Locked Thread! But Why?

  • im in a new account for some reason

  • @Goldengamer7737 Try logging out of the forums, clearing your browser cache, and logging back in.

  • @DHG-IXxRMACxXI i tryed its not working

  • @Goldengamer7737 Are you logged into xbox or microsoft or any email server right now? You will need to log out of all of them and clear your cache. Which gamertag did you sign up under?

  • @DHG-IXxRMACxXI im sign in on wallnutbell3868

  • @Goldengamer7737 Okay can you post in the thread below with your OS and Browser and the Rare team will investigate when they can.


  • @DHG-IXxRMACxXI im in my account

  • @Goldengamer7737 Can you log out of everything, and clear your browser cache. Including logging out of the forums and any other sites you're logged in to.

  • @DHG-IXxRMACxXI im fine

  • @Goldengamer7737 but you said you're on the wrong account?

  • Very Helpfull

  • Thx for the clarification.

  • Could I get a PM when someone gets a chance, I Seemed to of screwed my insider account up.

  • @iLLUMiNATi-oDm Sent you a PM mate

  • So why is the tavern contest one locked when I should still have at least a couple hours to post my entry

  • @tosted-bagel It's locked because it's past 11:59PM BST at this point.

  • @dhg-ixxrmacxxi that would have been nice to know. The post just send end of today (which still today in the U.S.) I've been in a wifi desert until now just in time to be shafted by time zones

  • @tosted-bagel apologies mate, I believe it was mentioned in one of the posts after the initial one, there are hundreds of posts so I do see how it was missed.

  • Most times will be listed as BST, as that is the timezone for Rare.

  • All quite obvious now that I read it

  • Oh wow, This was very helpful. Thanks

  • @pikaaroon Maybe this needs to be highlighted to the all the new members

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