Disconnecting from Captains Ship

  • I have been "cyanbearded" every single session and normally when I disconnect I can easily reconnect with the single pop up prompting me to reconnect however, the one time that it didn't work that was it. One message, yes or no. Nothing else. No option to just click a button that says reconnect... nothing at all. I think that is a huge oversight especially considering that this is the entire crux to a voyage on a captain ship; for the captain to be present. It absolutely ruins the effort you put into an emissary and torpedoes your desire to continue on through your voyage. I'm no longer getting milestones or logged progress. I'm extremely disappointed with the quality of this recent update. There has been yet again more instability a whole myriad of features that were previously working are now broken, like oddly enough pet names for crewmates, and the main feature of the update isn't even working either. All that aside I seriously would like to see this oversight get rectified because I think we all are well aware of the instability that this game can be known for and not having a better back up measure is very disappointing.

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