Today the seas surprised me.

  • Solo slooping I saw a sloop and brig, the sloop attacked the brig and i had a choice, do I sink them both or help the brig...
    So decided hey, I'm going to help the brig, offer them my ship and my resources, before I logged off to sleep.

    Then I spoke to them, 3 russian players with some of the nicest nature I have met, they were thankful I assisted.
    Long story in the short way, 1 small encounter turned into 3 hours of some of the best laughs and joyous moments I have found in sea of thieves.
    We did two forts... Skelton ships... 3 ships sunk that attacked us. But behind all that gold, I made friends and I must say, have never laughed so much.

    I hope some point I'll be able to sail alongside them again, them in their brig and myself in my sloop.
    These are moments we make with choices we decide.

    Thankyou RARE for these type of opportunities where we meet many people, different backgrounds, countries... some whom want to sink you and others who just enjoy a moment of your time.

    Stay safe on the seas everyone and remember, you can sink a ship or we can sail together.

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  • Solo slooping I saw a sloop and brig

    and i had a choice, do I sink them both

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    sounds like a nice time

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