What if the world was round... ?

  • Would having the Sea of Thieves map circle around be an option?

    Head North off the map, you end up in the south of the map..
    head west off the map, you end up in the East.

    Would/Could it work?

    I know the lore of the shroud and all..

    It would come with pros and cons.
    But it would have some good pros.. no Red Sea'ing Loot, Quicker sails when your spawned across the map from your objective.

    i think it could be a refreshing change


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  • @li-jratt-li if you know the lore about the shroud then you should also know that outside of the shroud there is the world as we know it.

    Sea of thieves lore wise actually has a place on the actual earth.

    Your suggestion would mean that this outside world would cease to exist

    Also on a technical level this would mean that the complete ship (including occupants and loot aboard) would have to get teleported from one side of the map to the other, this would not be an insignificant load on the server

  • @callmebackdraft

    There could still be a shroud..
    Just not surrounding the entire map.

    i dunno.. besides the obvious lore issue, i thought it could be cool

  • Well then I guess we’ll just have to go..
    Around the world, around the world
    Around the world, around the world
    Around the world, around the world
    Around the world, around the world…

  • Considering where the sea of thieves is geographically located, i dont think that would physically work.

  • @li-jratt-li
    On a technical level it would be challenging

    On a lore wise level it wouldn’t make sense

    The whole of sea of thieves is surrounded by what we know as the real world.

  • From the Lore point of view SOT exists in the real world and it is located somewhere in the Caribbean.

    As for the shape of the world, just take a look at the map next to the Merchant Alliance stand.

  • The chases would be epic

  • @realwebber69 Only if we can make it better, do it faster, and end up stronger.

  • @callmebackdraft

    The red sea is mysterious..
    who's to say it doesn't mysteriously circle us back into the sea of thieves when one tries to leave.
    Easily put into the lore.. if they decided it was a worthy idea.

    But currently, yes.. it goes against the lore

  • So the way I've always thought it should be done if it's done:

    You take damage until you've passed through to the other side.

    Yeah so that's the only thing lol. Lore wise the Shroud points you back because you won't stop being stupid.

    Oh edit!
    It would eliminate red sea dumping for all the pvp crybabies too.

  • What if the world was round..good question. But why then NASA made the red sea, why does your ship get destroyed in red water instead of falling of the edge? Asking the real questions here

  • Maybe it could make sense if a portal opens up after you go so far into the Red Sea, that takes you to the other side of the map?

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