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  • Avast ye scurvy dogs and landlubbers!

    Fortune is looking for able-bodied lads and lasses to sign up for a myriad of adventures on the Sea of Thieves!


    Are you looking for a group to help you find fame, wealth, and power? Then look elsewhere! But if you’re looking for a group of fun-loving, talented pirates who love to have a great time on the high seas, then look no further than FORTUNE!

    Fortune is now recruiting all new and old pirates alike who want to get more out of their Sea of Thieves experience! With a revamped Discord and all new organization, Fortune is set to take on whatever the seas may give.

    I. What is Fortune?

    Fortune is a Union of Pirates. We bring together all the buccaneers from all over the seas and get them drunk enough to think that taking on Karen with their bare hands is a good idea!

    We help each other and other fleets in the semi-weekly SoTs events and have worked with other fleets, small and large, to create and implement our own events, such as:

    The Grand Odyssey

    Skullball League: Calavera Cup

    Brigatta: A Fortune Race

    Fortune is the very First Pirate Union on the Sea of Thieves! Legends and Sailors, we have your backs!

    • Our Goals

    Fortune seeks to provide the Pirates with a multitude of emotion filled and thrill enducing adventures! To further this goal, we believe that we must listen and respond to our Community's needs!

    Furthermore, we will be holding Community Events that are available to everyone but also, more importantly, events made by and for Fortune associates!

    • Ok, I’m sold. Where do I sign up?

    Well, just join the discord and fill out our questionnaire (stated below) upon arrival. You’ll be given entry to the union in no time and be able to set up your preferred role and find yer crew! Just make sure ye meet a few requirements:

    (x) - You are 18+
    (x) - You follow Rare’s Pirate Code, to the t.
    (x) - You are fun-loving and ready to party on the seas


    Can you please provide us with your gamertag?:
    How old are you?:
    Are you a Pioneer?:

    Fortune - The Union makes us strong!

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  • @siriondb now this is an announcement!!! Well stated and put together I'm down to join but only if I get my raggedy,cracked out,terets squawking parrot with my seriously where do I cut my finger to sign in blood.

  • @iceman-0007

    I'll send you the appropriate forms! You'll have to sign here, here and here!


    Welcome aboard Icey!

  • @SirioNDB It's certainly a wonderful Idea to get people used to the game in a pirate friendly environment.
    I'd be glad to join you on your journey through the sea of thieves ;)

  • @bennyxgaming

    And I would love to join you on yours, Benny! I hope you're ready for it!

  • @siriondb oh certainly, my one eyed friend ;)

  • @johnnf Another friendly Sailor shall join our ranks. I see no problem here :D

  • Are there like pirate reward points with my like tenth voyage I get a free grog refill 😜

  • @iceman-0007

    Show up to a Tavern night! I'll pay you as many Grogs as you want :D!

  • @siriondb @JohnnF @IceMan-0007 Ill pay the meal for everyone that can outrun me in a high sea sloop race

  • @bennyxgaming

    I would love to see you race against @DrBullhammer!

    Maybe in one of our Naval Races!!!

  • @siriondb Is @DrBullhammer part of our "Fortune"?

  • Count me in my friend! Also up for spreading those positive vibes to newbies and veterans alike!

  • @ii-mikez-ii

    Glad to see you on board Mikez! :D

    Fortune awaits!

  • @siriondb he @DrBullhammer is our special ops boarding weapon lol

  • @CrookedDealer00 joins Fortune!

    Neptune's minions grow stronger!

  • You know I'm signing up ;)

    Hello everyone!

  • count me in.

  • @SirioNDB count me in my good man.

  • I would be happy to join this and help if ever needed :)

    Been playing a while know my way around the game just a bit slow with being on the forums

  • @xdeiuxeeditionx yeah also started posting myself just recently. Nice to see another new guy on the forum.

  • @drbullhammer hahaha lol. Happened to me once ;)

  • @bennyxgaming
    Currently a little like bambi on ice, I have wanted to be in and active in the forums from day one. It's been a little daunting but I know the community here are all incredible. At least I know I'm not alone, que crindgy pirate matey cheer :,D

  • Well, this is going to be great!
    Can't wait to get my hands on the game and play with you guys

  • @drbullhammer it's a funny thing. You're the only person i remembered the name of, when we met ingame. I didn't know you before, didn't know you were so active on the forum , but for some reason i remembered your name.
    When you messaged me today i was like:
    "Wait a minute...ive seen him before" ;)

  • @drbullhammer
    Very true, I have been in complete awe of this whole experience and I look forward to helping introduce others in here to :)

  • @xdeiuxeeditionx

    I'm happy to know that you're interested in getting involved with Fortune!

    I hope to see you and everyone else soon in game!!

  • Here are a few pictures of Fortune's Flag!


  • @drbullhammer said in Fortune Smiles Upon You! - Join Us!:

    @siriondb said in Fortune Smiles Upon You! - Join Us!:


    I would love to see you race against @DrBullhammer!

    Maybe in one of our Naval Races!!!

    And race we shall! Disclaimer: I reserve the right to change the location of the finish line without warning.

    And by change the location of the finish line, he means steal it! Although he might leave you a treasure chest or two, if he is feeling generous.

  • @siriondb even tho i'm yet to set sail in SoT count me in, if that's OK? :)

  • @alfa23

    For sure! I hope you remembered to sign up before December 1st to get in the long-awaited December Play session. I can't wait, myself!

    I'll throw you an invite to the club on XBOX!

  • Nautical racing could be entertaining. Could do two race types, with and without combat. Or a 3rd type where you can fight, just not with cannon balls.

  • @Bandaido

    Or try to rig the race by having a stowaway that pulls the anchor of a rival team!


  • That's what I was thinking about non cannon ball combat. Basically as the ships race, the goal is to try and get one of your guys to the enemy anchor.

    Or even more complex races. Ships will race to a derelict ship, sink it and race back. This could be the new E-sport! and better yet with Grogg.

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