My Hall'o'een Challenge Awaits...

  • The Hall'o'een Challenge: Brought to you by Cap'n Lucky

    Step 1: Use one of the following Ship Sets:
    Jack O' Looter
    Crimson Crypt
    Bleakheart Banshee
    (If you're broke just make something scary with your Gold)

    Step 2: Wear a scary coustume (Same as above)

    Step 3: Scare Pirates! Tell me your tales below! Best tale at the end of October wins the 100% imaginary title of Pirate Terror and my kudos!

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  • @capn-lucky5984 ok lol

  • I like this

    I'm strict on my organic interactions but if an opportunity arises for me this month I'll share it here

    great thread/idea

  • Ten days left, everyone…

  • Doing a jack in the box with the barrel, then burst out with an instrument on unsuspecting players is always entertaining.

  • @capt-fogdog Well, as you’re the only one who technically shared a story… you win!

    @musicmee, if you’ll lock her up, I’d certainly appreciate it…

  • @capn-lucky5984 Job done matey :D

1 out of 8