Locked Thread! But Why?

  • @GregThaChozen1 by any chance have you signed up for the insider program? If you haven't, sign up Here. If you have already completed the registration, it might be a case of needing to close your browser, clear your cache and rejoin us.

  • thanks guys, got that!

  • @Pikaaroon im sorry, i will try not to do this again

  • @ComboUsa1929 It wasn't aimed at you don't worry :) Things just got very busy round here.... @Pikaaroon is just trying to help the mods direct people to FAQs.

  • @ComboUsa1929 hey bud!

    No worries no need to apologise.
    We try not to lock everything but for obvious E3 related reasons we are seeing a lot of activity and need to try and maintain some order.

    Thanks for understanding.
    Welcome aboard again! Happy to have you here 😊

  • @Pikaaroon ok, i will give you alot of feedback keep up the hard work it will soon pay off.

  • @Pikaaroon I'm definitely guilty of FOMO, I clicked right on through the NDA portion, where can I find the specifics of what we can/can't talk about, screenshot or stream?

  • @RedBear-N-Aaron

  • While I understand the need to keep things nice and tidy. Pushing everyone into a singular thread for a particular topic can completely bury your posts under the onslaught of other posters posting in that thread. Effectively burying your opinion. Obviously you need to lock threads that are spam, but I think having a few threads dedicated to certain topics would be much better than one mega thread. Just my thoughts.

  • @WD-Hawkeye You make some valid points. To which I agree 100% and in our defense, we do leave a majority of topics active with similar content normally.

    Although expect some heavy amounts of locks during the E3 madness though. But once the waters settle we will resume as per normal.

    If ever you have something locked which you feel wasn't necessary just shoot the @Deckhands a message so we can discuss and possibly hand over the key.

    Enjoy the stay! Welcome aboard.

  • Thank you for the info mate

  • @Runic Thanks Buddy!

  • Game is gonna me lit

  • Ah. this makes sense, that's one thing I just can't get my head around, why do people ignore the search feature on the forums? Any forum for that matter, it's such a useful tool and can help you a lot if you're lost.

  • Thanks for letting me know what I did wrong. Thanks :)

  • I've been waiting over a year since I saw the game play at e3 2016 for this, looks amazing and can't wait to go pillaging with a crew 😊Arrrrrr me hardies.

  • I too, am still waiting patiently 😉 It is really hard to do when my friends get the Alpha to try and they signed up after I did. But hopefully it won't be much longer till I can play this delightful game. (Hurry)

  • @xEpicPhantomx asking for followers is something we do not encourage, as such your post has been removed.

    Apologies. No harm meant by it. Promise to be a more responsible contributor from here on out.

  • thanks for explaining! makes sense!

  • As a new fellow myself to forums thank you for the heads up it is always appreciated to get helpful feedback

  • Thanks for the help

  • I hope im allowed to play it someday in the next 4 years!

  • @LightTurtle4682 As an insider you are even allowed to play it in the next few months :D

  • Good to know.

  • @Deckhands There should be away to sticky a thread to the top of each forum. If there already is then disregard this lol

  • @w0mack There is if you browse via the categories... it just doesn't show in the recent/unread lists.

  • @w0mack

    There are a few threads that we have stickied for each category, if you go through the categories instead of recent or unread they will show up at the top there. They should have a slight green background to them!

  • Obrigada pela explicação

  • Thanks for the heads up.

  • @Pikaaroon Are censored cuss words allowed?

  • @SkullJ2 Thanks for the question, the answer is no.

    Mainly because Sea of Thieves will be hitting a wide audience of players and some of those may be a little younger than most.

    Even though you have gone to the effort to censor the words a lot of the time they are easily deciphered. It's easier to just forego the colourful language to avoid a Deckhand [mod removed]-ing your post.

  • @Pikaaroon Oh, uh, I got to go change something real quick.

    Oh, wait? What was that? Never mind was just going fishing :)

  • @SkullJ2 HAHAHA - We saw nothing ;) awesome work.

    Thanks for understanding, plus we want to support a positive, polite pack of pirates (community) the language is unnecessary, normally I swear like an Australian sailor but I've managed to keep things PG for the past twelve months on the boards and I know we can all do the same. What you do/say behind the scenes (in game) is up to you.

  • well this helped I cant wait to get on deck and join you other pirates! I'm really excited to play this game!

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