Alliance / Group Faction Battle

  • Its happened a few times where you. spawn in as a solo sloop to battle only to be 3v1 by an alliance.

    Although funny at the time i dont believe its intended. However i do propose an addition to the system to improve it!

    Alliance Battles!

    So basically if you are in an alliance and you all opt in to battle you will be matched with others in alliances.

    If the other alliance members arent then you wont be hunted by rival faction so you cant gank the single ship that arrives to the slaughter.

    Therefore, the next time you are sailing with 4 alliance ships, when you want to battle you could well enter a battle between another alliance!

    Imagine, 4v4 battles with strangers you befriended? Would be awesome.

    Due to ship limit may need to host it in a single seperate worldspace and then server merge both winners and losers back to the sea of thieves ((Because you cant have many ships in a server at once)).

    Anyways on another note, loving the pvp update. Long overdue and its added a nice breath of fresh air to the game.

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