A different take on the Man o' War

  • From what i understand, rare doesnt like the idea of adding a ship with more than 4 player slots, so this post isnt about the typical man o' war idea for a 6-8 (or even 16 that i saw once) player ship that some people have proposed, and instead an idea for a different way that it could grace the seas.

    Ever since the merchant manifest quests have been added, there have been small hints that the grand maritime union (GMU from here on) might be in the sea of thieves now, and for some time i have thought that if the man o war came to the game, since it would be over powered as a player ship, perhaps it could be a world event. It could have been easy enough to make it a massive skele ship boss fight, but with the sovereigns seeming to be representatives of the GMU, it seems the faction is making their move into the sea of thieves, so i propose the idea that if the GMU comes to the seas, they could sport a massive man o' war for a new challenging world event!

    Perhaps this ship would have 6-8 cannons on multiple decks, and would have a massive loot haul for the extreme challenge and based on the fact that the GMU basically hoards money to use it as a tool against others. They could work a bit differently than skele ships, possibly having phases, or the ability to extinguish fire, but what ever path could be taken, a brand new very high risk high reward challenge would be a lot of fun!

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