Capture a Code (UNOFFICIAL) Community Competition. Your Best 'Meg's a Munching' Screenshot.

  • Capstan: AM1R1601
    6 Pack: BigBoss1731


    Only one way to defeat a munch.

    Capstan: ThiccBash
    6-Pack: Very Heroic

  • CAPSTAN: vikypedia89
    6 PACK: CptFuriosa

  • Capstan: KKarimiri
    6-pack: AdmiraIHipster

  • Capstan - CapitanMangust, 6pack - MaranaMrr


    Six Pack: SeleneLykan
    Capstan: Gutraas

  • 6 pack: PSlCOPAZZO
    Capstan: PSlCOPAZZO

  • My Submission

    Wish me luck!

  • Capstan: BrkTheRipper

    6pack: BrkTheRipper

  • Bitten by the Mighty Shroud (

  • alt text

    Eat Lead!

    Capstan: CrudeGryphon380
    6 pack: CrudeGryphon380

  • link text

    Eat Lead!

    Capstan: CrudeGryphon380
    6 pack: CrudeGryphon380

  • "Feeling like Jonah"

  • Capstan: De4fff
    6-Pack: Hooggers

  • Merrick’s Final Rematch… Again.

  • 🦈🦈🦈

    Six pack: Sunnyyy9
    Capstan: CAPT GOLDZA

  • bağlantı yazısı

    Capstan: miyaweren
    6Pack: malenia xd

  • Capstan : LaCarotteRousse
    6 pack : LaCarotteRousse

  • It takes a bite or two to get this little muncher!

    Capstan: Vixen Yoshi
    6-Pack: Wreck9590

  • Meg's a Munching

    Capstan: Kpt Robercik
    6pack: NowyColorXD

  • Capstan: FantasticFruity
    6 - Pack: FantasticFruity

  • 'ello, beastie!

    Gamertag: PixlNico

  • 6 pack: tmsaaa7
    Capstan: TekZ XI

  • Every ship looks like a toy beside a meg!

  • Oi lubbers! Time to drop anchor so I can grab a coffee and sift through your lovely screenshots.

    Please pop back tomorrow for the winning result, honourable mentions and your next mission… should you choose to accept it.

67 out of 68