The Quartermasters

  • Quartermasters are Community Managers and volunteer moderators for Rare. They moderate our social and community spaces and they have the power to issue bans.

    You can identify a Quartermaster by their purple flair and they can be tagged should you need assistance. We ask that you do not abuse this though and instead use the flagging system to bring problematic posts to their attention.

    Quartermasters are officially active in the Sea of Thieves Forums and verified Discord server. They moderate to the Pirate Code and official rules of our community. Some may have a preference to one platform over another, but they all work with Rare to uphold our values across multiple platforms and are trusted members of our community and team.

    Quartermaster's responsibilities include:

    • Co-operating with Rare staff in upholding community guidelines.
    • Keeping discussion on topic.
    • Moving and locking topics when appropriate.
    • Offering help and assistance to community members who need it.
    • Banning members who break our rules, the Pirate Code or Community Code of Conduct.

    Quartermasters, Deckhands and the Rare team work closely together and regularly discuss certain information ahead of time in preparation for events, shows and policy or process changes. This allows us to better anticipate high-traffic periods in the community and to provide more accurate information to community members in need of assistance.

    While not an official voice of the studio, Quartermasters work very closely with us and we do want the community to put their trust in them as they will happily do all they can to help you with the information that we provide them!

    It should be noted that our Quartermasters are under NDA and should not be pressed or harassed for information.

    How can I help the Quartermasters?

    • Abiding by the Forums and Discord Terms of Service and Guidelines.
    • Following our Community Pirate Code
    • Being co-operative and understand that they are working as an extension of the official Rare Global Moderator staff.
    • Working together to make sure the Sea of Thieves community remains welcoming.
    • If you’re not sure about something, don’t hesitate to ask them questions.

    The Quartermasters are here to help maintain a positive atmosphere on the Forums and the Verified Discord to provide you the most accurate information available, so do your best to support them!

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