they where able to kill me before I could even fully spawn in. I will never support or buy one of your products ever again [mod removed]!

  • JOIN the xbox live club "THE HURDY GURDY" TODAY, we sea sea fairing folk, all need a place to find shipmates this is a club exclusively on xbox, anyone and everyone is welcome. Join "THE HURDY GURDY" TODAY!
    ![alt text](image url)

  • @UNTIRING-PRIDE Hello mate, I am sorry that you're having a bad experience with the respawning system. If you'd like to add your thoughts to one of the other threads regarding the respawn system I encourage you to do so!

    Also, just a heads up, swearing on the forums is not permitted here as such I have deleted your post.

  • So I really think that pets should a near update ☺️ like a little monkey or parrot that could just sit on your shoulder or something cool like that!

  • Hi Rare Team,

    Id like to put forward a few things.....

    I find it is crazy that the game is only 9GB at launch... This gives me an immense feeling that the rest of the game (the other 45GB or so, which usual games are) is going to be locked behind dlc downloads... this will kill the game.

    We need bigger crews! (8 player boats!)

    FISHING!!! ( pirate game without fishing?!?!?!)

    We need to achknowledge we have killed someone!

    We need enemy NPC boats sailing and units on empty islands!!!!

    More varity of quests, maybe a sea hunting one where we have to hunt whales for meat or sharks for teeth??

    Fortnite has set some high expectations for games now. They are rolling out free updates weekly and patching whilst doing it. The game is free so i think the gaming community feels as if this is the way forward for games especially ones you pay for. I think the rare team needs to follow this example otherwise i can see the player base dropping dramatically in the next few months (dont say i didnt warn you! xD)

    I have heard you will be listening to the community suggestions so i hope you guys hear me out because im sure im not the only one. The game is great but the examples above will greatly improve the game!

    Thank you Rare Team,

    Fellow pirate, Wiinkso

  • Crew/Ship sizing thread needed. When I played I found that you could get around with the sloop just fine with 2 people, yet it seemed 3 would be perfect and even 4 would be an okay use of its space to make it feel full and yet still having a job for each shipmate. Likewise the Gallion shouldn't be the required ship for a 3 person crew, but a 4 person, and even then there is more than enough space. I think an optimal crew for it would be 5-6 players.

  • Let’s make this game a hit that last forever! Quick list of a few things that would improve it;
    *Drop in multiplayer. The main menu being the ONLY way to play with friends even when you were on a galleon with a crew then they leave and now you on that galleon alone! When you can easily add a friend or 2 and stay in the action.
    *Upgradable gear that only effect PVE like stronger swords and better weapons. The Skelly’s are overpowered in the forts and never miss you with shots. Other crews just fight us instead of helping
    *Social hub safe zones where pirates can’t kill eachother. Like maybe the outpost are a bit less about dropping off loot and leaving as fast as possible so that you won’t get “snuck up on” by camping players just there to take loot. The community as of now does not incentivize working with other pirate crews so you find yourself fighting everything.
    *“Pirate mystery story” Faction voyages that really just involves you and your crew discovering the mystery behind the world we are playing in. Gold is earned directly rather than loot that most likely will get stolen. I love this game and I love social experiences and I think most people on Xbox could agree with social gaming being the way forward.

  • I think the addition to sea monster hunting would be a great addition making missions to hunt some beasty then get some special loot specific to the kill

  • I have bought games to get pre order bonus but have not received it ???

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