• Ok, so this is like the millionth time I’ve posted anything regarding a new instrument, but I will keep doing it until we get it. Rare, you have the assets, there are already models fully ready. Just more options for music. A fiddle would be an amazing instrument. Just imagine a band with a fiddle playing while your ship sinks. It would be a dream come true if this ever happened. Maybe season 9 or 10? Hopefullyyyy

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  • @mrclutchyking06 ...but we're out of equipment slots. 😅

  • Make it like the weapon slots, just swap it out.

  • @galactic-geek I personally would swap out either the concertina or drum for a fiddle.

  • @mrclutchyking06 said in Fiddle:

    @galactic-geek I personally would swap out either the concertina or drum for a fiddle.

    I'd rather not compromise in this case.

  • Why not? If not, they already have a ton of wheels for emotes, just do that for equipment. And make it to where you can customize it and put stuff where you want. To make it more convenient.

  • There is a ton of concept art of the fiddle or violin already in the game, so it must have been intended to be in the game. There’s already a full model in game at ancient spire in the equipment shop. Sitting in the corner. Full model. I would post a picture but I’m ok a phone and don’t know how to do that lol. Also, there are so many clothing items y’all haven’t added for whatever reason and I don’t understand. Just give me the violin or fiddle Rare.

  • @galactic-geek said in Fiddle:

    @mrclutchyking06 ...but we're out of equipment slots. 😅

    Or only take one instrument at a time and have 3 spots open for new equipment, the question is, what? 🤔

  • @sailorkek Just add the weapon swapping system to the equipment wheel. I would love to swap out instruments for others. Imagine stuff like horns and of course, my desired fiddle. I just hope in the next few years we have a chance to see it.

  • Yes! I would like a guitar too.

  • @mrclutchyking06 You want a Fiddle when we have a Banjo? I mean Im not gonna knock ya, but lol.

  • @captaintibbz I mean yeah, I never asked for a banjo. And the fiddle was literally in the reveal trailer for the game. So much concept art, and nothing.

  • @mrclutchyking06 With all that content their keeping hidden away you'd think their planning another game after SoT dies *wink wink

  • We still have a while before the 10 year cycle is up, so we could see a boat load of cut content or leaked content make it into the game.

  • @mrclutchyking06 Same. I never use the Drum.

  • Maybe a full orchestra of instruments at our disposal? Wap out the ol' oboe.

  • @hijack-hayes That honestly sounds cool. Just a full band of pirates with all sorts of instruments

  • @hijack-hayes We still have a host of instruments that could be added, but I personally want a fiddle or violin first.

  • Oh, fiddlesticks!

  • @galactic-geek instrument puns, the sea of thieves community has come so far😂

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