Community Ambassadors - The Deckhands

  • The Deckhands act as Community Ambassadors in the Sea of Thieves Community.
    They are officially active in the Sea of Thieves Forums, Official Xbox Clubs and Verified Discord.

    As Community Ambassadors, their responsibilities include:

    • Co-operating with Rare staff in upholding community guidelines.
    • Moving and locking topics when appropriate.
    • Flagging breaches of conduct with Rare admins (e.g. NDA breaches, toxic behaviour).
    • Offering help and assistance to community members who need it.
    • Collating feedback from the community and sharing it with the development team.
    • Facilitating community fun through giveaways and #seaoftease.

    As we work closely with the Deckhands and speak to them daily, we regularly discuss certain information ahead of time in preparation for events, shows and policy or process changes. This allows them to better anticipate high-traffic periods in the community and to provide more accurate information to community members in need of assistance.

    The Deckhands are not the official voice of the studio, but we do want the community to put their trust in them as they will happily do all they can to help you with the information that we provide them!

    It should be noted that our Deckhands are under NDA and should not be pressed or harassed for information.


    Meet the Deckhands!

    KattTruewalker - Forum Deckhand

    lizalaroo - Forum Deckhand

    IOnEI Falcon - Forum Deckhand

    JediKnightXIII - Forum Deckhand

    Pikaaroon - Forum Deckhand

    DHG IXxRMACxXI - Forum Deckhand

    tartansnake-8 - Forum Deckhand

    II Mikez II - Club Deckhand

    Taydoge Swift - Discord Deckhand

    Is there a Deckhand in my Time Zone?


    EUROPE (United Kingdom)

    OCEANIA (Australia, New Zealand)

    How can I help the Deckhands?

    As the Deckhands are fulfilling their roles voluntarily out of their dedication to both Sea of Thieves and the community, please be as supportive of them as possible!
    You can do this by:

    • Abiding by the Forums and Official Xbox Clubs Terms of Service and Guidelines.
    • Following our Community Pirate Code.
    • Being co-operative and understand that they are working as an extension of the official Rare moderator staff.
    • Working together to make sure the Sea of Thieves community remains welcoming.
    • If you’re not sure about something, don’t hesitate to ask them questions.
    • Use the “@Deckhand” tag on the Forum!

    The Deckhands are here to help not only us but the community as well. The team here at Rare has put our trust in them to maintain a positive atmosphere on the Forums and the Official Xbox Clubs to provide you the most accurate information available, so do your best to support them!

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