So, 4 years away and I got sunk by flying pirates with kegs?

  • So I thought I'd come back and see what was new..... I'm a pirate legend noob!!!!
    Started a ship named my ship, went for a jolly..
    Joined a crew on a galleon, very quickly leveled up the reapers flag? (I think that was a thing last time I played)
    The we hit a skull Fort and headed back to the reapers bit to sell up.
    As we approached, an explosion on deck, followed by another, and another. After we stopped blaming each other for the non existent kegs that we hadn't put on the boat, someone saw our attacker, a silhouette of a naked pirate high above the ship, dropping keg after keg on us... it was futile, our loan attacker wiped us out.
    So in summary I enjoyed my time back for a bit, but I might turn cross play off when I'm on the xbox 🤔

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  • these pirate tales are the reason I love the game!

  • yes glitches and people exploiting create great pirate tales. it is also why i love this game. because rare doesnt do anything about cheaters and bans people giving good suggestions because they see that as players being toxic toward their flawed game design choices

  • This exploit seems to be about a week old or so or at least that is when reports of it started to get common.

    I hope Rare has a quick turnaround on patching this up.

2 out of 4