A Request For New Tools, Loot Movers, Ship Variety, and Balance.

  • I request the developers consider implementing the following into the Sea of Thieves or read this for inspiration. I may add more to this request at a later date.

    !!! Tools

    -   a plank foundation that can be added onto with wood to form a lower able boarding plank for land and deck alike. The galleon having their plank follow a similar function. Breaks on boarders.
    • Greek fire bucket, oil that can be extracted from a special oil barrel, or bought at the tavern to fill an oil barrel on the ship.

    • Greek fire bomb that needs fire to ignite, can be washed away with a several buckets of water.

    • Skeleton crew that will work cannons and repair, can be summoned to climb aboard by placing a trophy down. This trophy could be the hat of a skeleton captain. The skeleton crew being as large and skilled as the skeleton captain you slew. May become mutinous. Trophies expire in time and can be sold for much if unused. Undead crew can be assigned rolls in captains quarters. Dropping the trophy in the water before or after use will summon a ghost ship. If you paid an order of souls member to renew your trophy, the amount of loot on the ghost ship should be half that amount. If the trophy is unused loot will be random.

    • Ghost crew, same thing as before but for believability purposes.

    • Ghost movers that can be summoned by renting a veil stone from the tavern. A shrine somewhere on an island can take the veil stone to begin an event. The player will then find ghost pirates operating as they used to and ask them to sell their loot. A fight will then ensue. Amount may vary and the larger the group the more ghosts slain it takes to convince them to sell for you. Slaying them all, without dying, provides a reward equal to the challenge. A key found on the ferry can then be used on the shrine to transport all your loot to the ferry of the damned. Players can only access the loot on the ferry of the damned by fighting a ghost carrying the loot. The time it takes the ghosts to sell depends on how close you keep your ship to the shrine and how well you preformed fighting them. The shrine will have a beam signal, when the veil stone is used, for all to see until the event is concluded.

    • pvpve on the ferry of the damned, being slain causes near immediate respawn. Movers will fight and call other ghosts if struck. Movers only appear on the ferry of the damned if someone nearby has convinced a group of ghosts to sell for them.

    • swinging rope positioned as a rope that drapes down to the outer lower sail edge and/or to the outer lower hull edge from the mast out. Must be reset before reuse.

    • single wheel burrows to carry loot across islands and bring loot aboard using a boarding plank. Could be bought from the tavern and sovereigns.

    • mobile mini catapult would take two boarding planks to bring aboard. This could launch a barrel of Greek fire oil or an explosive keg. Could be bought from the tavern and sovereigns. Can be activated by sword, fire, gun fire, or manually.

    • a boom stick, you know what I mean, a stick with some a gunpowder explosive on the end. Weaker than a explosive barrel but still causes a wide area of high damage that can pierce hulls.

    • select two of the same weapons

    • add long and short sword, one for speed, another for damage.

    !!! Ship Variety

    (considering the man o war was requested)

    • Customizable adjustments to the ship at the shipwright or menu. Weighing too much will cause ships to sail slower, be less maneuverable, and take on water faster. weighing too little will cause ships to drift without sails, turn with waves easier, and be pushed more by cannon fire and explosives. This will keep ships from being too easily dangerous or maneuverable.

    • battering ram: a metal ram on the front of the ship that provides higher ram damage that reaches both sides of an opponent ship. It’s weakness could be that it causes the user’s ship to sink faster and sail slower. Make figurehead bigger to take place of ram or change its position.

    • snaring bow: three bows, from left to right of the front of the ship, hull level-normal level-hull level. The trade off should be that the hull takes more damage.

    • extra crows nest, especially on ships that have more masts. Many or one on a single and/or many masts. At the cost of minimal sail angling speed and raising speed when shot down.

    • extra sails, for more wind speed over angling speed

    • extra mast for more sails with less angling speed or just for an extra mast. Minimal cost of speed This will make a ship sink faster and make it less maneuverable but chain shots sure are scary and this might save you from them.

    • remove anchor option, your ship rocks more violently in the waves and drifts with waves even when sails are up. Doesn’t rock as violently if heavy with other options.

    • retractable ladders can bundle up and be shot down or struck with a sword to unravel them.

    • deck rails can be repaired by adding wood beside cannons. This creates a reinforcement that may block a cannon ball from hitting you off cannons.

    • bellow deck cannons option for galleon. The cannons would have a small rail to push them out the windows and a small door to seal them. The door could be damaged and repaired. When the cannon is hit with a cannon ball while out the window it would be pushed back down the rail.

    • extra cannons would promote teamwork with other sailing pirates and mutinous tales amung popular alliances.

    • cannons positioned on the front and/or the back of the ship, less cannons available for a single angle.

    • harpoon and lantern placement options.

    • cannon rails that have areas to secure and angle the cannon with angling rails and lead from normal positions to the front and back of the ship. This causes the ship to sail slower but allows for the possibility of covering all angles but being able to switch back to normal positions.

    • row paddles below deck that can be destroyed and replaced.

    • ship type with larger deck, sloop but longer for rowing more effectively, stuff like that.

    • Greek fire cauldron replaces back rowboat port.

    • chain harpoon option, less range and speed but doesn’t break off easily. Leaves a hole where harpooned and leaves a greater hole when forced out of a ship and maintains length.( Doesn’t get longer once it has hit something without being reset. )

    • more rowboat ports for bigger ships

    • make dark adventure sails cause slower speeds, the sails provide a clear advantage. Or add an option to cut sails without giving up speed for all ships and sails, as to not limit customization options.


    • I’m sure you’ll find a way and probably not add it because of performance, low marketability, or some contract/copyright. This is also a lot of work. So there’s that.

    Thank you for your time, I was the guy that wanted the skeleton curse. Add customizable skelly bros?

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  • @sectofskulls

    We JUST got that curse/blessing...

  • @pithyrumble I’m talking about a curse in which you can keep your customization on your pirate. I’m not referring to a costume or outfit that cannot be added onto. Is there a curse though? If so that’s pretty cool, I should have looked harder before posting.

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