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  • "Legends say that Hydra, one of the most fearsome sea creatures, would be born from a dying dragon, which fell into the sea because the creatures of the sky wanted it most..."
    These words could be heard whispered, in those days, in the Tavern of Legends, there beneath Thieves Haven. Everyone knew that the Hidrastrix was now a myth, a story to be told as a bogeyman to new recruits frightened even by a simple skeleton without even a Keg.
    In those days, however, the Kraken had no longer been seen, the Megalodons had retreated into the depths, and a sort of fear hovered in the air, as if... as if they knew that he was returning...Meanwhile, a pirate was kept chained by many chains that forced him to the ground… or whatever. Only souls, screams, terror and desperation. He, who was a follower of Pendragon, what had happened? He barely remembered, days had passed, or who knows how long...
    "You," a voice said faintly, "... you still try to save glorious souls from oblivion?"
    The voice... it was recognizable. Pendragon. The man looked up and waited a few minutes. He... what did he want? He... yes, he still believed in his values. Yes, he wanted to save the values, and still believe in the spirit of the crew, in the spirit of the group... He still wanted to take back the Sea of ​​Thieves with those souls!
    He didn't have time to say "YES!" that the chains broke.
    "Your determination saved you... Pioshy" Said Pendragon "Go, and take back the Ashen Dragon, and your crew"
    In front of Pioshy loomed an open door... a leap into the sea of ​​the Damned and then the sun again. And a ship, His Ship, which had been entrusted to him for that mission: Bringing back the lost values ​​and the legendary spirit of the crew to that sea. With good manners.... or with the sound of cannon fire.
    Thus, Pioshy began his journey again, strong in his determination and his conviction, to search for all those souls, to reform his lost crew, and find all the ships of his fleet...
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