Locked Thread! But Why?

  • Ahoy thar Fo'Rum!

    You may have noticed the recent increase in user accounts and activity across the forum and with that activity you may have also noticed more and more threads being Locked by the Deckhands.

    Well the @deckhands and I thought it was about time we listed in detail our rationale behind Locking particular threads.

    Firstly let me begin by saying if your posted thread is on the receiving end of a Lock, please don't take it personally, because it's not.

    As Deckhands, it's our job to assure that active conversations and threads are being promoted and that new users are being directed to where the action is.

    We understand the excitement new users must feel when logging into the FoRum for the first time and the amount of content can be somewhat overwhelming, just remember that we were all "new users" once and so we also understand that it's extremely tempting to just dive in and start posting "new" threads with your questions and suggestions.

    But before posting a new thread consider the following to avoid your thread being Locked.

    Things that qualify for a Lock (with descriptions):

    • Posting Duplicate Threads
      Posting the same question or topic in multiple Categories or posting multiple threads with variations of the same title can be considered as SPAM.

    • Posting Duplicate Topics
      Over the forums lifespan we have seen lots of unique discussion topics but there are some topics that are being frequently asked which creates clutter to legacy users and it can be repetitive. Typically a Deckhand (or a forum member) will redirect you to an active thread of the same topic before locking your thread.

    • Posting Closed Statements or Comments
      Creating a new thread and simply saying "I'm excited for this game! Woo!" isn't going to cut it. Try turning that statement into a conversation topic, as long as that conversation doesn't break the aforementioned conditions.

    • Posting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
      Let's face it, we all have questions. Some of those questions are more common than others. If you post a question thread and it has been answered we will likely lock it. With that in mind the Deckhands came up with the First Port of Call in an attempt to address some of those FAQ's about the game.
      It's an extremely helpful resource but it won't answer every question, so in the instance where you still have questions unanswered we ask that you avoid creating a question thread and rather find a thread with a similar subject matter and ask it there. You would be surprised how quickly someone answers your question. If all else fails, message one of the Deckhands directly and we will see what we can do.

    • Neglecting to Search / Check Recent Posts
      We find that when big announcements are made about Sea of Thieves multiple threads of the same subject are posted. We ask that before posting a new thread that you check the Recent posts to see if someone has already made your intended thread and attempt to do a Search. Although at the moment we are aware that the Search function is a little quirky.

    • Violating the Forums Terms and Conditions OR an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
      For details on Forum Guidelines, please refer to this thread here.
      During the development of Sea of Thieves, some information disclosed to you may be protected by an NDA and some conversations may also be restricted to take place in specific locations throughout the forum. Before posting, please check that your thread or topic is being posted in the correct Category.

    Thank you for reading the above conditions, moving forward I hope that we can all work together to keep the Sea of Thieves Fo'Rum looking shipshape!

    No Prey, No Pay.
    Swabbie AaronLeigh Pikaaroon - Deckhand

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  • "I'm excited for this game, woo!" lol

  • Keep up the good work deckhands!

  • Nicely done, Aaron.

  • @TheAaronLeigh once again you lay out a great xplanation to keep the negative Nancy at bay! I appreciate yours and all our deckhands work.

  • @TheAaronLeigh

    It's been a long time coming but, better late than never...

    Here's my advice for the Deckhands: "Rock out with your lock out."

    (edited to add)

    "I'm excited for this game! Woo!"

  • about blasted time! (8'D
    alt text

    seconds dill's advice #rockoutthelockout

  • Update 12/12/16

    • Added the condition "Posting Frequently Asked Questions" and description.
  • Thank you for the info...was wondering why many threads were locked...

  • @TheAaronLeigh thanks for all the work the deckhands do. everytime I have a question or need info someone always helps me out

  • @THEPLAGUE84 You're very welcome! We do in fact, enjoy what we do :D

  • @KattTruewalker well thanks. especially yourself. you have answered every single question I have put on here. its good to have people with reliable and good information on here. it makes the forum so much better and easier to use

  • I call for a mutiny @deckhands . Lets make them walk the plank. Who do this Deckhands think they are? Trying to keep things neat and organized.
    Who's with me?

  • Yay some organization, love it!

  • @TheAaronLeigh Can other people become Deckhands or is that not possible anymore.

  • @WaldoTehStoner said in Locked Thread! But Why?:

    @TheAaronLeigh Can other people become Deckhands or is that not possible anymore.

    I don't believe that has been discussed at this point, though I'm sure as our community continues to grow who knows what the future will bring.

  • @JediKnightXIII Okay, can I be an honorary deckhands? xD

  • @TheAaronLeigh Thanks for the info, keep up the great work @Deckhands.

  • Thank you for the info! Was confused for a second.

  • @Sgt-USMC-68 Hi! Sorry, what are you referring to?

  • He had a post where multiple people expressed they didn't understand what he had written. The post was quite difficult to understand what he was trying to say and seemed kinda pointless I guess.

  • @IOnEI-Falcon I believe he's talking about this thread right here: https://www.seaofthieves.com/forum/topic/4430/my-future-sea-of-thieves
    It looks to fall under the Posting Duplicate Topics and Neglecting to Search / Check Recent Posts clauses.

  • @Daimyo-DoriMa Ah yeah okay. Cool, thanks! I sent him a private message so we will go from there.

  • Thx. I got informed I was mentioned, so jump on to see what it was about to be greeted with a tread which had been edited by mods and also locked. So I couldn't see what the mention was about, let alone reply to anything
    Is this good work? Seriously I don't know. You'd think it was, but what if it was important. IDK, just saying.
    Really hope this forum doesn't end up full of rubbish, spam and immature snowflakes like the Sony PlayStation Forums
    Fingers crossed

    Kind regards

  • Hey! @RSebire

    Cheers for letting us know, by what you are describing I would say that you were falsely tagged in a thread along with hundreds of other users. The @Deckhands and I are acting quickly on people who are taking advantage of a forum feature to promote a thread or post, which essentially spams a vast majority of users.

    Sorry to have wasted your time. In the future this should be less of an issue.

    Thanks for understanding, any questions let me know.

    AaronLeigh - Deckhand.

  • HEY!!!
    Join if you want to play or chat

  • @Str8-Villains Hey!! I think it will be good for you to become insider ;)

  • @Str8-Villains said in Locked Thread! But Why?:

    Join if you want to play or chat

    Hey mate glad to have you here! I mean absolutely 0 offense but this is the weirdest place to put this post lol!

  • I can't wait to play! This has got to be EPIC guys! Good luck for a speedy Alpha, Beta and Final Release!

  • @Sk1tz0phr3n1X hey, glad you are excited! I noticed the lack of insider badge under your name. If you are 18 years old or over, and you haven't already, it would be a brilliant idea to sign up Here. If you have already completed the registration, it might be a case of needing to close your browser, clear your cache and rejoin us! Being an insider grants you access to the insider section if the forum and also allows you to get the chance to be picked for the SoT Technical Alpha when they announce their sessions!

  • I logged in through the insider link, I believe your badge assumption to be correct. I applied for the alpha. At least I think I did. LOL

  • @Pikaaroon I've noticed people are asking questions that aren't necessarily FAQ's and once they get answered a deckhand closes it. So maybe add that as a reason on this post.

  • @WaldoTehStoner We do tend to lock topics that have a specific question and when answered no longer encourages discussion.

  • 👍thanks guys!

  • @GregThaChozen1 said in Locked Thread! But Why?:

    👍thanks guys!


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