Saving supplies

  • Since we got a saving ship mechanism for decorations, it would be a great time to add it for barrel supplies( NOT TREASURES ).

    Here how i would do it;

    -Reduce drastically the limits of supplies you can carry on your ship per barrels. (100 unit per barrels?)

    -If you sink you lose ALL

    -Saving supplies requires you to be coasted at an outpost for at least a full minute

    -Make storage crates more expensive and reduce its limits too, something like that

    It would also make it more real since you could never carry 3000 cannonballs AND 1500 wood planks on a 45feet sloop.
    I know storage crates don't make any sense but we would be getting closer.

    What do y'all think ? Upvote this🥸

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  • Session based. No need

    I wish players stop asking for easy ways to get around. Soon the sea will Be full of easy to kill npc and armor plated ships

  • Even without the saving mechanism it would make more sense. I don't see how limiting supplies would make the game easier. Rare just have to balance it right.
    You clearly don't get the point.

  • Nope. I worked hard sailing from outpost to outpost buying boards, balls and fruit. I want to keep them forever.

    Actually, infinite supplies all around.

  • It's an interesting enough idea to warrant further exploration / testing.

    Seems like a reasonable perk for captaincy. I don't know if it needs cap limits on supplies.

  • Not for me. Plenty of things to fix in SoT and this is not something that is broken in my opinion.

    • The realism argument is not valid in a game where you can shoot yourself off a cannon and land on your feet on an island. Or die multiple times and fight ghosts and skellies amongst other things.
    • Yes there is a large storage capacity but most people don’t fill half of it in a session. The others might feel all the slots but won’t use half of it. So I guess you could reduce the limit drastically yes but it would not achieve much in terms of improving gameplay really. If the point is to make it feel more realistic, refer back to point no.1.
  • Reducing the limits would have been to balance the feature of saving supplies when logging off. AND also make it more realistic.
    But if you don't like this kind of change you wont like anything i said i guess.
    I still wonder what the majority thinks about it.

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