Looking For Friendly Deaf/Hard of Hearing/Text Friendly Crewmates!

  • Ahoy there!

    My name is Mark and I’ve recently returned to Sea of Thieves after bouncing off particularly hard at launch. Now all these years later I’ve found myself a little bit obsessed and it’s really gotten it’s hooks into me.

    Besides one random encounter though I don’t have a ton of contacts to play with. The catch is I know a lot of players expect to voice chat and that’s something I just have a lot of difficulty with. I have a particularly hard time discerning voice chat on top of game audio and in general have a difficult time talking while while playing games.

    It’s fortunate that the Xbox supports a keyboard so I’ve been able to communicate with some players, but given my recent re-investment in the game I was hoping to find a friendly crew that was also comfortable with my limitations.

    I’ll also add that I’m on the brink of my 40s and have suffered some physical trauma which has affected my reflexes significantly, so I’m not exactly the most coordinated when it comes to combat. I do still love sailing around, digging up treasure, doing cargo runs, and running from hostile ships though.

    I’ve never had any experience at all with a crew on a Brig or Galleon though and am hoping to change that with the right group of people. I used to love doing pirate roleplay way back circa 1998-2002 in places like Second Life, IRC, Furcadia, etc so the fantasy of being on a pirate crew is something I definitely miss from back in the day.

    Anyway, hoping this finds the right eyes. Looking forward to meeting some of you!

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