The long voyage for one ashen key

  • I have many great stories I could tell you, but my absolute favorite tale to tell was my five to six hour voyage for an ashen key so we could open an ashen chest.

    This happened back when I was a newish player, and at the time I had no idea that you could purchase a voyage for a ashen key, and I also thought you can only hand in ashen loot to the reapers. So yea this could have been a not so thrilling story.

      It started when I had logged on and I was doing my early warm up, completing a sea fort,  before I knew what I was gonna do. Just as I was sailing back to the outpost my friend joined. After a while of sailing back we saw a skele-ship in the distance. We decided we had some time and we fought it. We won the battle and started harpooning the loot on board, and that's when it started. We harpooned a ashen chest on board, but there was no key. 

    To remind you, this was when we were newish players so we didn't know a lot of stuff. So we sold everything but the ashen chest and decided to set out to find an ashen key. I decided we should sail to the devils roar and find an ashen key master. We were at sanctuary outpost which was on the opposite side of the map, so this was gonna be a long sail. Little did we know though that we would have to face a megalodon, a kraken attack, other players, and way too many storms.

    After a while of sailing we came upon a storm, we got through and we were spit out at the south west part of the wilds. There we were chased by a galleon, luckily the wind was in out favor allowing for a easy escape. After that we stopped at an island for supplies, on that island we killed a skeleton captain with a map. And what we dug up from the sand shore of that island surprised us.

    The first thing we dug up was a chest of rage, which we would later leave behind, and then the next thing we dug up was a stronghold gunpowder keg. We stared at it for a while and looked off in the distance at a skeleton galleon, and in our brains it was only right if we blew it up. We sailed straight toward it, I told my friend not to detonate the keg until I get far enough away. But he isn't a good listener. When he climbed onto the galleon he lit the keg immediately damaging our ship too. So I bucketed faster than I ever have and started yelling at him in the process. When he respawned he started bucketing as well. In the end though are ship was ok. But the yelling wasn't over.

    We anchored the ship and started yelling at each other, After a while I tried to set sail but he wouldn't let me because I had yelled at him. After a while he finally let the ship set sail. But I had forgot to check the sky. And not long after we kept sailing the ship came to a stop, and the water turned an inky black. Before we could even load the cannons eight tentacles came out of the water. We defended our ship, firing cannons,bailing out water, and repairing holes. But in the end the inky waters disappeared and we harpooned some kraken meat on board. My friend cooked it and handed a piece to me. We both took a bite at the same time and then scarfed it down.

    We finally made it to the devils roar and started to search every island for an ashen key master after a while we found one and unlocked the chest. We sold all the stuff at reapers hideout and took a little rest at an outpost. And right after that another one of my favorite stories happened.

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  • Oh yea I forgot to mention we encountered a megalodon on the way to reapers hideout

  • the keymap.......

  • At the time I was newish and I had no idea about any of that stuff

  • I wish I documented more about the beginning

    I don't remember a lot of the earlier experiences anymore

    some moments, but many of the details are gone, lost in the blur of prolonged piracy

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