Trading Guild improvements

  • Yo,

    I was thinking about some improvements, that could be added to trading guild in SoT. Let me know what you think about it.

    1. Ability to buy all supply chests from trading post in one go. Without clicking 7-9 times same icon. Probably, not many people do this trading route, but for solo players it may be annoying. My idea: Holding spacebar to buy all chests.
    2. Ability to buy empty cages from merchants, without activating quests earlier. If you can buy chest of tea, silk, stone, why not cages?
      3(most dificult i would say). Adding trolley on land. I mean when you do courier quest sometimes u have to run 8 times from shop to ur ship, which may be annoying, expecially when u play solo. My idea for it would be that u can borrow this trolley for merchant for like 100gold. and then after you are done return it for the same value.
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